Rene – telekinesis/astral projection – SAMANTHA ROBINSON – 26
The “leader”, bossy sister. Serious abandonment issues, fear of loss and death. Very responsible about herself and for her sisters. A know-it-all. Anger issues. Trouble controlling her powers when she’s pissed off. Had a crush on her childhood bestie that never went anywhere. Was briefly married and had a bitter unpleasant divorce, and a series dead-on-arrival relationships, making the thought of loving someone else impossible. Takes a lot of pride in her accomplishments. Never asks for help. Down for one night stands. When she gets drunk she gets PARTYASS DRUNK.
research assistant at a medical lab (not her passion – what IS her passion?)

Robin – freezing/heating (manipulating molecules) – VANESSA MARANO – 24
Awkward and fretful, she’s not keen on this witch business. She’s never been able to find that thing that makes her excited, and has fallen into a boring rut into every area of her life. Fears failure and being a dissappointment, because she’s never actually been good at anything, esp compared to her sisters. Insecure about so many things. Also fears being alone and trapped. Never been in a long term relationship and is still a virgin. She is often the mediator for her sisters, and has a loving mother-friend personality. Always knows what the right thing to do is. Once she comes into her own as a witch, she is formidable and could arguably be the stronger of the sisters.
works for a repo office and hates it (perfect job is running daycare for magical babbins or teaching baby witches)

Ruthie – premonitions/feelings – LAURA MARANO – 21
Dynamic badass that’s never had a question of who she is and what she wants from the world. Relies a little too much on allowing her sisters to be the responsible ones, so she can chase after her interests. A people person and risk taker. In fact, she takes too many risks and often trusts people she shouldn’t because she’s certain if you really give people your time you can change their life. Has definitely had several girlfriends and a wide range of experience in good and bad relationships. FEARLESS if only because she’s never been in a situation that’s put something on the line or genuinely scared her.
cannot keep a job to save her life

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