Chloe Kieran St. Andrews

29 years old, 5’5″ With good taste in clothes.

Was married for 3 years to Jonathon Blake, a charismatic older man with great wealth – until he died on a “business trip”. He was actually out with his latest mistress and had a fatal accident.

Chloe was wife #3 and unbeknownst to her was about to be an EX wife. Mr. Blake’s first two wives and children got the bulk of his fortune. His mistress inherited an obscene amount of property. Chloe ended up with the manor and everything inside. It’s worth A LOT, but is nearly impossible to sell in it’s current state.

Chloe is determined to turn this horrifyingly embarrassing incident into her legacy. She’s invested everything she owns into turning the manor and it’s grounds into a beautiful bed and breakfast space with accompanying gardens. If she can get the renovations off the ground, she could make a fortune in a very short time.

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