Claudia Jane Cambridge

Character Name: Claudia Jane Cambridge

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Novelist

Age: 28

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: Finish her latest novel.

General Personality: Claudia is wrapped up in her own little universe a great deal of the time and puts little interest in what’s going on around her. The whole place could be falling down, but she may not even have a clue. At least while she’s writing. When she’s not tapping away on her laptop, she’s sitting in a corner somewhere plotting something devious. Her friends call her “eccentric”. Strangers call her weird. Claudia has a fair sense of humor, but a quick temper for any personalities she deems as “being difficult”. She tends to think her opinion is the only right opinion and far to often compares real life to scenes that happen in books.

General History:
The typical middle-America childhood, Claudia never really had anything extraordinary happen in her life… so she wrote novels! From a small kid to teenager to adult, Claudia has written tons of stories. Creating herself hundreds of little fantasy worlds that are far more exciting than this humdrum existence she calls a life. In the past five years she’s just started getting her books published and is considered the next “up and coming best seller”.

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