Cornelius Calum Cullen

Cornelius Calum Cullen but PLEASE ignore that and just call him Neal.

17 – Highschool student

He’s the kind of guy that disappears into the background. Unassuming, quiet, chill. Everyone assumes he is the normal, average, boring teenage boy and he’s perfectly happy in that role. He spent a lot of time hanging out with his childhood friends just goofing off and playing video games.

Secretly he is a VERY popular youtube star. He does humorous voice overs for reviews and lets plays and does guest voice appearances for nerdy educational videos he personally finds interesting. Part of his appeal is the mystery of what he looks like and who he might be in real life. Last year he was even invited to an award show (and won the award for best new personality) but he asked someone to accept the award in his stead.

His channel is called [b]This Guy Reviews[/b] and some of the fan favorite moments off his channel include:

[i]”Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck EEEEEEEEYGH!”[/i] – This Guy Playing Spooky Crap
[i]”Okay, yeah, but everybody is down to fuck the Witcher, though.” – This Guy Plays The Witcher
His thirty minute rant during a live lets play about how everything at Taco Bell tastes the same, but he’ll be damned if you try to give him a chalupa when he asked for a gordita crunch.

His family is so stereotypical Irish Catholic that it’s embarrassing. His grandpa is a dick, his dad is a dick, his brother is a dick, his mom is kind of senile — really it’s some kind of miracle he’s as sane as he is. He thanks his cool friends in real life, and his online following for that. It gave him something to put all of his energy into. The family is not keen on his video making habits and they still have no idea that’s him, or know that he’s actually got a sizable bank account now due to sponsorships and ad revenue.

Neal, when he’s completely in his element, has a great sense of humor. He likes to play, goof around, try new things, get people jazzed up. He enjoys bringing people up and making sure everybody has a good time.

Now that his family has moved across the country and he’s starting a new school, Neal is a little lost. He’s spent his whole life with the same people, and he’s feeling awkward and lost. Making new friends on the internet is so easy, but trying to do it in real life has him off kilter. Maybe deep down he’s a lot shyer than he cares to admit, and that’s part of why he keeps his internet fame a secret.

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