Czar Cross

The Czarina of the principality system Delmok has invited various people of note upon her space yacht for a celebration of her fifth year of rule. It is an informal celebration before the system wide celebration events occur. There has been great peace in her rule and a bit of a pleasure cruise seems like a wonderful idea. But there is a scourge that sails the seven galaxies, Condelisa Cross of the Deathrunner. One of the most successful pirates in a generation, and she has set her sights in the wealth of the Czarina’s ship. With the yacht an easy capture, it will be up to the passengers to either wait for rescue or secure their own. But the pirates are not only well trained, but a few have learned to art of using soulswords. Energy weapons that can be used to duel and deflect blaster fire. Maybe being sold into slavery won’t be so bad?

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