Daisy Barclay

30 Years Old

Mom died when she and her older sister were just tiny kids, leaving them with Cop Father. Dad was a well respected figure in their small town. Older sister took up the role of responsible mother figure. Daisy was a precocious and active kid, but being a cop’s daughter stopped being cool in middleschool when most kids were trying to rebel against authority.

In highschool Daisy fell into a social group that (on the surface) seemed like good kids — they got good grades and had good reputations — but had a secret lifestyle of getting into trouble. Usually it was just experimenting with drugs and some light vandalism. Daisy participated sometimes too just to prove she was cool and not a nark. She ended up catching the attention of their dealer, this super smart, super charming older dude. Their flirting turned into this two year on again off again train wreck. Daisy was too young to recognize how the guy was trying to groom her, too stubborn to listen to her sister’s warnings, and so full of teen arrogance that she was grown enough to handle her own business. Her grades tanked, her relationship with her Dad and Sister suffered.

In one particularly fight, not even one of the worst or nasty ones, he was trying to get her to do something she didn’t want to do and he shouted out a threat that finally just pissed her off. Out of vanity and spite she wanted to prove she could hurt him too, so she called up her dad. Daisy thought the boyfriend would just end up in jail (he’d been there once or twice for short periods already even while they dated), but the scuffle ended up with her dad shot. He spent two weeks in the hospital before he died and the boyfriend skipped town never to be seen again.

Daisy dropped off the planet for about a year (bumming with what few friends she still had), leaving her sister to handle the funeral, selling off the house, etc. At this point the sister had been in college in England for awhile and had a fiance. When she finally tracked down Daisy, she convinced the girl to move out to England as well with promises that she’d help her finish school and get into college.

Though Daisy never really dealt with the death of her father and still internalizes the guilt, she’s now leading a somewhat-successful life. She has her own flat (it’s a crappy apartment in an even crappier building but the rent is good and it’s close to work) and is a new science teacher at the local secondary school. Her car is a junker, but she owns it, and she doesn’t have any debt. (Thanks to her sister and brother-in-law that really pulled through in helping with her college tuition). However, she can’t seem to build up her own savings because she’s stuck in this mentality of helping every troubled soul that crosses her path. It’s her way of making up for all the awful things she did. Daisy just has a bad habit of giving TOO much, and people are apt to take advantage of it.

Daisy is a personable young woman, enjoys talking to people and socializing, but has a hard time making close friends. She’s tried to date a couple times, but it never really goes anywhere. Outside of teaching, she spends most of her time doing volunteer work. Her favorite science is chemistry (she loves seeing how things work together and it tends to bleed into all her other hobbies). She likes baking, karaoke, and watching informational documentaries. She also enjoys sewing and knitting, and recently has gotten into reading old local legends and myths thanks to the influence of her niece and nephew. She’s got a thing for snowglobes, and is perpetually late to everything.

Daisy’s sister is named Rosa, she is a pediatrician now and her husband Thomas is a lawyer. She has a young daughter (9) and a son (7). Rosa has long since forgiven Daisy about their father, but is so frustrated with her sister picking up strays all the time and wasting her life. She wants Daisy to finally forgive herself (because -obviously- she’s done enough to make up for what happened) and finally settle into a happy life of her own. Rosa can tell that Daisy is lonely and wants more out of life, and doesn’t understand why she can’t move on. Her husband is an absolute angel, which always surprises everyone because he is a shark in the courtroom.


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