001 Dante Comes to Life

Dante appears in Phoebe’s apartment! Buying Dante clothes and the Wastedemons. Getting Chinese food and the giant squid. Shower hotness! Thanatos appears.

[Phoebe writes naughty manga to please randy fangirls so she can pay for college! :D And it\’s never going to backfire!] -04:35 Jul 22
Phoebe: *And today is like every other weekend with no classes! Draw up the latest panels for her newest smash hit sensation, DESIRE OF THE DEEP. Which, now that she thinks about it, is probably a really weird name. But hey, better than SEXY BASKET BUNNIES. …Now she’s just being weird! Maybe a drink from the soda machine outside will help!* -04:38 Jul 22
[Dante was in the middle of doing what he did best–fighting and flirting at the same time! … Until a storm struck and everything went black!] -04:41 Jul 22

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! “Phoebe, it’s your favorite classmate and number one fan in the whole wide world!” Crystal sang from the other side of the apartment door!

Phoebe: *This was going to be her greatest series yet! Once her hottie-hot hottie was done with the current plot arc, she was totally going to throw in some sexy b-* Huh? Dang, I was totally on a plot roll! *Phoebe was up and swinging open the door in no time!* Sssshh! What did I tell you about you-know-what? If anyone here finds out, I’ll never hear the end of it! -04:44 Jul 22

The curveaous blonde with the bright blue eyes pouted! She never could understand why Phoebe didn’t bask in the glow of what she did! “But, P! Don’t you think it’s time to share your gift with the world?” she asked as she slipped inside.

Phoebe: No, really no. I draw softcore porn! It’s not like we’re in Japan where everybody is reading hentai. *Oh man, if she were, she’d be like… rich! She was so lucky to find a fanbase here!* Did you bring me any snacks or are you after another sneak peek at my Dante again? *Hee. Dante was going to be the best one yet! Phoebe closed the door and followed her friend!* -04:48 Jul 22

“Um … Both!” Crystal grinned and pulled out the plastic bag she had behind her! “I have chips, pretzels, salsa, a carton of chocolate ice cream, and a six pack of cherry soda! Bu-but-but! Only after I get a sneak peak of Dante!” That man could make ice cream melt any day of the week!

Phoebe: Feh… Oh fine! But give me that bag and promise you won’t faint. *She didn’t allow room for argument, she snatched the quick before bustling over to her work desk. Fumbling through the papers, Phoebe smirked.* Okay! Ready? Ta Da! *Phoebe present a very large concept art drawing of one very naked Dante! She had just finished coloring it in this morning!* -04:54 Jul 22

Crystal’s jaw dropped and she bit her bottom lip just so she wouldn’t drool! “Oh, Phoebe, he is DIVINE!” She stepped closer and clasped her hands together. “He’s delicious, he’s mouth-watering, he’s … Oh God!”

Phoebe: Cryssie, you’re kinda grossing me out here. *Phoebe took a look at the drawing, again. …Yeah, he was pretty damned hot! Her favorite character design to date! She made sure he had all of her favorite things, and he was going to get one hell of a sexy plot!* His hair might be too messy, but the first few pages are coming out great! -05:03 Jul 22

With the way Crystal was acting, it was little wonder Phoebe didn’t trust her enough to leave her in the room alone with her drawings or any of her manga! Suddenly the lights went out and there was a crash of thunder?! “… Phoebe?”

Phoebe: Aw crap. This apartment building totally sucks! Every time there’s a storm it does this! *Phoebe stumbled around looking for her desk again so she could grab a flashlight.* … I didn’t think it was even supposed to rain today! -05:13 Jul 22

As Phoebe looked around for her flashlight, there was a CRASH right in the apartment! Someone had walked into the cupboards! The dishes had fallen!

Crystal turned to Phoebe’s voice but squeaked when she heard the crash! “Oh no! There’s a burglar in the apartment!” She tripped over one of the stools! “Ow!”

Phoebe: Ssshhh! *Oh dang! This is what she gets for living in a cheap neighborhood! Phoebe managed to set down that bag and her drawing… and found that cool wooden kendo sword she bought at the last anime convention. She was going to beat the hell out of any intruders! Phoebe tipped towards towards the kitchen!* -05:18 Jul 22
Dante: *Dante groaned from where he’d fallen! One moment, he was kicking ass and stealing kisses … the next–! He rubbed his head. He was sitting in a corner, propped up against it with dishes surrounding him.* Ugh … My head. *It was just too bad his head wasn’t the only thing that hurt! His entire body ached … and not in the fun way, either! Dante heard footsteps.* Whoever you are, do me a favor and keep the noise down. *That was the last time he took up a drinking challenge with the Psycho Queen!* -05:22 Jul 22
Phoebe: You break in to my place, I bust you head in! That is the rules, buddy! *Yeah, taunting a robber was probably a bad idea, but she was trying to figure out where he was! Was he on the floor? She prodded around in the dark with her stick!* -05:25 Jul 22
Dante: *At the sound of the voice, Dante stopped and looked up. He could see just fine in the dark. He smiled slightly.* You’re as beautiful as your voice, my lady. -05:31 Jul 22
Phoebe: Oh hell, no! There’s not going to be any rapin’ in here! I’m packing about six guns and I’m an ace with a katana! *Man, she should have told Cryssie to go hide somewhere! They always go for the hot blonds first! Phoebe got a good idea where he was hiding though, and took a swing at him with the kendo stick!* -05:33 Jul 22

Crystal was still groaning on the floor. “Phoebe? Phoebe!” On her hands and knees, she started walking in the direction Phoebe had gone!

Dante: *Dante caught the kendo stick.* What a coincidence. My mentor often says the same thing. However, I don’t resort to raping women. In fact, they have a habit of trying to rape me. -05:36 Jul 22
Phoebe: Cryssie, call the cops! *She might have laughed at the guy, but she was busy trying to kick him and take her stick back!* HA! Says the guy who broke in to my apartment! — Give me that! -05:38 Jul 22
Dante: *Dante was nothing if not quick. He kept a firm hold on the stick with one hand while catching her foot when she tried to kick him with the other. Then he pulled her leg up and toward him with the intention of causing her to fall backwards. But he slipped an arm around her back and cushioned her fall so she landed softly on the floor, moving his body over hers to pin it in place.* Sweetling, I don’t even know how I ended up here. *He murmured, hands around her wrists and her own wrists on either side of her head on the floor with his hips firmly against hers.* -05:45 Jul 22

… And that was when the lights turned back on!

“Phoebe, who are you talking to? I can’t see a blasted–” She stopped when the power turned on and she found herself staring at Phoebe and an all too familiar male! “… Oh. My. Gawd.”

Phoebe: *There was an OMPH out of her followed by a growl and her shouting!* Men do not fly in through the- WHAT THE HELL?! *That struggling she was doing suddenly ceased! Leaving one very limp and confused Phoebe! Okay… so she’s got her hot-hottie on top of her. Did she get hit by lightning?* ….Dante. Huh. -05:48 Jul 22
Dante: *One light green eye, and one light brown almost golden eye stared back into Phoebe’s. Dante wore a dark suit over a lean frame that stood 6’3″ and approximately one hundred seventy-five pounds, light tan complexion. His hair was mostly black with blonde, red, white, and something that might have passed as blue strands.* You know my name so introductions should be short. -05:53 Jul 22
Phoebe: Hi, I’m your creator. *Yeah, she was soooo dreaming. Oh man, he was even better looking in person! She didn’t this well! Yeah, the messy hair wasn’t so bad after all! Wait, was this going to be one of those weird sex dreams? Why did Cryssie always end up in those!* -05:56 Jul 22

… Speaking of Crystal, she had fainted dead away!

Dante: Creator? *He raised an eyebrow and gave her a sideways glance.* Hm. The fanatics where I come from swear God is a man. Fortunately, I’ve never taken anything they said seriously. *And he was making no move to get off of her either!* -06:00 Jul 22
Phoebe: *What a voice! Aw! And that way he tilts his head and his hair falls in to his face! This was the best character ever!* Yeah, I didn’t want to write myself as God in the manga. That’s so mary sue. *Okay… this dream was kind of… not doing anything! Talking plot to her own character was weird.* Okay, Phoebe, if this dream isn’t going to get interesting, lets wake up and get back to work! -06:04 Jul 22
Dante: *That made him grin and he leaned forward.* Let me help you wake up, my fair goddess. *He kissed her once softly and then gave her another, longer but just as soft kiss!* -06:11 Jul 22
Phoebe: *Hell yes! This was a good dream! She gave a soft appreciative sigh, and swore that she probably melted in to the floor! If only real boys would kiss this good! Even a dream kiss from Dante was way better than real life. …wait dreams soooo did not feel this good. Now Phoebe was confused.* …you’re way too real. -06:16 Jul 22
Dante: *Dante lifted his head and gave her a cat-like, smug grin.* Real, yes. Although I’m wondering if I’m still alive or if I’ve died and gone to the Elion Fields. *He looked off to the side, at the unconscious Crystal.* I’ll go check on your friend. *He moved off of her and knelt at Crystal’s side to check her pulse.* -06:19 Jul 22
Phoebe: *Ah.. noo! And she was so comfortable! Phoebe retrieved her hands before she was reaching out to him like some smitten fangirl! So, possibly not dreaming and Dante, the half demon sexiest man in existence just broke in to her apartment! Could be a hallucination from…. carbon monoxide!* She, uh… tends to do that everytime she sees. Well… You. Only, normally you’re not real. *Phoebe crawled across the floor to take a look at Cryssie. Out of body experience? She looked over her shoulder. Nope. She’s still in her own body.* -06:23 Jul 22
Dante: *Dante looked up to smile at her. He never flashed his teeth. His smiles were small but always genuine which probably added to his hotness even more.* Lead me to a place I can put her down. *He said as he scooped Crystal up.* Then perhaps you can explain more of this … world of yours. *He certainly wasn’t in his, that’s for sure!* -06:27 Jul 22
Phoebe: *Man, if he kept this up she was going to pass out just like Cryssie!* Uh, yeah. *Phoebe got to her feet and only hestitated for a minute before leading the way across the living to the one single bedroom of the apartment. She pointed to the bed, and for some ridiculous felt the need to snatch up her panties and stuff them in the nearest drawer. Ha ha ha, like he hasn’t seen tons of panties before!* In here she’ll be fine and we can just go …chat… in there. -06:30 Jul 22
Dante: *Dante followed her and didn’t seem to have any trouble lifting Crystal up. Then he placed her on the bed and stood beside Phoebe.* Lead the way, sweetheart. *He even dipped his head to whisper that into her ear!* -06:32 Jul 22
Phoebe: Kay. *Phoebe was grinning like an idiot. She managed to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror as quickly wiped the look off her face. She led the way back to the living room, and with as much sense as she could muster, rest her hands on her hips and took a second good look at him. …He was SO Dante. So perfect! A good foot taller than her and totally awesome! Phoebe frowned!* …All right. I figured this out. You or some crazy fangirl managed to grab a sneak peek of my first chapters and now we’re playing a big prank on me. So.. you’re an actor? -06:35 Jul 22
Dante: *Dante turned around to look at Phoebe and tilted his head at her again.* An actor? No. Although I have been known to play a few parts, that is not my profession. My name is Dante van Arimos, second in line to the Demon Crown, the half-human bastard of the Demon King himself. -07:04 Jul 22
Dante: *von Arikmos -07:07 Jul 22
Phoebe: How do you know that! I hadn’t even drawn up those pages yet! *Mind reading japanese hentai plot stealing spies? No way… maybe she talked in her sleep? Phoebe remained suspicious! After all, there was -no- way he was real. That would be like… a dream come true!* Okay. What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast! -07:08 Jul 22
Dante: *He smirked.* I never get up in time for breakfast. *He sat down and leaned back in the couch, putting his arms on the back and looking like he owned the place. Even the way he moved wasn’t human. He was graceful and his movements were quick and precise, conserving his energy for when he needed it.* -07:27 Jul 22
Phoebe: Lucky guess! *Oh man! He was good! Too good! He even moved like he was supposed to all smoooooth and sooo not human. Hrm.* Ah HA! You won’t know this one at all! What is the true name of your prized weapon! -07:30 Jul 22
Dante: *Dante glanced away from her and off to the side.* … Not even I know that. The human and the demon factions insist they hold the true name but will only give it to me upon my allegiance to their side. -07:34 Jul 22
Phoebe: …oh hell. *A real live Dante! Right here in her apartment! …And that is when Phoebe fainted dead away! No better than Cryssie!* -07:36 Jul 22
Dante: Hm? *Dante glanced back in time to see the woman’s eyes roll back into her head and then he was off the couch in less than a heartbeat! He caught her before she fell and lifted her up, lying her on the couch he’d just vacated. He stood beside her and chuckled softly to himself. Oh, he could think of more than a few things he could do with her and her friend but … he was not about to be called a rapist in any world. So he settled for brushing the strands of hair out of her face and kissing her forehead.* -07:38 Jul 22
[Phoebe has black hair and brown eyes and draws the hottest manga in the states! Who knew she\’d pass out seeing her own character!] -05:16 Jul 24
[Dante is a half-demon, half-human prince stuck in a strange new world!] -05:29 Jul 24
Phoebe: *It was probably the best way in the world to wake up! …If, well… it wasn’t something that shouldn’t exist in this reality! Phoebe blinked one eye open. Maybe he was just a normal guy, and someone just slipped some heroin in her coke or something!* -05:32 Jul 24
Dante: *Dante had stepped onto the balcony! What a strange new world! He should feel scared and nervous but he was too much an adventuring spirit to feel that! He was leaning on the balcony railling!* -05:37 Jul 24
Dante: *railing -05:39 Jul 24
Phoebe: *Gone! Just a dre- Aie! There he was. No reason to freak out. ….There’s LOTS of reasons to freak out! There was a sexy half demon on her balcony! And where there was sexy half demons, there was everything else too!* Oh man, this is so weird. *Phoebe sat up quick and… cautiously tip toed towards the balcony.* You, uh.. said you don’t know how you got here, right…? -05:39 Jul 24
Dante: *The wind was blowing through his hair. The sun hit his hair just right. He glanced over his shoulder with a slight tilt of his head and nodded.* Correct. I was fighting and suddenly everything went dark. I am still wondeing if this is a dream. -05:43 Jul 24
Dante: *wondering -05:43 Jul 24
Phoebe: I thought so too, but you’re still here. Which is… probably a bad sign. Or a good sign. Depending on if this was totally brought on by a villain looking for revenge, a wish come true, or some sort of cosmic accident. *Who knew watching too much anime would actually come to good use! …so pretty…! Those subtle streaks in his hair reflected the sun! Phoebe squeezed her eyes shut! There was no way she could continue a conversation if she was staring!* Where exactly were you fighting, maybe I figure out there you are in the plot. -05:46 Jul 24
Dante: *Dante turned around to face Phoebe completely and leaned back again.* … The plot? So I’m just a character of yours come to life? -05:49 Jul 24
Phoebe: My most recent and favorite character, probably the best character ever. There is the possibility that you really exist in another world and I’ve just been writing your story? *She frowned a bit sheepishly before opening one eye.* But uh… that’s a lot of, er.. sex going on. -05:56 Jul 24
Dante: *At the mention of sex, he blinked and grinned.* Never a dull moment, fair lady. But if this is your story, you have a wild imagination. -05:59 Jul 24
Phoebe: *Oh god! What could be more embarassing than this?! And that is when she covered her face with her hands.* In a fantasy world, fan service is important! But, er, now that you’re here you absolutly can’t get away with doing…. stuff… all the time. It works differently and, oh hell. What AM I going to do with you?! -06:02 Jul 24
Dante: *Dante tilted his head slightly at her again.* Hm. And what would you mean by “stuff”? -06:09 Jul 24
Phoebe: That’s… really hard to explain. *She eyed him again. There was no way she could just keep him in the apartment all the time as her own personal s-COUGH!! No, no, she had to figure out how he got here and send him where he belonged! In the meantime, he would need clothes and food and something to keep him busy besides girls!* …I suppose we can start with normal clothes, just as soon as Cryssie is back with the living. *If Cryssie didn’t flat out faint again. Should she tell Cryssie?!* -06:13 Jul 24
Dante: *Dante looked down at his clothes and compared it to what Phoebe was wearing. But then, his mind shifted to something else entirely like Phoebe’s body under her clothes. He smiled slightly at the thought.* Ah yes, your fragile friend. -06:16 Jul 24
Phoebe: She isn’t fragile, you’re just- *She eyed him, ignoring the fact he was examining her, that’s what he did! He was simply gorgeous, and she wondered if women in this reality were going to pounce him just like in her manga! That was going to be so awkward!* just amazing. You tend to have that affect with girls even on paper. -06:19 Jul 24
Dante: *He grinned then, as if he was the tiniest bit embarassed.* Loved by women but hated by men. Even when I was a child, it was like that, much to the chagrin of my peers. But you probably already know that. *He gave her his slight smile again.* -06:28 Jul 24
Phoebe: If I knew you were going to be real I might have thought it out a little better! *Of course if HE is real, who knows what else from the story is real! What if her Psycho Queen came out? Or the monsters! Or worse!* …Um, are you all of you or are you perfectly normal human here? *Phoebe wasn’t quite sure how to find that out besides just asking. He didn’t look entirely human, but that was probably those totally gorgeous eyes!* -06:32 Jul 24
Dante: *Dante was thoughtful for a moment.* Hm. Let’s see. *He lifted one hand, stretched out in front of him, fingers slightly apart. Then he closed his eyes. For several minutes nothing happened. And then … one very wicked-looking black sword appeared in the air just out of his reach. He opened his eyes and closed his fingers around the sword’s hilt. His prized weapon.* -07:02 Jul 24
Phoebe: *Don’t faint, don’t faint! Yet, she couldn’t hide her startled look!* …as a first rule, we’llmake sure you never do that where people can see you! Or use any powers! … Unless something happens. Ohma, something is bound to happen, I can’t be so lucky to get you and not get a whole host of trouble too! *What if something happens while she’s in class?! Psycho Queen was based off her Art History teacher! Phobe looked disturbed!* -07:07 Jul 24
Dante: *He drew the sword closer and tested the weight. Yes, this was his sword alright. As he was testing the sword, he looked up at the look on Phoebe’s face.* I will … try not to use any of my powers. But it would help if I knew how you acted here. I’m assuming this means, it is considered normal for someone to summon his weapon. -07:14 Jul 24
Dante: *not considered normal -07:16 Jul 24
Phoebe: No one carries around weapons. I totally lied about having six guns and a couple of katanas. Usually life is pretty safe and normal. There’s not any demons or monsters. *The real sword! Almost as awesome as a real Dante! Man, why couldn’t she be a total perv and take advantage? She could totally have super cute House Maid Demon Prince. …that would be an awesome manga! Phoebe smacked her forehead!* -07:20 Jul 24
Dante: *And then as suddenly as he had summoned it, he made the sword disappear.* To answer your earlier question, I was in the swamp. The Psycho Queen challenged me to a drink and I ended up there of all places after passing out. -07:48 Jul 24
Phoebe: *She put on a thoughtful expression.* That’s… just a bit farther than the pages I had just finishing drawing. *Phoebe turned on her heel and dashed over to her drawing table to rifle through her drawings!* -07:49 Jul 24
[Dante was at the balcony again! It seemed to be his favorite spot!] -03:23 Jul 25
[Phoebe is rustling through her art. There has to be answers her somewhere!] -03:24 Jul 25

“Oohhh …” Crystal groaned from the bed and sat up, holding her head. “Phoebe?” She wandered around the apartment and didn’t notice Dante at the balcony! She found Phoebe and leaned against the door frame. “Phoebe, I had. The craziest dream. The lights went out and when they came back on, Dante himself was pinning you to the floor. I mean, can you just imagine how crazy that sounds?”

Phoebe: *Phoebe froze!* Uh, yeah. That is a little crazy. …. What if I told you that there is a real Dante? You wouldn’t pass out again would you? -03:27 Jul 25

Crystal blinked a couple of times and then she pouted. “Don’t be cruel, Phoebe. I got injured … doing something. It’s really bad to play jokes on wounded people.”

Phoebe: No joking. A real Dante! But, maybe you can consider him more like… an exchange student… or something. *…Yeah, she might not be able to tell Cryssie the real truth! She’d die in bliss!* -03:34 Jul 25

Crystal folded her arms and tapped her foot. “So … You really did model the Dante in your manga after someone in real life?” She’d asked Phoebe that question before but her friend had denied having ever met a guy even remotely like Dante in real life. Then again, Dante was hotness incarnate. There was no way a guy in real life could be THAT hot and be straight.

Phoebe: Yes. By total and complete accident, though, I promise! …Don’t look at me that way! If I show you a real Dante, you have to promise not to die on me! -03:41 Jul 25

Crystal blinked. “Uh, Phoebe …” She was talking slowly now. ”

*”You’re scaring me. Please stop.” Or maybe she’d bumped her head harder than she thought and she was still dreaming? She pinched herself but winced and said “Ow!” when she didn’t wake up at all. All she had to show for her trouble was a red spot on her arm where she’d pinched.

Phoebe: Cryssie, I’m not kidding. *Oh hell! Phoebe went ahead and pointed behind the girl towards the balcony. If she passed out again, she’d just throw her back in bed!* -03:44 Jul 25
Dante: Hm? *Dante heard the commotion behind him and it sounded urgent. He glanced over his shoulder, then stood up straight and walked back into the apartment. He stopped in the sliding doorway that led to the balcony and smiled at the two women there. “I see you’re finally awake,” he told Crystal. “My name is Dante von Arikmos. It is a pleasure to meet you.” -03:46 Jul 25

“Phoebe, whatever could be–” she said as she turned in the direction Phoebe was pointing in. She froze and broke off when she saw Dante–and then he spoke! “Oh. My. God.” She didn’t know whether to faint or melt on the floor!

Dante: *He was still smiling at her but then he glanced at Phoebe and the smile didn’t falter.* Did you find what you were looking for? -03:49 Jul 25
Phoebe: Not really, no. But usually in these sort of things, we find out how you got here later after several embarassing disasters. *…oh man, she wasn’t looking forward to that. Phoebe kept an eye on Cryssie.* …don’t faint again Cryssie! Then you can’t take Dante shopping. -03:50 Jul 25
Dante: *Dante had his head tilted slightly at Crystal, looking her up and down with his small smile on his face. “You are not coming, fair lady?” he asked Phoebe. -03:53 Jul 25

“Sh … sho … shopping …?” Crystal repeated. She was imagining him naked already! He was all lean muscle and no fat. Oh God, she really was going to faint! Until Dante called Phoebe … “Fair lady …?” She turned and raised an eyebrow at Phoebe. Her look plainly said “What have you two been doing while I was out?”

Phoebe: Of course I am! Good god, I can’t let you run around town with only Cryssie to prote- We didn’t do anything! *Phoebe nearly shouted at Cryssie’s expression! Okay, NOW her face was read! Despite how deliciously awesome it might be to drag Dante off to her room and keep him there, that would just be… weird! She made him DO things!* …I have to get him normal clothes! -03:57 Jul 25
Dante: *He smirked.* Personally, I like these clothes. *He wore a black jacket over a white shirt open at the neck which was tight enough to cling to his muscled frame but not suffocate him. He also wore black pants, a bit loose, and black boots. Two silver belts crisscrossed over his hips.* They’ve withstood swamp monsters, sea serpents, and that nasty time when Eris had had a little too much to drink. *Of course, only Phoebe knew Eris was a female demon trying to become the next Demon Queen–whether it was through Dante or his older half-brother!* -04:05 Jul 25

“Uh …” Crystal turned back to Phoebe. The expression on her face plainly said Dante had lost her. “Swamp monsters … sea serpents … Eris …?” She blinked. “Where is Dante from exactly?”

Phoebe: I like them too- That’s not the point! In this world, I mean country, that’s um… overdressed. *Damned Dante! He’s gotten booty from everyone – and it was her fault! She blinked at Cryssie with a sheepish expression.* …Romania? You know those strange customs in Europe! *Okay, Phoebe was dashing to grab her shoes and slip them on.* Enough chatter, we’re going out! Maybe I can think of something! -04:12 Jul 25

There was no need to worry about Crystal fainting. Now, she looked ready to pounce on Dante! “Overdressed … Definitely.” Oh God, she was going to melt on the floor and that was just from staring at him! She had delicious thoughts of what would happen if she touched him!

Phoebe: Cryssie! *Okay, Phoebe promptly put herself between Dante and Cryssie. Why did she have to make him so irresistably sexy? Stupid half demon blood!* We are not molesting Dante. Dante gets enough of being molested in Desire of the Deep. And if you can’t keep your hands to yourself, I might have to tie you up and leave you in your apartment! -04:18 Jul 25

Crystal pouted. “PHOEBE! That’s so not fair!” She looked over Phoebe’s head at Dante! “Tell her, Dante! She’s being a total prude!”

Dante: *Dante found this very amusing! But he chuckled softly, tilting his head slightly at them.* As much as I would love to spend the day with the two of you alone here, I must stand with Phoebe. She is, the only one, with a level head on her shoulders here. *He chuckled softly. He certainly didn’t have a level head on his.* -04:21 Jul 25
Phoebe: See, no molesting going on in here. *Alone with Dante, that’d be so swee-Argh! back to reality! Phoebe grabbed Cryssie by the shoulders and turned her around towards the door, marching them out!* We’ll get clothes, maybe some food and try to brainstorm all the ways someone can travel between universes OR how an artist can bring something to life! -04:25 Jul 25

“Fine!” Crystal exclaimed as she was marched out! “But I’m only going along because Dante–Wait a minute, travelling between universes? Artists bringing something to life? Wait, Phoebe, my purse!” she whined as she stepped foot outside of the apartment.

Phoebe: Ugh, wait here! *AFter pushing Cryssie out, she pushed Dante out too! Then it was a quick dash to grab Cryssie’s purse before anything weird happened!* -04:30 Jul 25
Dante: *Dante smiled at Crystal.* A purely whimsical subject, I assure you. I am relying on you to aid me in acquiring new clothes. *He took Crystal’s hand and kissed the knuckles.* -04:32 Jul 25

“Ooohhh …” Crystal actually shuddered and would have melted if it didn’t mean letting go of Dante!

Phoebe: *Purse Acquired! She stepped at… rolled her eyes! Phoebe handed the purse to Cryssie all too roughly! Trying to snap her out of it after all!* Here! Stop drooling. -04:39 Jul 25

Crystal grabbed the purse and shook her head. “Um … Right. Let’s … get going.” She chanced a look at Dante as they walked for the elevator!

Phoebe: *Grrr! She couldn’t possibly be jealous! First of all, Dante wasn’t even real! And secondly… she MADE him! It was just bizzare! A perfect guy on paper wasn’t a perfect guy in real life! She had to get him back where he belonged before women were ripping their clothes off and tackling him on the street! Phoebe crossed her arms and scowled when they stepped in to the elevator.* Maybe I bought something enchanted off eBay. I did get a lot of new toys… -04:45 Jul 25
Dante: *Dante had decided he would try and behave. But of course, there was no guarantee he could behave.* I cannot recall if there was anything special happening at home. There is often a big celebration or a feast of mourning to herald events like a leyline becoming active or a falling star. -04:53 Jul 25
Phoebe: There’s really not anything particular special coming up, or unusual or magical or anything like that. …Maybe if I draw more pages you’ll go back home! *There was an idea! But then… ahem… how was she supposed to draw awesome sexy scenes when he was actually around to look at what she was doing to him?!* …or maybe we can talk to a psychic. -05:01 Jul 25
Dante: A psychic? *He tilted his head slightly at her, turning away from examining the buttons and the lights of the elevator.* -05:09 Jul 25
Phoebe: Psychics might know stuff. Otherwise I’m going to have to keep you forever, and somehow I don’t think that would go over well. *She snuck a glance at him. Keeping him wouldn’t be ~bad~ , but then all the things she wanted to do to him were! Grrr! She’ll have to dress him in a bear suit or something!* -05:13 Jul 25

Crystal giggled. “Hm. If you don’t want to keep him, I’ll keep him, Phoebe!” Of course, she was also thinking of some naughty things to do with Dante!*

Phoebe: *Phoebe bit her tongue before she started howling Dante was hers! Just because she drew him, and made him all awesome and everything she sooo adored, didn’t mean she could throw Cryssie out the elevator and have her dirty naughty way with Dante until next week. Phoebe clonked her head against the doors!* Maybe it’s good idea! -05:18 Jul 25
Dante: As flattering as it is, perhaps I may have a say in who I am staying with. -05:20 Jul 25
Phoebe: Then you can pick! As long as it’s not the first stranger we meet on the street. *Then again, if he were gone he’d not be her problem, but wasn’t he her responbility if she created him…? This was complicated! Normal people shouldn’t have to think about this!* -05:29 Jul 25

“Stay with me, Dante!” Crystal clasped her hands together and was giving him the lost sad, puppy look! “I have cable and high speed internet. Do they have cable and high speed internet in Romania?”

Phoebe: *She tried to imagine Dante on the internet… What if he looked himself up and found fansites? …What if he snooped on her drawing desk and got in to her art papers! Phoebe covered her face with her hands! All that naked concept art! Why’d he have to be her favorite new character to draw?!* -05:35 Jul 25
Dante: *He smiled.* I honestly wouldn’t know. I have never had cable or this high speed internet of yours. No, I will stay with Phoebe. I am certain things will be most interesting with her. *And there was little doubt to what he meant by “interesting” either! Hell, he could even make ordinary words sound naughty!* -05:37 Jul 25
Phoebe: *He had NO idea just how interesting things might get! Phoebe coughed when the elevator door opened and stepped out quick!* That’s settled. Now, where are we going to get his clothes, Cryssie. ..Prefferably as far away from chick shops as we can get! -05:41 Jul 25

Crystal pouted. “Oh, fine. Um … Let’s see. It’s close by, a few blocks down that way.” She pointed. “Gray’s will have to do. It’s either that or the thrift shop, Miss Picky.”

Phoebe: That works! *Phoebe was leading way, looking around warily for anything weird that might pop out to jump them! Normally she might be looking for gangs, or people she wanted to avoid… but if Dante was enchanting the sense out of her and Cryssie, who knew what he could do to average women! Or if anyone followed him in to this dimension!* oh man, I hope he’s the only one here. -05:56 Jul 25
Dante: *He looked at Phoebe with a curious look on his face.* … You are expecting more to appear? -06:02 Jul 25
Phoebe: *She cast a glance at Dante.* When something strange happens, it’s always reasonable to assume it’s not there by itself. So maybe you came with a bunch of villains. …Or maybe there’s already villains and you came to get them? *She didn’t like the sound of that one! Phoebe always tried avoiding putting any avatars of herself in those stories,..except.. recently… But, she was only thinking about it! So that couldn’t be it, no way!* There’s the shop! -06:06 Jul 25
Dante: *from my … home -06:06 Jul 25

The shop took up the ground floor of a two story building and had male mannequins wearing men’s clothes in the window. The shop was empty when they stepped inside, except for the guy reading a magazine behind the register. He didn’t look up when they walked inside.

Phoebe: *Woo! No women. The half-demon prince could try on clothes in peace! …This might actually be fun if she’d quit freaking out about everything! Phoebe took a deep breath and tried to relax!* Okay… so this won’t be too bad. We’ll find clothes you like, and see if they fit. Getting clothes for guys is easy, right? -06:29 Jul 25
Dante: *Villians … villians. That was an amusing thought because he was often called one by demon and humans when it suited them. But it did make him wonder … As they passed the man behind the register, he was looking at Phoebe again but in a purely curious way.* Hm. Are you aware you look familiar to me, somehow? -06:30 Jul 25

“I don’t see why we can’t just have Dante parade naked in your apartment, Phoebe,” Crystal pouted. Although she loved the idea of helping him pick out clothes–and drooling over how hot he looked–she knew she’d be sad when he had to put clothes on.

Phoebe: Impossible. Both impossible! Phaedra is nothing more than doodles and Dante can’t run around town naked! He’ll get arrested! *And if he got arrested, there would be this whole big deal about lack of I.D., illegal immigration… No, No- Let’s think about clothes and no worry!* Nice average clothes. Shoo! Start looking! -06:37 Jul 25

“Fine fine. I’m going, I’m going …” And then Crystal marched off to start looking through the racks for ideal clothing. She popped her head up above the display. “So … what size are you, anyways?”

Dante: *Dante watched Crystal disappear and had just turned back to Phoebe when Crystal’s head popped up.* Hm. *He looked down at himself. He had no idea how to measure things in this new world! Although he didn’t bother to know his sizes in his world, to begin with!* -06:45 Jul 25
Phoebe: Jeeze! *Phoebe took a couple pairs of pants from the rack holding each one against Dante to take a good look.* Try a 30 waist and um… damn. Extra tall. He can try them on. *And model! Eeee! ..Cough! * -06:48 Jul 25
Dante: *He smiled at Phoebe–How could he not the look on her face was very amusing!–and tilted his head slightly.* You have sized up men before. -06:53 Jul 25
Phoebe: I’m an art student. I check out a lot of men. …and women! People! I see a lot of people! *He needed to wipe that smile off his face! But she suspected if he were scowling it’d be just as good looking and she’d pull another Cryssie and faint from glee! She handed him the pants.* They’re going to be your clothes, you should be looking for something you like, anyway. -06:55 Jul 25
Dante: *Dante chuckled softly as he took the pants and looked them over. The material was tough but also looked like it could stretch.* Perhaps. Except I never get to wear clothes for very long before I find myself naked and in need of new ones. -07:01 Jul 25
Phoebe: Yeeeah… I’ll try to make sure no one mauls you here. *No one has to ever think about how their characters feel when you throw them in to things! Phoebe eyed him carefully.* Do you like all the attention? -07:04 Jul 25
Dante: *He looked up and smiled.* It … has its moments. But they enjoy it as do I. So yes, I do like all the attention. *Particularly if it irked his peers, demon or human.* -07:09 Jul 25
Phoebe: *Phoebe turned back to the clothes rack, browsing through the colors.* I was going to put you in a more serious series, I kind of preffered it, but that’s not quite what fans wanted and I always draw stories for them. *At least she felt a little less guilty if he did enjoy himself! He always came out on top – figuratively speaking!* -07:12 Jul 25
Dante: *Dante stepped up behind her and leaned forward over her shoulder.* Hm. You smell delicious. *He turned his head so that he was whispering in her ear.* -07:19 Jul 25
Phoebe: It’s um, just … stuff. *What was she thinking about again..? Hearing his all soft and whispered was divine! …and distracting! Phoebe cleared her throat!* That’s, um, not important. Clothes, we’re looking for clothes. *But she sure wasn’t moving! Cryssie help! Do something weird so she can get mad!* -07:23 Jul 25
Dante: Stuff? *He smiled.* You like that word a lot. Tell me. What else do you like. -07:26 Jul 25
Dante: *He still hadn’t moved his head so he was whispering in her ear.* -07:26 Jul 25
Phoebe: Um. Crayons, penguins, cherry coke… *This! She liked thing a whole lot! She liked him kissing too an- Think! There was no reason to get all flustered. She could totally resist! The man was not that awesome!* Stuff is a good word anyway. What do you like. *Ha. There. She sounded normal and not all gooey and girly.* -07:30 Jul 25
Dante: *Dante chuckled softly.* Night, the ocean, fighting, pissing off my peers … *He nibbled on her earlobe.* And you. I definitely like you. -07:38 Jul 25
Phoebe: Those.. things are pretty nice. *Phoebe closed her eyes and sighed! He was so good at that! Wait- she was forgetting where they were! Be strong, Phoebe! She tilted slightly to the side. No nibbling on Phoebe.* You’re.. just a little confused is all. I’m the author, you have to like me. -07:43 Jul 25
Dante: *He smiled at her.* You don’t know that for sure. I believe one of your earlier theories was that I already existed and you were drawing the story of my life. -07:49 Jul 25

“Sheesh, Phoebe! Hogging him to yourself now!” Crystal exclaimed! She was standing there with her hands on her hips, holding a bunch of clothes in her hands! “Here, try this and this and this and–!” And she handed them one by one to Dante!

Phoebe: *Phoebe cast an apologetic and embarassed look before that gave her the opportunity to get mad like she wanted! Being mad was much easier to control than being hot and bothered!* There’s the dressing rooms back there you can change in. Cryssie and I will wait out here. *If she was writing out his real life, he had one hell of a life! It was probably good she decided against putting Phaedra in the story! She might have ended up in Dante’s world instead!* -07:52 Jul 25

“But I wanted to–” Crystal broke off when she saw the look on Phoebe’s face and pouted. “Never mind …”

Phoebe: *Groooan! Cryssie was BAD!* Maybe you can get him to yourself later! But for pete’s sake, not out in public, and sure as hell not with me in ear shot. ..half a mind to draw you your own sex demon. *She muttered under her breath!* -07:56 Jul 25
[Dante found himself in the dressing room and boy, was he admiring the view of himself in the mirror!] -05:11 Jul 26
[Phoebe was waiting patiently with Crystal, who wasn\’t waiting patiently/] -05:12 Jul 26

“Oh, come on, P! Just a little peek! I know you’re tempted!” It was one thing to see a picture of him, it was quite another to see it in all of its male glory!

Phoebe: I draw Dante naked all the time, I don’t need to see the real thing! *Honestly, she WAS tempted! But she really, really needed to have some self control here! She can’t take advantage of him!* -05:14 Jul 26

“Oohh …” Crystal fumed and pouted but finally sat down and clasped her hands in her lap. Fine. She could control herself, too! For now …

Dante: Ahem. *The door had opened and Dante stood there, barefoot and half naked except for the jeans! Oh yes, perfectly muscled, lean, a scar on his chest and one on his upper arm.* -05:17 Jul 26
Phoebe: *A relieved sigh. Causing a scene in the store with her tackling Cryssie would be weird. Though, she doubted the cashier was even paying attention! She was just about to ask if Dante even knew how to put his damn clothes on when he stepped out!* …you forgot the shirt. *But oooh, she was glad he did… Argh! Eyes! Look at the eyes! Cough!* I guess they fit all right? -05:18 Jul 26
Dante: *Dante smiled. He loved the attention alright so it wasn’t too far to assume he’d forgotten the shirt on purpose!* Indeed. *He tilted his head slightly at Phoebe and chuckled softly.* Would you like a closer look? -05:21 Jul 26

“Would I ever!” Crystal exclaimed and was off that seat like a rocket! She stopped just inches from him. “Oh. My. God.” Oh yeah, definitely drooling.

Phoebe: Ye-No. *Of course Cryssie volunteers! Phoebe crossed her arms and just frowns. Well, if Cryssie wants to drool everywhere, she can!* If this works, we’ll get a few and a couple shirts. -05:25 Jul 26
Dante: *Another of his smiles flashed Phoebe’s way.* As you will, fair lady. Pardon me, Crystal. *He inclined his head in a bow before he turned and disappeared back into the dressing room.* -05:26 Jul 26

“Oh, Phoebe …” Crystal was swooning as she returned to her seat. “You do marvelous work. I mean, it’s like you actually drew him and he came to life. He’s … he’s perfect!”

Phoebe: *COUGH! Cryssie had no idea!!* well…! Perfect on paper yes! But, imagine trying to date him for real! You’ll be fighting women off with sticks. *Another good reason why she decided against giving Dante a long term love interest! He was always going to be surrounded by women, and it’s just too much competition!* I’m going to find him some shirts. Don’t sneak in there and sexual harass him. -05:30 Jul 26

Crystal pouted, telling Phoebe that was EXACTLY what she had in mind! “Oh, fine. But if he comes out here one more time without a shirt on–I’m not responsible for what happens next.”

Phoebe: Then he’s probably asking for it, so pounce away. *Phoebe actually managed to flash a wicked grin! He WOULD be asking for it! She wandered away to snoop through the wracks for acceptable shirts. She dresses him on paper, might as well dress him in real life too. …and since Crystal was the biggest thing to worry about at the moment, things weren’t too bad!* -05:40 Jul 26

While Phoebe browsed a rack, a strange blacked little hand shot out from under the clothes and grabbed on to her shirt!

Dante: *Dante was in the middle of pulling on a shirt Phoebe had found for him when he looked up into the mirror–and found Crystal with her head above the door! He turned and chuckled softly.* Hello. -05:46 Jul 26
Phoebe: …that’s not scary kid. I used to do that all the time. *Jeeze… Even SHE used to hide in the clothes racks and startled people! Hey, what’s all over this kid’s arm? Phoebe pried it off her shirt!* -05:47 Jul 26

Crystal smiled and, of course, she felt no shame in ogling him! “Oh. My. God. You really are perfect.”

With a hissy giggle the ‘kid’ poked it’s head out from behind the clothes! It was completely bald, with pointy ears and yellowy gold eyes. All of it’s skin seemed smeered with sooty stuff and when it grinned, all of it’s teeth were were pointy!

Phoebe: Huh… Wastedemon. *Phoebe blinked in surprise and confusion. …before jerking backwards suddenly and tumbling to the floor!* Wastedemon!! *Aw MAN she hates being right!! Hates it! Their flesh was going to get ripped from their bones!* -05:55 Jul 26
Dante: *He smiled, which was how he always responded to words like that.* My thanks, Crystal. But I could use some–*There was a commotion outside!* -05:57 Jul 26

The little beast cackled! But worse, it wasn’t the only one sniggering! Lots of little of little heads were poking out now! They lept out from their hiding places to swarm the store!

Phoebe: Cryssie! Hide in a box! Dressing room! Out the door! *Always for the blonds! …does she have something against blonds? Wait, keep in the moment! Phoebe kicked a beastie in the face before it jumped on her and scrambled on hands and knees to find a place to hide!* -06:00 Jul 26

Crystal was definitely enjoying the view! But then someone was screaming and it sounded like Phoebe! She jumped off of the stool she was standing on to see Phoebe fighting with something! “Uh … Phoebe?” She couldn’t believe her eyes! Why was Phoebe screaming like that and what was she kicking?

Dante: *Dante stepped out of the dressing room, barefoot and in the jeans and shirt, and looked around.* I believe this is what you referred to as what might have followed me here. *He was telling Phoebe. He looked at Crystal, took her hand and pulled her to him.* You’ll be safer in the dressing room. *Then he was kissing her long and rough!* -06:05 Jul 26

“Safer in the dressing room but wh–!” The last of Crystal’s protests died when he kissed her! She lost all trail of thought and closed her eyes. Damn, he was a fine kisser! Forget fine, he was perfect! She was still swooning and lost in a daze when Dante broke the kiss and closed the door behind her!*

Phoebe: Hey! *…okay, so kissing her was a good idea! Now she’ll be too dazed to run out in the middle of danger! Didn’t mean she liked it!* There’s dozens of them! *One of which she was now shaking off her leg! Get OFF! Oh god don’t BITE her! How would she explain that on her insurance?!* -06:11 Jul 26

The wastedemons enjoyed the sudden thrill of fear in their prey! A couple had already pounced on he startled cashier in the front, while others were latching on to Phoebe’s leg and trying to drag her out from under a counter!

Dante: Come on, little demons. *He stood with his legs slightly apart.* You don’t want them. *He held up one arm and made a long cut in it with one of the knives hidden in his belt. He pressed on the wound and the blood swelled. Because he was only half-human, his blood wasn’t red and it wasn’t the black of demon blood either. It was a dark blue.* Fresh blood. Come and get it. -06:20 Jul 26

Sniff!Sniff! Every head in the place suddenly turned at the scent of blood! Big toothy grins appeared as the beasts released their captives and gravitated towards the delicious smell! Blood was their most favorite meal!

Phoebe: *Dante knew how to handle these situations! …which really didn’t help her feel any less freaked out about a store full of flesh eating demons. Phoebe stayed under the counter, only leaning out to peer and make sure the man didn’t destroy anything!* -06:25 Jul 26
Dante: *Wait … wait … when they got within reach and just before they stopped so they could pounce on him, Dante moved! He jumped forward and tackled one to the ground. With that one stunned, he turned and caught another by the neck only to slam it into its buddy on the ground. He turned and dove at another. They rolled and then he ended up with one demon on top of him which he kicked away! He rolled backwards and landed on his feet, in a crouched position! He summoned his sword just in time to slice three of them up at one time! Then he adjusted his grip so the sword was held with the blade pointing down. He dashed forward to slice more of them up!* -06:26 Jul 26

They were getting slaughtered, but that smell of his blood was just too divine! The wastedemons were in a frenzy trying to leap at him and latch their teeth in to him!

Dante: *Dante smirked. At least his headache had cleared up and he wasn’t suffering from a hangover. Now he could really focus. He slashed and impaled and never stayed still for more than a heartbeat. The little bastards were quick to pounce once they got a lock on your position. Something he had found out the hard way.* -06:35 Jul 26
Phoebe: *He moved so well! …and watching beasts get killed in person was SO much grosser than drawing art! Phoebe ducked backwards to stop watching, especially when something went flying past her spot!* Well, I hope you’re enjoying yourself! I think I’m going to be sick! -06:39 Jul 26

Hiiiiiiiissssss! One by one (and sometimes several at a time!) the wastedemons were killed! Finally when there didn’t seem to be a lunging beast left, the fallen bodies were seeming to melt and ooze away. Leaving only a few strange spots on the floor.

Dante: *Dante stood and smirked, the sword held over one shoulder and the other hand in his pocket. It was the same posture Phoebe often drew him in after a victory.* I enjoyed myself immensely, fair lady. My only regret was that it was over so soon. -06:46 Jul 26
Phoebe: *Over too soon? Not soon enough! She stayed right where she was and scowled!* Don’t say that. There’s probably all kinds of things loose now, which means it’s only going to get worse. *At least Cryssie spent the whole time dazed in the dressing room. She won’t have to explain demons!* -06:48 Jul 26
Dante: *The sword disappeared and Dante moved to crouch down beside her.* The demons are gone now, Phoebe. Are you hurt? *He looked her over again, this time without giving Phoebe the feeling he was picturing her naked.* -06:55 Jul 26
Phoebe: I’m not hurt. I’m scared and freaked out and I don’t belong in stories, I draw them. *Those things weren’t even her scariest critters from Desire of the Deep. If she knew having an imagination was going to kill her, she might have been a Vet instead!* Did you get chewed on? -06:58 Jul 26
Dante: *Dante smiled.* I will survive, fair lady. Now, about purchasing these outfits of mine so we can leave … -07:04 Jul 26

Crystal opened the door and licked her lips. “OH. My. GOD.” She looked like she was in heaven or had been in heaven. Either way, it was probably grossing out Phoebe and making Dante smirk! She had to lean against the doorframe of the dressing room for support.

Phoebe: If that’s your subtle way of telling me to stop cowering under a counter… *Phoebe grumbled, but crawled out warily. Nothing would pop out so soon, but it didn’t hurt to check.* …I guess you can handle Cryssie, while I pay for things. *Phoebe took a minute to move him and snatch the price tags off the ones he was wearing, and confiscated everything else she had picked out! …Not without rolling her eyes at Crystal!* -07:08 Jul 26
Dante: *Dante returned to the dressing room to retrieve his old clothes. He really did like them. As he passed with clothes in his arms, he paused at Crystal and whispered in her ear.* I trust you enjoyed that. *Before he lifted his head, smiled at her, and returned to Phoebe.* -07:14 Jul 26

At the sound of his voice so close to her ear, Crystal’s cheeks grew red and she had to swallow. “Oh, did I ever …” She fanned herself and followed after him.

The cashier at the counter, who had looked uninterested when they came, was then attacked by… creatures… was now taking a good look at his energy drink. He pushed it aside when Phoebe dropped the clothes on the counter, and eyed the three of them suspiciously!

Phoebe: …just don’t even ask. *She muttered at the cashier. Digging in to her pockets, she pulled out one of her credit cards. Her manga sold fairly well, at least enough to occasionally splurge on unexpected things like this. ..plus she could always sell the clothes when Dante went back where he belonged. …If Cryssie let him leave! Phoebe was frowning again as she tapped her fingers on the counter!* -07:18 Jul 26

He made quick work of ringing up those purchases and folding them neatly to put in to bags. The sooner these weirdos leave, the better. …And what was that goop all on the floors?!

Dante: *Dante smirked.* Hm. If shopping entails adventures like these, we should go shopping more often. -07:32 Jul 26
Phoebe: It’s my classes I worry about. *She’s going to have to leave Dante at the apartment, but what if something happens? Grrr! Phoebe paid and took the bags, opting to escaping the store as fast as possible!* We’ll grab something for dinner and go hide and home until today blows over! -07:34 Jul 26

Crystal was still trying to get over the kiss! She had this dazed look in her eyes and seemed oblivious to anything and anyone except Dante! “Oh … my … God.”

Phoebe: *She eyed Crystal.* It couldn’t have been that good. *…well, it could, but she didn’t have to look so pleased about it!* -08:02 Jul 26
Dante: *Dante was deep in thought trying to figure out if someone had sent those demons after him or … if they had just been sucked in by whatever had brought him here as well. The streets were empty, almost eerily so. But that could have just been the neighborhood.* -08:24 Jul 26
Phoebe: Anyways, we’ll pick up something from the chinese buffet. It’s always empty this time of day and we won’t have to wait around. I like those little take out boxes too. *She turned her attention from frowning at Cryssie to blinking at Dante. That was an expression she didn’t draw very often! She nearly stepped off the curb staring!* -08:30 Jul 26
Dante: *Just in time, Dante snapped out of his thoughts to put his arm out and stop Phoebe from stepping off of the curb. Then he flashed her a smile.* Where I come from, any road is dangerous no matter what it seems. This chinese buffet sounds appetizing. From which animal did you get the meat? -08:37 Jul 26
Phoebe: *Aiie! Touching Dante! How tingley. At least she didn’t fall on her face. That’d have looked stupid. Sheepishly she replied.* Cows, pigs and chickens. Sometimes shrimps, crabs, lobsters and squid… There’s a lot of different things really. We don’t have any of the big buffalodeer though. -08:43 Jul 26
[Phoebe is going to feed a half-demon prince, go to bed and hope everything is back to normal tomorrow!] -03:42 Jul 31
[Dante had stopped following Phoebe and Crystal to poke at something!] -03:54 Jul 31

Crystal couldn’t stop staring at Dante! Well, her and the twenty or so other women in the restaurant!

Dante: *Dante looked up to see one of the women behind the counter staring at him and smiled.* Hello. *He gave a slight incline of the head.* -03:56 Jul 31
Phoebe: *Phoebe was trying her hardest not to flip those women the finger and tell them to buggar off. After all, how can you NOT stare at Dante? …maybe she needed to stuff his head in to a ski mask!*… Just had over the take out boxes! -03:58 Jul 31

One of the oldies ladies “suddenly” made an appearance with a plate of fortune cookies to offer Dante! “Would you like a fortune cookie? Only two kiss!”

Dante: *Dante smiled and tilted his head at the fortune cookies.* Very well. Two kisses for this fortune cookie of your. -04:10 Jul 31
Phoebe: *Phoebe smacked her forehead! Even little old women!? She confiscated those take out boxes and stalked for the buffet! She had to get them back to the apartment before Dante was having wild crazy sex with strangers!* -04:13 Jul 31

The old lady cackled, slapping Dante on the rear! “Good boy! Take as many as you like, two kiss each! Pucker up!”

Crystal absently followed after Phoebe. She was hungry, too! “Wow, Phoebe. I don’t know where you found him but does he have a brother?”

Phoebe: Yeah, he does. And thank god he’s not here too! *She handed Crystal one of the boxes, she could pick her own dinner!* If anything could be worse than Dante getting mauled, it’d be keeping girls off Thanatos too! -04:17 Jul 31
Dante: *He wasn’t fazed by the ass-slapping at all!* I would not like to spoil my appetite, dear lady. *He took a few fortune cookies and paid for each one with two kisses each!* -04:17 Jul 31

“Mm … Dante and Thanatos. Even their names are hot.” She took one of the boxes and began to fill hers up. “I’d melt into a puddle if I had both of them in the same room with me.”

It was probably the most action the old women had in a long time! With the plate set aside, now she was clinging to Dante! “The Man pays for dinner, yes? I can make arrangements for payment! No money involved!”

Phoebe: I only have the first book out, and there’s already dirty fanfiction on the internet. I knew having brothers was going to hit big, but I didn’t think they’d be that awesome. *A few days ago she was swimming in glee over it. …Now she was worried about how all that attention was going to go wrong! She lifted the lid from one of the soup pots, and blinked.* …are they putting live critters in the soup now? I think this one is still moving. -04:23 Jul 31

Crystal turned her attention back to Phoebe at the mention of live food. “Don’t be silly, P. This is a Chinese restaurant not a Japanese one. They don’t serve live food.”

Dante: *He smiled at her, took her hand, kissed the back of it.* My dear, the pleasure of your company is a payment of its own. -04:27 Jul 31

The soup looked pretty normal. Nothing strange about it at all! Innocent soup!

Now the old ladies of the resteraunt were bickering over who got to keep Dante for the night! After all, he was going to STAY and eat dinner, right?

“See? I think you’re seeing things.” First that thing at the shop and now this. “Maybe you’re overworking your brain again.” She even took the soup ladle and stirred the soup to make her point.

Phoebe: I’m not just seeing things. *Phoebe complained, but as Crystal stirred the soup.. well.. maybe she WAS getting a little paranoid. She half expected something to jump out of the pot, but nothing SHE created would fit in the thing.* You ~like~ my imagination. I didn’t see you complaining about the Pleasant Eve novels! -04:35 Jul 31

At the mention of the novels, Crystal stopped and giggled. “You can’t go wrong with sex and romance. I breathe the stuff.”

Phoebe: Yeah, you really can’t. Though it would have been nice to draw the whole story for Desire of the Deep. *Leaving that soup behind to discuss her novels, she stepped away to set down her boxes and debate between meals! Maybe she should just get a giant box of egg rolls!* -04:43 Jul 31

Snaking out from under the buffet carts, something slowly slithered it’s way around Phoebe’s ankle and YANKED! She hit the floor, while on the other side, another was curling around Crystal’s leg!

Dante: *Dante was talking to each of the women and actually listening to what they had to say!* -04:45 Jul 31

“Damnit, not another roach,” Crystal grumbled and stomped the foot the object was curled around. “You’d think they’d hire a pest control guy every once in awhile …”

Phoebe: Ow! *Phoebe might have thought she slipped, but she wasn’t that lucky! Leave it to Crystal not to notice she was stomping on something bigger than a roach!* … what the hell IS that! *Leaning, she looked under tables.* …Crystal!! Don’t step on that! -04:49 Jul 31

Under the buffet was something big and squishy! And it had loooong arms sneaking upwards in to the many dishes, and one now trying to circle around both of Crystal’s legs!

Phoebe: oh hell!! *Phoebe grabbed on to one of the arms… legs… tentacles?! and PULLED! If Crystal was going to get manhandled by something, it should at least be semi human and not squishy!* -04:57 Jul 31

Stomp. Stomp. “Phoebe, what are you talking–ooffff!!!” Crystal fell to the ground with a thud and when she saw what had her … she screamed!

One of the squishy limbs slapped over Crystal’s mouth, trying to pull her under the buffet, while on the other side it was trying to wretch itself free from Phoebe’s pulling!

Dante: *Dante looked up and the old women and everyone in the restaurant were frozen in place!* -05:11 Jul 31
Phoebe: That’s nice! Real nice! Crystal is so much more edible! *Phoebe managed to fumble for a fork and jabbed the critter under the buffet! It had to be a Swampsquid! Who knew swamp squids were in chinese food!* -05:17 Jul 31

There was a loud SCREEEEEEEEE followed by the sudden releasing of it’s captives! Of course, now it was mad and crawling out from under the buffet. …and it was far, far bigger than it had looked before! It was big enough to stuff several people in the oddly shaped mouth!

Phoebe: *Phoebe jumped to her feet and circled around the buffet to defend Crystal with a fork! …a fork against… that?* …DANTE! Stop flirting and do your job…! -05:21 Jul 31
[Phoebe has timed out.] -05:54 Jul 31
Dante: *Dante smiled and half-bowed.* As my lady commands. *He ran forward and threw a chair into the thing’s mouth, followed by another and another! Then he was moving to Crystal to try and pry her free!* -05:54 Jul 31
[Phoebe is going to kill someone!] -05:56 Jul 31

The old ladies of the resteraunt were taking the site of a big squishy monster pretty well! Although that might be because Grandma has a good recipie for fried squid!

Phoebe: *She was muttering something about Dante being a smart ass, and looking for a more effective weapon! Phoebe settled for grabbing a few forks and pinning one of the limbs to the ground so they could get Crystal loose!* -05:59 Jul 31

Crystal had been just fine–up until seeing that creature! Now she had fainted dead away again! How much was one girl expected to take!

Screeeeee! It might be squishy but getting stabbed with things and chairs thrown at it still hurt! It raised up nearly against the ceiling and opened it’s mouth wiiiiiide! Almost as wide as it’s body as it lunched down to try and swallow all three of them!

Phoebe: *Those dang old ladies could do something more useful than yapping in japanese about Dante’s hotness! Phoebe grabbed Crystal’s shirt and rolled with her under the buffet out of mouth’s reach!* -06:06 Jul 31
Dante: *Dante stood there and looked up as the creature’s mouth opened wide! He spotted Phoebe and Crystal disappearing under the table and jumped back in time to avoid being eaten! He landed a few feet away. Had this creature followed him, too? He had a feeling things would only get more exciting.* Someone is hungry. -06:13 Jul 31
Phoebe: Of course he is! But you’d think he’d want real chinese and leave us alone! *She was casting a murderous glare, at those ladies, but for the time being they had a giant swampsquid to get rid of! And frankly she didn’t care to eat it!* -06:16 Jul 31

Who needed chinese when a half-demon prince was so much more delectable! The beast flung out several of it’s limbs trying to capture the morsel and drag him to his giant mouth!

Dante: *He smirked.* I fear I am *not* on the menu tonight. *He summoned his sword and lashed out while dodging. SLICE SLICE!* -06:31 Jul 31

The swampsquid had different ideas! Even when it’s tentacles were slashed off, the things were wiggling across the ground like snakes and swarming!

Phoebe: *Smooth Phoebe! Just HAD to put the obligatory tentacle monster in the manga! She moved to shake Crystal awake and banged her own head on the bottom of the buffet! That’s it! No more nice Phoebe! She rolled out from under the table and swatted one of those slithering things away!* Someone has to volunteered to be swallowed, you’re just making more! -06:40 Jul 31
Dante: *Phoebe was right! But Dante just flashed a smile.* I’m open to suggestions, fair lady. -06:42 Jul 31
Phoebe: I was hoping we’d just throw an old lady at it and it’d get indigestion. *Phoebe ducked a swinging limb, and hopped out of the way of another to dodge behind Dante.* You won’t get digested, hop in it’s mouth and cut it’s stomach out! -06:46 Jul 31
[Phoebe has timed out.] -07:22 Jul 31
Dante: *Dante looked up at the creature.* And what pray tell, makes me immune to being digested? -07:22 Jul 31
[Phoebe has to explain things!] -07:23 Jul 31
Phoebe: *And here she thought he was going to immediatly go and get himself eaten simply because she told him to. So much for controling Dante in the real world!* You’re half demon! A few seconds in the belly of a beast isn’t going to do much but make a mess. Oh hell, I’ll do it! Gimmie that sword! -07:25 Jul 31
Dante: *He grinned. He’ll give her something alright. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close, then kissed her deeply!* Mm … *He broke the kiss and lifted his head.* So you *do* taste as good as you smell. *He murmured to her. Then he suddenly released her and ran forward, jumping into the creature’s mouth and travelling straight down to the stomach!* -07:27 Jul 31
Phoebe: *That was.. not.. a sword! Phoebe stood stunned for a minute… before stomping a foot and pointing at the swampsquid!* That is NOT what I asked for! -07:30 Jul 31

It’s what the swampsquid asked for though! A half demon prince is delicious! …but not at all filling! It shot out it’s limbs to wrap around Phoebe and lift her up ready to swallow dessert!

Phoebe: wait, WAIT! I didn’t mean it about being swallowed! …On second thought, yes! Eat me! Well, don’t eat me, just… God damnit! Dante! If you’re dead I’m going to kill you! *She was having the daylights squeezed out of her, and she couldn’t wiggle herself loose! Did he have to go and announce she tasted as good as she smells?! Stupid thing took it serious!* -07:37 Jul 31
Dante: *Down, down … surrounded by liquid and fleshy walls, Dante finally reached the bottom! He pulled back and started to slice! SLICE SLICE SLICE SLICE SLICE!* -07:39 Jul 31

SCREEEEEEEEE!! The swampsquid wasn’t taking kindly to having it’s innards slashed! It flailed it’s limbs and dropped it’s current captive as it started writhing around in pain!

Phoebe: *Huah~! Phoebe dropped to the ground, ungracefully landing on her feet… but at least it was her feet and not her head. Dusting herself off while the beastie screeeched, she prepared to snatch up another fork and finish the job if Dante got himself digested!* -07:47 Jul 31
[Phoebe wasn\’t sure if Dante was getting digested or if this plot was actually working!] -05:34 Aug 01
[Dante was slicing and dicing a very hungry creature!] -05:43 Aug 01

The swampsquid was still writhing around in pain as it’s innards were being sliced to bits!

Dante: *However, he was through with playing around. Now it was time to take care of business! He stopped slashing and pulled the sword back. As odd as it seemed, the blade was engulfed with black fire and then he thrust forward! The sword ran right through the thick skin and then it was travelling upwards, in a rough triangle!* -05:45 Aug 01

Crystal: *Crystal was slowly coming to and raised her head!* Wha … what am I doing … *She looked around!* Phoebe! *She was going to her friend until she saw …* What the hell is that?! *She looked ready to faint again!*

Nothing works better than frying a squid from the inside out! There was a loud SCREEEE and a sudden SPLATTER as it’s insides went spilling out! The body shudder to the floor in a big squishy heap!

Crystal: *Now THAT was too much! Crystal’s eyes rolled back into her head and she fainted!*

Phoebe: That is… eeww! *She couldn’t draw stuff this… yuck! Ah, but Crystal was awa-! Nevermind. Phoebe smacked her forehead.* Why is my best friend the quintessential damsel! *…But she took a slow turn to eye the big squishy mess.* Dante? -05:50 Aug 01
Dante: *From the sack of flesh and slime that had once been the creature, Dante stood. He was covered in slime but he was in peak condition! His sword was still covered in the black fire but the fire disappeared just before the sword did, too.* It is never a dull moment, this world of yours. *He told Phoebe as he walked up to them.* -05:56 Aug 01
Phoebe: You need a bath. *Groooss! She was going to think twice about these sort of monsters from now on! She eyed him carefully.* Are you okay, at least? Not smothered or burning or why the hell did you kiss me! I asked for your sword! -05:58 Aug 01

Those old ladies that run the place finally peered around the corner. Grandma shouted for the cook to prepare the oil! They were going to have a squid soul special all week long!

[Dante was covered in slime but damn if he didn\’t still look hot and gorgeous!] -07:51 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante tilted his head slightly at her and then grinned.* So you did. But I believe you know what happens when a pure human or demon tries to wield the blade. As for my welfare, I shall endure. -07:53 Aug 01
Phoebe: *That’s right… the sword was special just for Dante. Then again, she made the damn thing! She cast him a cross look, but it might have been simply because he could even make goo look good!* Endure for now! *Pish! Phoebe moved and grabbed a glass of water from a table, of which she promptly dumped over Crystal’s face!* Crystal! You’re going to get a concussion at this rate! -07:56 Aug 01

Crystal: Puhh! Uhh! *She quickly sat up and looked around, grateful when Phoebe handed her a paper towel!* Gee, P. The next time youw ant to wake me up tell Dante to plant a kiss or two on me. Hey, what happened? What was that … thing who tried to eat me?

Phoebe: I’ll have him do that. *She glanced over her shoulder at the poor chef who looked really, really confused by what the old ladies were dragging him!* …er… Today’s special was a little fresher than expected. -08:02 Aug 01

Speaking of old ladies, the one that got herself a nice batch of kisses from Dante reappeared with a neatly tied sack. “On the house! You bring that nice man back for more kisses! We’ll make better deal!” She handed Phoebe the sack and slapped Dante on the rear again!

Dante: *Dante chuckled softly and helped Crystal to stand. He smiled at the old woman.* Until then. *He took the old woman’s hand–not the one that had slapped his rear–and kissed the knuckles, stroking it gently before he released it.* -08:06 Aug 01
Phoebe: We appreciate the meal, thank you. *Making sweet love to ladies too. That was so cute! ….Incorigable flirt! Snagging Crystal by the hand, she was leading the way out!* Going home now! -08:08 Aug 01
Dante: *He smiled at the old ladies one more time before he followed Phoebe and Crystal out.* -08:17 Aug 01

That little old lady was so in love! She almost didn’t let go of Dante… at least until her husband peered around the corner growling! She waved goodbye!

Phoebe: *Straight home! No detours! No side stops, no talking to people, and not even for that really awesome shoe sale which almost had her pausing for a second to peek in the window. Phoebe stalked her friend and her half demon prince back to the apartment and didn’t sigh a breath of relief until they were inside and she was locking the door behind them!* Whoo… okay. Home without incident. Now Dante takes a shower! A really long shower! -08:20 Aug 01
Dante: Would anyone like to shower with me? *Dante asked with another of his smiles.* -08:30 Aug 01

Crystal: Oh, I’ll shower with you! *Crystal was about to pounce on Dante, anyways! And a shower sounded divine! You never knew what germs were sneaking aroudn those restaurant floors nowadays!*

Phoebe: *Phoebe was leaning over the coffee table to set down the bag of food and those shopping bags when she stood straight and peered over her shoulder. That’d be awesome! She was all rumpled and- no that was a bad idea! There’s no room for Crystal AND her! Grumblegrumble!* No way. Take Crystal if you really need help showering! -08:36 Aug 01
Phoebe: Of course, that means I get dibs on all of the eggrolls. And oh… they added those little sugar puffs too. Can’t garuntee they’ll still be here either. -08:44 Aug 01

Crystal: *That got Crystal’s attention!* NNnoooo! Not the eggrolls or the little sugar puffs! *She sniffled!* Phoebe, you’re so mean! Fine. I’ll stay and guard my snacks away from your greedy hands!

Dante: *Dante smiled.* I understand. *He cupped Crystal’s cheek and kissed her lips gently before she turned to go.* Your eggrolls and sugar puffs are in beautiful hands, Crystal. *And then he was gone, in the direction Phoebe pointed him into!* -08:52 Aug 01

Crystal: *Crystal was melting when Dante left her to go shower! She clasped her hands to her chest!* Oohh … He really is divine. *She stared at him until he disappeared from sight and then went to join Phoebe.*

Phoebe: *Haha Gotcha, you little blond vixen! Phoebe cast a wicked grin at Crystal.* Are you done slobbering all over my apartment, woman? Here! *She handed Crystal one of the take out boxes and chew on an egg roll herself as she stepped over to her drawing table. Somewhere in here there should be a way to send him back!* -08:56 Aug 01
Dante: *She sighed in that dreamy lovesick way of hers for a moment. Then she took the box from Phoebe and ate an egg roll.* So … whatcha looking for? -08:57 Aug 01

Crystal: *She sighed in that dreamy lovesick way of hers for a moment. Then she took the box from Phoebe and ate an egg roll.* So … whatcha looking for?

Phoebe: My sketchbook and notes about Dante. If he’s.. uh.. visiting, there’s bound to be a way to send him home before anything really bad happens. *Besides being hot and bothered and throwing friends out windows out of compltely inappropriate jealousy! How can anyone be jealous over a guy that kisses every female he meets!* Grrf… Ah, here we go! The character book! -09:02 Aug 01

Crystal: *Crystal was off of her seat in a flash! She loved to see Phoebe’s character book! The men she drew … Oh man, she was melting already!* Oh, let me see! Let me see!

Phoebe: *…cute! She never could resist showing Crystal! Occasionally she was disturbing, but at least she appreciated it!* Alright, alright! *Phoebe set the book down on the table and opened it up. Most of the first few pages were just scribbled notes and doodles about creatures, items and places, but then she was turning to feature characters. Some already seen in the first volume and others… never mentioned!* This one is the Psycho Queen, she’s not really a villain so much as… crazy. Ah, and here’s Thanatos. I told you about him before. He’s going to come up in the next arc. -09:08 Aug 01
Dante: *At the Psycho Queen, she blinked.* Uh … Isn’t that your Art History teacher …? *Then she saw Thanatos.* Oh my God … I remember him. You said he’s Dante’s older half-brother? The stuck-up, spoiled prince? -09:12 Aug 01
[Dante is now known as: Crystal] -09:15 Aug 01
Crystal: *At the Psycho Queen, she blinked.* Uh … Isn’t that your Art History teacher …? *Then she saw Thanatos.* Oh my God … I remember him. You said he’s Dante’s older half-brother? The stuck-up, spoiled prince? -09:15 Aug 01
Phoebe: *A grin!* Ms. Nadine always struck me as someone that has a crazy alternate personality, so she was perfect. *Phoebe looked thoughtful for a minute.* Not stuck-up as much as… reserved? conservative? Er… just opposite of Dante! Thanatos is all cool and controlled. *And one hell of a hottie, but she still rather fancied Dante more. Grr! She should have made Thanatos the irresistable flirt!* -09:16 Aug 01
Crystal: Haha. You are in such trouble if she finds out about you modelling the Psycho Queen after her … And Thanatos and Dante don’t get along? -09:27 Aug 01
Phoebe: *Man, if Ms Nadine ever saw that manga, she was probably going to get murdered. The uptight old prude.* Nope. Thanatos thinks Dante is some brash and stupid halfling without a thought in his brains, and Dante is usually throwing back insults and telling him to take the stick out of his ass. *…Dante is probably going to kill her too when he finds out he has to work with his brother! Thank god Thanatos isn’t here too!* -09:31 Aug 01
Crystal: *Crystal grinned at Phoebe.* I bet you have them at each other’s throats because of that incest, brotherly love thing you kept finding online. -09:43 Aug 01
Phoebe: *Phoebe painted an innocent look on her face.* Brothers just shouldn’t do that, you know. …besides, it’s way more fun daydreaming about myself and Dante than some guy. -09:45 Aug 01
Crystal: *She laughed.* Of course they don’t. I was wondering. Isn’t it strange that the Demon King named Dante the second in line to the throne, even though he’s human and all? -09:52 Aug 01
Phoebe: No! Oh man, that was the whole story arc I really, really wanted to! Here, *She flipped through the pages again until she found the story notes.* See, the Demon King loved a human woman, but it’s unprecidented. Humans aren’t exactly in favor in that world. Well, he was going to love her anyway and give a big “fuck you” to anyone that didn’t like it, but not long after she had Dante, they both vanished for awhile. I wanted to do this whole epic story about finding his mother being the key to saving the Deep. -09:57 Aug 01
Crystal: *Crystal looked over the notes.* So … which story arc are you doing instead? -10:01 Aug 01
Phoebe: *Phoebe gave a sheepish expression.* …None really. Damsel of the day, occasional pain in the ass monster. A fight or two with Thanatos. I’m a huge freaking sellout. The publisher said they couldn’t run a long series, which sounded like a load of balls to me… but I really can’t argue if I want a paycheck. -10:04 Aug 01
Crystal: *She reached over and gave her a quick hug.* Don’t worry, Pheebs. You’ll be able to do your arc one day and tell anyone who doesn’t like it to go to hell. -10:09 Aug 01
Phoebe: Damn thing probably came alive and has a mind of it’s now. *She muttered with a joking grin – before suddenly looking startled and flipping through the book again!* … it couldn’t possibly! The book can’t even do that! -10:13 Aug 01
Crystal: *Crystal blinked.* What? Hh? What book? Your story book? -10:20 Aug 01
Phoebe: No! …I’ll be right back! *Abandoning the desk, she nearly skidded across the room as she dashed for the bathroom. She didn’t even knock when she stepped inside.* Dante! You didn’t touch any books, did you?! -10:22 Aug 01
[Crystal is now known as: Dante] -10:23 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante drew the curtain back. He’d gotten the hang of the shower quickly and fortunately, neither Phoebe’s soap or her shampoo were what you would call “girly”.* Which books would you be talking about? -10:25 Aug 01
Phoebe: *Whoa naked! Phoebe closed the door behind her as well as her eyes! She can think if she doesn’t look!* da.. th.. Any books! Did you find one by accident, or did the Psycho Queen have one, or anything drop out of the sky…? -10:28 Aug 01
Dante: *He was silent for a moment while he thought, scrubbing his hair. He disappeared behind the curtain to rinse the soap off.* Actually I *did* find a book or rather, it found me. It looked like something a woman in a dream gave me once. She called it The Key. So when I saw it in the Psycho Queen’s library, I assumed it to be the same one. -10:32 Aug 01
Phoebe: Argh! I knew it! his is punishment for favoring money of art! Wait- *She crossed the floor to push open the curtain and eye him.* What woman in a dream? I never wrote anything like that. -10:35 Aug 01
Phoebe: *money over art! -10:35 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante looked down at her.* Black hair, brown eyes. She looked human but I could tell she wasn’t … *He met her eyes.* She looked just like you. -10:45 Aug 01
Phoebe: It’s impossible. I took my- Phaedra’s book out of the story. Are you sure you’re not just confused? Dreams don’t usually make sense anyway. *Craaaap. Maybe if she hit him with her sketch book he’d go back. …his eyes were so sparklie! Argh! Focus!* -10:51 Aug 01
Dante: My mentor often said that about everything in life. One thing is for sure, my lady, and that is The Key in my dreams was the same as the book I found in the Psycho Queen’s library. A place I had never been to nor whose contents I’ve heard of until I stepped foot in there for the Psycho Queen’s challenge. -10:57 Aug 01
Phoebe: But you weren’t supposed to find the book first! Or at all! You probably ripped a hole in the universe the universe! *That was probably stretching things a bit, but it wasn’t helping her think it through! He was supposed to find Phaedra, not Phaedra’s book or.. well… bad stuff! And here it was! She clonked her head against the wall.* How am I suppsed to stuff you back in there! -11:04 Aug 01
Phoebe: *the universe entire! -11:05 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante tilted his head slightly.* If I knew that, Phoebe, I would be gone already. *Although …* -11:09 Aug 01
Phoebe: I can’t keep you, depsite the temptation. If you that book then the story is still going and you have to do… stuff. *Ah… but should she tell him? What do you do when you know someone’s future? Especially if it involved more than just fooling around with women! Ack, damn! Shouldn’t have glanced down! Look at the ceiling yes!* -11:15 Aug 01
Phoebe: *found that book, arr! -11:17 Aug 01
Dante: What are you not telling me, Phoebe? *When she didn’t reply, he stepped out of the shower and cupped her cheek, urging her face toward his.* What secrets are you keeping from me, fair one? *He murmured, in that tone that sent women into shivers.* -11:17 Aug 01
Phoebe: *Oh sweet hottie jesus! She attempted to put her hands up and swat him away, but he’s all wet and naked and…! She coughed!* It’s uh.. not something.. I should.. the story. It’s the story. *Why did his hair have to look so clean and shiny!* -11:21 Aug 01
Dante: *He smiled then and lowered his head.* I guess we’ll both find out the hard way, won’t he? *He said in that purr of his and then his lips were on hers and he was kissing her again, deep, long and slow.* -11:54 Aug 01
Dante: *we -11:56 Aug 01
Phoebe: *Dante does this to everybody! I should be completely ineffectual. She was immune and this.. this was… One kiss wasn’t going to hurt. And neither was sliding her fingers in to his hair and keeping him for a moment!* -12:00 Aug 01
Phoebe: *it! -12:01 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante smiled against her lips and there was a soft “Mmm” from him. She did taste good. He resisted the urge to wrap his arms around her waist and pull her close and settled on cupping her face instead as he kissed her.* -12:08 Aug 01
Phoebe: *This was so much better than drawing! And she was itching to do more than just nibble on his lips. Maybe just to move her hands down just a bit- wait no! Bad Phoebe! She lift her hands up and away, but had to force herself to turn her head and break the kiss.* Thaaaat is not in the story. -12:14 Aug 01
Dante: *He dipped his head to nibble on her ear.* We are not in the story, are we …? *He purred, stroking her cheeks with his fingertips.* -12:20 Aug 01
Phoebe: Noooo. And that’s exactly.. why you should… stop…? *Okay, that didn’t quite come out as determined as it should have! Neither did that soft pleased sound that wasn’t supposed to escape! Phoebe rest a hand on his shoulder, sure she was going to push him back. …in a minute.* -12:25 Aug 01
Dante: *Encouraged by the soft moan he heard, Dante moved his head lower now to plant kisses down the side of her face, down to her neck. One arm was moving to wrap around her waist, although he hadn’t pulled her against him just yet. A clean, recently showered Dante smelled so very good!* -12:30 Aug 01
Phoebe: *There was nothing better than a freshly showered man, especially when his skin was so warm, and still a bit damp when she moved a hand down his chest. Or that delicious tingling of his breath against her neck and- …wasn’t she in here trying to talk about something important? Dang it!* Dante… -12:34 Aug 01
Dante: *Now both arms were around her waist and she was being pulled against him. He was cradling her in his arms even while his mouth had kissed its way back up and found hers. He made a soft groan just before he covered her mouth and then he was kissing her again, deep and slow.* -12:40 Aug 01
Phoebe: *There went her protesting! Lost somewhere when he kissed her again and stole whatever common sense she had left! Leaning on her toes so she could slide her arm around his neck wasn’t so out of the question anymore, and neither was tilting her head so she could brush her tongue against his mouth. He was some kind of voodoo!* -12:47 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante’s tongue eagerly moved against hers and then he was lifting her up so he could get better access to her mouth. He was groaning softly at the feel of her body against his.* -01:06 Aug 01
Phoebe: *A slight mrrrf escaped her when she was lift up. Talk about getting swept off your feet! And she didn’t even have to rip off his –guaah! Crystal! She growled under her breath as she broke away again!* …dinner! Not this! -01:15 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante lifted his head, tilting it slightly at her again. He bowed it towards her.* As my lady commands. *He looked up as the door opened.* Ah, Crystal. Hello. *He smiled.* -01:20 Aug 01

Crystal: *Crystal stood there with her hand on the knob, giving them a once over. There was a wicked gleam in her eyes.* Tell me I’m interrupting something.

Phoebe: *It was so hard NOT to look guilty! She probably looked kissed smitten! Phoebe cleared her throat!* …I’ll get your clothes! *She eeeaaased around him, and eeeaaased past Crystal who had that LOOK which meant she was going to get tormented later! Argh! Friends were horrible!* -01:24 Aug 01

Crystal: *She watched Phoebe disappear and turned back to Dante, smiling. As yummy as he looked, she couldn’t let this chance pass up.* I’ll get back to you soon, hottie. *Then she followed after Phoebe!* Oooohh Phooebeee ….

Phoebe: Uh huh…! *Ack! At least not do the high pitched guilty voice! Grrr.. after she spent all day keeping Crystal of Dante! It’s not her fault he’s so damned sexy! …well… it is… but a woman can only resist so long! Phoebe snatched up the eggroll box and stuffed one in her mouth!* Canf talf! eaffing! -01:29 Aug 01

Crystal: *Crystal appeared, looking as smug and wearing a grin as the Cheshire Cat.* Come on now. I want to hear the juicy details!

Phoebe: *She swallowed and eyed the blond!* Haven’t you already gotten a dozen kisses from him already? Not that we were doing anything! I was just trying to ask him a question! -01:41 Aug 01

Crystal: But the kisses he gives you are different! *Crystal pouted!*

Phoebe: How would you know! You were always unconscious! *And if she were faking it, Phoebe might beat HER with the kendo stick! Of course then she realized she admitted it out loud, dang it!* …not that it matters! He kisses everybody! -01:58 Aug 01

“DDDAANNTTEEEE!!” Someone shouted from outside!

Phoebe: …. we didn’t tell those ladies a the resteraunt his name, did we? *That’d make her night! Some angry husband coming to strangle Dante! Even if he did deserve it!* -02:04 Aug 01

Crystal: I know I didn’t … *She blinked once, twice, and then she was running out into the living room! There was no sign of Dante anywhere! But the balcony door was wide open!*

Phoebe: Please tell me he’s not naked! *Phoebe nearly stumbled after Crystal and ran in to the balcony railing! So who was screaming, then?!* -02:07 Aug 01

The sounds of steel clashing in the parking lot of the apartment building! And two men wielding weapons right out of a sci-fi or fantasy flick! One wore jeans and a t-shirt, barefoot. The other wore finely tailored leather and steel, complete with boots, bracers, leg guards, and a cloak. The first man was Dante. The other was about his height with white blonde hair and piercing lavender eyes!

Phoebe: ….Fuck! Damnit! Bloody stupid..! *She leaned to pick up one of the potted plants to throw at them… but.. chances are they’d just block it!* STOP FIGHTING BEFORE SOMEONE SEES YOU! Are you listening to me?! -02:12 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante snorted and smirked.* Followed me all the way out here, huh? *He sliced for the other man’s neck.* You really don’t have a life. *The man blocked the sword with his own weapon and the two were locked in a game of push and shove.* -02:14 Aug 01

“I have honor. Which is more than you will ever have, you half-blooded bastard. How dare you betray my sire.”

Phoebe: Of course they’re not listening to me. *She glanced at Crystal.. and her boobs! Wait, no. They wouldn’t even stop for breasts!* If you’re gonna pass out, you better step back from the edge. *She muttered, while climbing up on the rails… she was gonna have to jump down there and hit one of them!* -02:17 Aug 01

Crystal: *Crystal was blinking.* But–who–where–! Awh man … *She held her head and sat down on the lawn chair nearby!*

Dante: Tch. Why the hell would I bother with that old bastard? *Dante growled back, still smirking.* If you’re so high and mighty about it, why aren’t YOU clinging to his leg like you usually do? -02:20 Aug 01
Phoebe: You can say hello to Thanatos in a minute. I just gotta catch him first. *Phoebe balanced carefully. Jumping down was insane, but then so was a half-demon prince fighting his demon prince brother in the parking where someone could call the cops! It was only two floors! She jumped, catching the limb on the nearby tree and dropped to the ground with a roll. Phoebe stood and dust herself off as she stomped towards those stupid men!* -02:22 Aug 01

The two of them broke away and then Thanatos was launching a ball of white fire at Dante!

Dante: *Dante held his sword out, blade facing Thanatos and let the sword take the attack! The fireball hit the blade and instantly sizzled!* You’re getting soft, lizard breath. *He ran forward, sword at an angle.* -02:28 Aug 01
Phoebe: HEY! No fireballs! *Christ, they’d set the neighbor’s cars on fire! …Dante knew how to dodge! Phoebe took the opportunity to run and jump on to Thanatos’ back, wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his body.* Dante! You stop it! *She pointed at, lunging sword and all!* -02:29 Aug 01

Thanatos: *Thanatos was momentarily distracted by the human woman leaping onto his back! He tried to get her off of him while preparing to counter Dante’s charge!*

Phoebe: *Hell! Phoebe held on tight! Last thing she wanted was to get thrown somewhere! Now that she thought about it, it may have been safer to leap on Dante!* Would you stand still for a minute and stop trying to murder your brother! I swear to god, I’ll bite you! -02:35 Aug 01
Dante: *That brief distraction was all Dante needed to seal the deal! One fatal thrust and it would all be over! He pulled his arm back and slammed it forward–only to stop a split second before it hit Thanatos in the chest. He jumped back before Thanatos took the opportunity to deal damage and landed a few feet away.* Fair lady, I would advise against that. You don’t know where he’s been. -02:35 Aug 01

Thanatos: Human, get off of me. *He ordered, ignoring Dante’s remark.* Have you any idea on whom you are clinging?

Phoebe: Thanatos, Demon Prince of the Deep. Of whom I would love to let loose, if I knew you weren’t immediately going to charge Dante, set things on fire, and land you both in jail. *His voice matched him very well! If she didn’t know him, she might have ran off begging forgiveness!* So, we’re going to go back to my apartment and have dinner. -02:41 Aug 01

Thanatos: *That startled Thanatos and he stood straight.* Who are you, human? And what business have you coming between me and him. *He glared darkly at Dante who just smirked.*

Phoebe: Er… well… *Besides not wanting to see murder and knowing they’d feel bad about it later?* I’m… your guardian spirit? If you kill him, you won’t be able to save the Demon King, and I promise that wouldn’t be the worse that will happen. …Now, if… you could join us upstairs? *Where she can get back to thinking a way out of this mess! Now she HAS both of them! How the hell are they supposed to do their whole quest HERE? Phoebe remained clung!* -02:55 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante tilted his head slightly at the picture of Phoebe on top of Thanatos.* That is correct. *As long as Phoebe remained on top of Thanatos, he couldn’t attack. Not without harming her.* -03:12 Aug 01

Thanatos: *Thanatos glared at Dante.* And you believe this nonsense? *He glanced over his shoulder at Phobe.* Get off of me, human. Or I will not be responsible for what befalls you.

Phoebe: Forget it. I’m going to be your back-buddy until you promise not to kill Dante. And even then, I intend to stay attached until we have a chat. *Phoebe figures as long as he doesn’t throw her, she’s good! But, she sure as hell isn’t going to trust him, and frankly, she suspects Dante will probably start something too.* Best to jump back up to the balcony in case anyone is spying on us. -03:21 Aug 01

Thanatos: I am the Crown Prince of Demons. What need would I have to hide from commoners, especially human commoners.

Phoebe: *Phoebe groooaned! Arguing with Thanatos would take all night at this rate! So, she tried something drastic! She planted her hand over his mouth, tilted his head back and licked his face! She released his mouth and frowned at him.* For being a pain in the ass, that was the lick of death. If you don’t want some nasty human disease, we better get upstairs so you can wash it off. -03:27 Aug 01

Thanatos: *A look of disgust crossed his face! He quickly wiped it off. How dare a human lick his face like that–like like–!* Get off of me. *He growled, sounding angry now.* I will wash it off once I am free of you.

Phoebe: No! You’ll be a stone dead body out in this street before I jump off! Get up there before I lick you again! *Or strangle him! She wanted to wring his neck! Maybe if he weren’t a stubborn demon from another universe this might have been funny!* Dante didn’t have a damned problem doing it! -03:38 Aug 01
Dante: My welcome was much more pleasant. *He said with a grin. By now the sword had disappeared and he had his arms crossed.* -03:48 Aug 01
Phoebe: I’m pretty sure Thanatos doesn’t want to go kissing any humans. …Unless that’ll get you up on the balcony? *Hopeful Phoebe! Once they were inside, she’d figure it out!* -03:51 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante smirked at the look on Thanatos’ face.* Obviously, he’s too spoiled and hardheaded to realize when he’s being offered hospitality. Going against royal etiquette that states one cannot refuse something offered by another, no matter whether demon or human, unless said royal person has a just reason to refuse such an offer. I suppose the reason in this case would be fear. -03:57 Aug 01

Thanatos: *He clenched his teeth.* Very well. I accept your hospitality. Where is this balcony of yours?

Phoebe: *Phoebe moved one hand to point up to the third floor balcony, where the doors were still wide open, and Crystal was either up there eating her precious egg rolls or sneaking in to the manga!* That one. I promise, I’ll hit Dante for you later. -04:00 Aug 01

Thanatos: *Thanatos looked up at where she pointed.* Do you mind getting off of me now? *He growled.*

Phoebe: …All right, but don’t anyone do something weird. *And that meant for Dante too! She let Thanatos loose and jumped to the ground! Gah.. that’s better! If she really had to cling to him all night, he’d have to take off some of that stuff!* -04:12 Aug 01

Thanatos: *He looked up at the balcony, took a running start … and then jumped on top of a car and sailed through the air! He landed on the balcony railing, back toward Phoebe and Dante and jumped off. He dusted himself off and saw a speechless Crystal there.* Good day.

Phoebe: You couldn’t do that with me on your back?! *She was pretending to not be impressed. Man, she wished she could do that. Now she was going to have to climb that tree or take the elevator. …And she so didn’t want to leave Crystal alone with Thanatos out of sight-range!* -04:21 Aug 01
Dante: *Dante suddenly came up from behind her.* Fair lady … may I …? *Before she could reply, he was picking her up and then following Thanatos’ suit. A running start, jumping on the car, and then flying through the air to land on the balcony railing. He jumped off and placed Phoebe down gently.* -04:24 Aug 01
Phoebe: Guh..! *Dang! She must’ve had her thoughts on her face! …that was kind of fun though! But she wasn’t going to go grinning at Dante and encouraging him any, she was more worried about surrounding Crystal with hot men and the girl exploding!* Crystal, meet Thanatos, Thanatos, Crystal – Let’s go inside! -04:27 Aug 01

Crystal: *She was still speechless and she blinked once, twice.* Th … thanatos … as in … *the* Thanatos …?

Thanatos: *He looked at Crystal.* So you have heard of me. *It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.*

Phoebe: Dante’s brother, yes. *Phoebe was tempted to harass him for all the trouble she gave him. …and apparently couldn’t resist the temptation!* You can sit on him if you want! Someone needs to hold on to him so he doesn’t escape. -04:41 Aug 01

Crystal: *Crystal didn’t need to be told twice! She was up and clinging to Thanatos in no time flat! Her arms were around his neck and he was forced to catch her to risk falling over–or backwards!* Anything I can do to help!

Dante: *He smirked at the sight but quickly ducked back into the apartment.* -04:45 Aug 01
Phoebe: *Heee~! Phoebe cast a wicked grin, but it was brief as she stepped inside and confiscated one of the food boxes and a pair of chopsticks.* I guess it’s reasonable to assume that we’re going to have to do what you were supposed to before I can find a way to send you back and save the Demon King. -04:47 Aug 01

Thanatos: *Thanatos was forced to follow them inside, if only to find a way to rid himself of the human woman clinging to him.*

Dante: *Dante tilted his head slightly at her.* Find my mother. -05:07 Aug 01
Phoebe: First we ha- Yes. Find your mother. *She blinked at Dante. That wasn’t something she told him. Was that in his weird dream too? How the hell did he dream about Phaedra! Unless he was dreaming what she was dreaming? Daydream? Plotting? She got lost in the thought trail for a moment before shaking her head back to present date!* You and Thanatos were supposed to find Phaedra, and now it’s kind of done. So, now you’re supposed to be watched over while you get the book. …except it doesn’t exist yet. -05:11 Aug 01

Crystal: You are so dreamy! Hmm … I love your eyes! Are all guys from Romania this hot? *She was asking Thanatos, still gazing up at him all dreamy like.*

Thanatos: *He raised his eyebrow at her.* Romania? I don’t know a place named Romania. Unless that is what you humans call the Demon World now.

Phoebe: YES! Romania! Haha, demon world is the slang these days, right? We don’t want to terrorize the cute adorable human who thinks you have pretty eyes! *Damage control! Err… Maybe they needed to work out the RULES before she started working on that book! She couldn’t have demon princes running around wild!* -05:18 Aug 01

Crystal: Demon World? *She looked back at Phoebe.* Are they fans of your work, too? *Demon World was one of the places in Phoebe’s manga!*

Phoebe: Uh… Yeeeah. Oh! You know that big party coming up at Karen’s? With the costumes and everything? We’re totally going to cosplay! You could be one of the nymphs! *That sounded believable right? At least until Crystal stopped fawning over hotness and starting noticing things!* -05:22 Aug 01

Crystal: Mmm … *Crystal was gazing up into Thanatos’ eyes again.* Yeah … a nymph …

Thanatos: *He raised an eyebrow at her and then unceremoniously dropped her onto the couch.* Send me back, aergios. *He stalked toward Dante.*

Dante: *Dante smirked and that smirk didn’t disappear at Thanatos’ insult. Aergios was the demon word for “less than nothing.”* Of course. I wouldn’t want you to miss a session of kissing your daddy’s ass. Spirits know he’ll be so very displeased. -05:30 Aug 01
Phoebe: *Okay! She stepped in between Thanatos and Dante before someone started swinging something.* He can’t send you back. You’re just going to have to wait it out for now until I can figure it out! Wait it out and NOT kill anybody! -05:32 Aug 01

Thanatos: *He growled.* Disrespectful– *He was holding up his hand to summon his weapon when Phoebe stepped between them. But he wasn’t finished yet.* How dare you insult his Royal Highness. Had it not been for him, you and your mother would have been slaughtered like cattle.

[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((05:47 Aug 01))
[Phoebe logged out of the chat.] -((05:48 Aug 01))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -05:48 Aug 01
[Phoebe is standing between two demon princes, and that\’s probably not a safe place to be when they\’re bickering!] -08:01 Aug 02
[Dante likes nothing more than to get under Thanatos\’ skin!] -08:02 Aug 02

Thanatos: *Thanatos’ eyes narrowed slightly.* I will cut out that organ you call a heart and impale it on a pike somewhere.

Phoebe: How about we save that for another day and you sit on the sofa safe and blood free. *At least Dante has the sense not to start something here, right?* -08:04 Aug 02
Dante: *He grinned and inclined his head to Phoebe.* As the lady commands. Perhaps something to eat? I’m famished. -08:09 Aug 02

Crystal: *She was circling Thanatos and eying his armor.* That thing must be heavy. How do you move with it on? *She even knocked on it to test how dense the plating was.*

Phoebe: *If Dante wasn’t careful she’d start commanding him to do all sorts of th–argh! Now she was thinking like Crystal!* Sit, eat, chat…. be nice. And all will turn out fluffy-happy with rainbows and happy endings. *At least with Crystal prodding Thanatos that will keep him busy. Phoebe confiscated one of the take-out boxes and shuffled over to her drawing table!* Thanatos might be more comfortable without that armor on too! -08:13 Aug 02

Thanatos: I know better than to take off my armor when around an enemy. *He replied, glaring at Dante again.*

Dante: Awh, I’m an enemy. I’m flattered. *Dante said with a smirk.* I couldn’t care less if you wore it or didn’t. -08:18 Aug 02

Crystal: You look even hotter in the armor … I gotta take a picture of this! *Crystal was rummaging around in her purse for her cell and snapping shots of Thanatos!* My girlfriends are going to flip!

Phoebe: Considering you’re going to have to live here for awhile, you might wanna get used to it. *Oh god. Where is she going to put them?! Phoebe ate quick, she was gonna have to rearrange things!* -08:20 Aug 02

Thanatos: *He was eying the cellphone and he snatched it from Crystal. He poked it.* What is this strange device? An object of sorcery perhaps …

Phoebe: Hey, hey! Maybe we shouldn’t be sending pictures of them all across town! Someone… uh.. unpleasant might get them, and hell if I want people tracing it back to here! *She didn’t know what was worse! Fangirls or demons! or… demon fangirls!* -08:28 Aug 02

Crystal: Hey, give that back! *Crystal was too busy trying to get back her property to pay much attention to Phoebe!* Oh, Phoebe, stop worrying so much. Everything will be fine.

Thanatos: *Thanatos lifted it out of Crystal’s grasp and up to the light.* Intriguing. Some of my magic might be able to dissect this strange piece …

Phoebe: You passed out, what, a dozen times today? I should probably be taking you to the hospital for brain damage! *Not worry! Ha! Phoebe had control issues, and this was so far out of control that the universe was going to spin off it’s axis if she didn’t fix it! Huffing, she finished her dinner and tossed it in the nearby trash.* Don’t dissect her phone! I’ll give you something else to play with! -08:33 Aug 02

Crystal: … Magic? Gee, you guys take this roleplay thing seriously, don’t you? *That caused her to stop reaching for her phone and really look at Thanatos.* Hm … *She reached out to pull thanatos’ hair.* Is this your real hair color?

Thanatos: *He raised an eyebrow.* Of course this is my real hair color, woman. Now quiet before I banish you from this room for your insolence.

Dante: *Dante sat down and opened one of the take out boxes. He had seen Phoebe and Crystal eating these … He picked up an eggroll, sniffed it, and then took a bite.* -08:40 Aug 02
Phoebe: Banishment, that sounds like a good idea! Banishment and sleeping! Don’t you have a class in the morning, Cryssie? I bet you do! Maybe you can bring over some clothes for Thanatos tomorrow! Wouldn’t that be awesome! *Phoebe scooted across the room, jumped up to snatch the phone from Thanatos while he was busy looking Imperial and was now nudging Cryssie towards the door!* -08:41 Aug 02

Crystal: But … Phoebe …! *Phoebe was right, as usual, but Crystal didn’t want to leave the hunk fest so soon!* Maybe I should sleep over … keep you company!

Phoebe: *Phoebe paused long enough to think about it… but if they got in to another fight, that would be way too hard to explain!* Uh, maybe next time! Someone has to watch them while I’m in class, anyway! So you better get some sleep while you can! -08:47 Aug 02

Crystal: *Her face lit up!* Oh, that’s a great idea! *She stopped and turned once she was out of the apartment.* I can–! *SLAM! The door closed and she was left out in the hall.*

Dante: *Dante was still sitting there, eating the eggroll. He wasn’t paying much attention to Thanatos but then, he was good at faking people out.* -08:50 Aug 02
Phoebe: *LOCK! Okay, so she rush Cryssie out a little faster than usual this time! But this was serious business going on here. She’d make it up to Cryssie by doing her homework!* One problem down! *She stalked back across the room to bully Thanatos in to a chair!* You need to sit! And eat. …and take off that armor because there’s no way you sleep in that. -08:51 Aug 02

Thanatos: What I need to do is get back to my proper place and stop the humans from overthrowing my sire. *Thanatos replied, although he did find himself in a chair.*

Phoebe: You will, just as soon as I put a book together and you realize that you and Dante are going on a magical world saving journey. *Yeah, she was giving up on trying to explain things so they made sense. …she couldn’t even make it make sense! So she was looking for those spots to take the armor off him herself!* -08:56 Aug 02

Thanatos: *He raised an eyebrow at Phoebe.* What are you doing …? *Of course, he was suspicious of why she was looking at him like that.*

Phoebe: I’m going to strip you of your armor, since you won’t do it yourself and I just dare to make a scene about it! *She’ll do worse than lick him again! …she can’t think of anything yet, but it’ll be good! She lift one of his arms to go tugging things off!* -09:17 Aug 02
Dante: *He was sitting on a stool, watching and smirking.* It’s pretty amusing, if you ask me. The poor little prince can’t even take off his own armor. Classic. -09:27 Aug 02
Phoebe: Would you like me to stuff something in your mouth and tie you up on the sofa all night? *She glared at Dante over her shoulder before returning her attentions to that armor. It didn’t look this complicated on paper. How DOES he manage to be so light on his feet. The demon stuff?* -09:33 Aug 02
Dante: *Dante grinned.* As long as I am able to do the same to you, fair lady. *And there was no doubt what he had in mind.* -09:35 Aug 02

Thanatos: *Thanatos finally let out a breath.* I will need another change of clothes, woman.

Phoebe: *She opened her mouth to shout something at Dante, but settled for muttering under her breath!* I have clothes. Just.. take that stuff off! *Phoebe released the demon prince from her tugging, so she could go after that shopping bag. They too far off in sizes, so they should fit him fine. It just wouldn’t be quite Thanatos’ style. …she’d fix that tomorrow. Uuugh, tomorrow! She was trudging back with a handful of clothes and looking perfectly mortified!* -09:39 Aug 02

Thanatos: *He stood and took the clothes, casting them a glance as he held them up.* Hm. *The corner of his mouth twitched but then he was walking away and into another room to change.*

Phoebe: …They’ll only for tonight! Don’t get snooty about them! *She shouted at his back! …Phoebe grumbled again and landed face first on the sofa. This was way too much to handle in one day!* …you were so much easier. -09:43 Aug 02
Dante: *He ate another eggroll.* You should sleep, fair lady. -09:45 Aug 02
Phoebe: Can’t. Gotta figure out where to put both of you and I only have one bed. *She curled up with one of the sofa cushions. Before she was just going to stuff Dante in there! He’s too damned tall for the sofa. But she can’t put BOTH of them in the bed, they’d roll over and strangle each other! Get blood all over her sheets!* -09:48 Aug 02
Dante: *Dante tilted his head slightly at her.* You can give him the bed. I can sleep on the floor. -09:53 Aug 02
Phoebe: That’s not fair, and you both have to be decently rested when all hell breaks loose and tries to kill you. Or have hot sex with you. I’m not sure what order it’s gonna be in. *She threw her arm over her face. That was going to be exhausting. …well, at least she can just step out of the way if he gets molested by women! But… argh! Conscience! In the morning she was going to get a water bottle!* -09:56 Aug 02
Dante: *He smirked.* I’m completely prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice … and throw him to the next creature that tries to attack me. -10:01 Aug 02
Phoebe: *She rolled to her side and pointed a finger at him.* No. You need him and he needs you. -10:03 Aug 02
Dante: *He raised an eyebrow.* You are just saying that, fair lady. -10:11 Aug 02
Phoebe: It’s the truth whether either of you like it or not. And I’m not a fair lady! Vicious, angry lady maybe. *And tired too! She was just going to rest her eyes for a minute until that demon prince returned and she had to wrestle both of them in to bed. Possibly tying them down with her shoe laces.* -10:14 Aug 02
Dante: *He smirked.* A very beautiful, very delicious lady … *He corrected with a purr, suddenly on his feet and bending forward to plant a kiss on her lips.* -10:19 Aug 02
Phoebe: …incorrigible half demon. *Phoebe muttered, she was too tired to argue about it and falling asleep to the sound of his voice was awfully nice!* -10:22 Aug 02