[Diala] The Cards we are Dealt

Title: The Cards We Are Dealt: Finding Ones Place!
Number: 646
Date: Apr 29, 2009 at 3:23 AM

Divinatas – Apr 29, 2009 at 3:23 AM


“Why are we here again? There’s witches, wolves, and demons everywhere.”

“It is New York. What do they call it, America’s Melting Pot?”

“How is anyone supposed to do anything in this city with all of this chaos going on. That critter just got himself killed there. And look, what is that witch doing casting like that in public? Don’t get me started on the [i]demons[/i].”

A soft laugh. “Demons like myself, Alistair? Or are we speaking of the unfriendly type?” High in the sky, sitting on the rooftop of a building, she sat. Her legs were crossed, dangling off the side. In her hands was a china tea cup. Though it was raining, not a dropped touched her immaculate clothing. Navy blue thigh length jacket, a mocha-cream silk blouse and corduroy pants in the same soft brown as the tea she was drinking. Her raven black hair was swept up on top of her head in a messy loop. Of everything, it was her feet that stood out. She wasn’t wearing any shoes. Just bare feet with toenails painted a shimmery copper.

“I don’t mean [i]you[/i], as foul as you are. At least you have st- Damn it. There’s a vampire too. This city sucks– and that was not an intentional pun! Screw this, I am going to get something to eat.” [i]Flapflapflap![/i] The body that belonged to the voice appeared as it leaped off the edge of the building. A bat, small and black flew off in to the rain. That was all he was.

Caroline leaned, glancing downwards where Alistair was last spying. She frowned. A vampire feeding on some pour drunken soul. There were many unusual things, possibly more important things, for her to turn her attentions to. But this one had a strange aura. The cup in her hands vanishes, as well as her invisible roof. Rising to her feet, she took a few mere steps right off the edge of the building.

Caroline landed softly and silently in the alley. “Did you [i]ask[/i] for that dinner…?”


Alarice – Apr 29, 2009 at 3:51 AM


He leaned over the body he clutched tightly, long black hair falling over his face. He was hungry, so hungry! His stomach was beginning to unclench and color was stealing back into his cheeks. The human he held had gone silent, still awhile ago. The body was getting cold. And still he drunk.

He lifted his head only to run his tongue over his fangs. He reached out to grab the man’s hand, pulled his arm toward him and sunk his fangs into his wrist. It was there he drunk even more of the sweet wine that was hiding from him. He did the same to the other wrist until he was absolutely sure the body was drained.

“Did you [I]ask[/I] for that dinner…?”

Red eyes glowed in the darkness and watched the woman like a wild animal caught in a corner. The wounds on his back and chest were nearly gone now. They had been so deep, so serious that a mere mortal would have already died. But he couldn’t remember how he’d gotten them or why he was out here. All he knew was that he was hungry and the human’s blood …

Mmm … The blood …


Divinatas – Apr 29, 2009 at 4:21 AM


This was different. No witty remarks? Arrogant threats? That was all vampires liked to throw out these days. Her frown turned to a scowl, as she glanced from the vampire to the human. Dead. Sucked dry to the bones. Moving her hand slowly to push back her jacket and reach for a knife, this creature was still behaving curiously. Running on instinct like a wild animal and nothing else.

Caroline was thankful that Alistair flew off. This would be another one of those [i]why don’t you just kill it[/i] conversations. She couldn’t do that. She had to know first. So often things weren’t what they seemed.

Still there was a familiar aura that hinted towards something dangerous. Someone to beware.

“Hey.” she snapped her fingers with her other hand, trying to catch his attention again. “There’s nothing left. And there won’t be another. You don’t belong here.”


Alarice – Apr 29, 2009 at 2:11 PM

His fangs were disappearing. He licked his lips. He wore a shirt, jeans, a long coat that reached down to his ankles. The rips and tears in them were the only things that showed he’d been injured at all. He was barefoot but he didn’t feel the cold.

[I]SNAP.[/I] He clenched his teeth and winced as if he’d been struck. The red eyes faded to dark gray and focused on the woman. He could tell she was different. He looked ready to lunge at her but then something drew him back–and he raced out of the alley instead!


Divinatas – Apr 29, 2009 at 5:36 PM


“Why do they always run.” she muttered under her breath.

In an instant she sprang forward for the chase. He was quick! Quicker than she would have expected for one seemingly starved. Which meant he was a strong one. Very strong, and very unusual.

The small black bat had returned flapping furiously to keep up with her. “There wouldn’t be any chasing if you just would have killed him!” complained Alistair, puffing between breaths.

It was true. The vampire had gone feral. Caroline could have killed him in an instant with any quick motion before he had even dropped that poor dry human. Been done with it and off to figure out what was going on in this city. [i]’But mistakes are made on judging ones actions instead of their motives…'[/i]

But she couldn’t very well chase him across the city. As soon as there was a moment out of human sight, she was drawing coal grey ribbons out of her coat pockets. Swinging them out, they darted towards him like wisps of solid shadow to wrap around the vampire! She jerked![/do][/bg]


Alarice – Apr 29, 2009 at 5:49 PM

The vampire was almost free! If he could just get–

Something wrapped around his legs and he fell with a thud! His jaw slammed against the concrete but he quickly turned to see that woman holding it. He hissed at her and struggled. His fingernails had lengthened into claws and now he tried to use them to gain some kind of hold, to pull himself away.

In the depths of his mind, a thought formed. “Leave me alone,” he growled, baring fangs and struggling. He had to get free. He had to–He had to do something. Something really important! He slashed at those ribbons, kicked at them, pulled and fought for all he was worth!


Divinatas – Apr 29, 2009 at 5:59 PM


Caroline grit her teeth and pulled tight! If this was a precursor to what he’d be like at full strength, that would be one hell of a fight!

Alistair landed on her shoulder, grumbling out a few unintelligible words. “What a waste of time.”

“Not now.” she muttered, giving her shadow ribbons another sharp jerk. He could fight but he wasn’t. This was enough to keep him alive. For now.

“I am not going to kill you – if you hold still and talk to me. However, there are other things in this city and you are drawing attention. Run and you will be chased. And I can promise I will be the least of your concern.”


Alarice – Apr 29, 2009 at 6:09 PM

The vampire growled. He had no reason to trust her! She could be an enemy! [I]His[/I] enemy! She could be plotting to hurt him even while she spoke! His eyes narrowed into slits. But he couldn’t get free. Not with these things keeping him down. He didn’t know what sort of weapon this was but anything that restricted him was dangerous. He needed to get free.

The vampire stopped struggling but he was still wary. Much like a wild animal, he looked just as ready to bite off your hand as accept a handshake. His body was tense, ready to spring into action. “Free me first,” he growled.


Divinatas – Apr 29, 2009 at 6:26 PM


Caroline paused for a moment, waiting for him to calm enough to stop struggling, before she wrapped the ends of the ribbon around her wrist and slowly moved forward. Being as wary as he was (one doesn’t catch a wild animal and assume he’ll play nice) she wasn’t letting him loose just yet.

“And let you run away the moment I do? I think this well be fine.” Caroline stopped when she was within an arm’s reach, and examined him. Just by the shape of his clothes and the wounds that still lingered, though as faint as they were… He was in one hell of a fight. Something that might have killed him. Maybe it did? His behavior wasn’t normal.

“You are far too curious.” hissed the bat on her shoulder. He was regarding the vampire much like one would look down at some vermin crawling across the floor. “You vampire! How many people have you slaughtered so she can be done with you and I can have a more entertaining evening!”

[i]FLICK![/i] Caroline brushed the loud little beast off her shoulder with mild annoyance, but her grip on those ribbons hadn’t changed. “I am interested to know what you are running from. Your name. Who you are. Why [i]should[/i] I let you go? You devoured that human without a second thought. You have a power, you are dangerous… Who might you kill if I let you free?” It was as much as a question as a statement.


Alarice – Apr 29, 2009 at 6:47 PM

The vampire bared his fangs at the bat before it got brushed away. It was annoying. He didn’t like annoyances. It distracted him and left him open to attack. Annoyances, like any other threat, had to be taken out. He pulled at the ribbons, testing its strength but of course, it was still taut and that meant he could not get free just yet.

The vampire looked up at the woman and glared. “Stop your incessant questions,” he demanded. “I do not need to answer of these. Let me free.” He pulled at the ribbons again, tried to break them! He refused to allow the woman to know he knew far less than she did about him!


Meanwhile, a foot nudged the husk of the human the vampire had fed on. There was a sound of disgust. “Worthless. That human owed me fifty bucks and his soul. How the hell am I supposed to collect now?” someone whined.

“Oh, shut up. You didn’t even want his soul anyways. You said so yourself,” someone else growled. “Baul, what are you sniffing at? Get away from that.”

Baul, the four foot tall imp with the prehensile tail who stood on a pair of red goat legs and had the upper body of a human child, stood. He had been leaning over the shell, sniffing it. He reached up to scratch at one of the horns poking out from his hair. “Vampire,” he said in a soft voice.

“Of course a vampire!” the first one who had spoken growled. “Who else could suck a human dry like this!” He kicked at the shell, at the wounds in his throat and wrist, drained of blood.

Baul blinked up at the two hulking demons towering above him. “Not just any vampire …” A wide grin that revealed sharp fangs appeared on his face. That grin said it all and the two demons with him flashed white teeth.

Not just any vampire … but the one that had done them all wrong.

“Find him,” the second demon who had spoken ordered.


Divinatas – Apr 29, 2009 at 7:33 PM


“You must if you want to live.” she answered simply. Perhaps it was an odd sort of conversation to having and still be using such a calm tone of voice. Yet it was one she had often. They either attacked or explained. Rarely did they escape. Caroline was not in the habit of chasing more than she could handle.

In this case, she had yet to judge on way or the other. He might have been lucky that his unusual behavior had drawn her attention. The longer she had him wrapped up, the more she could sense from his aura. A blank wall. But something behind it was very strong. That was flashing a warning signal in the back of her mind, but she had yet to remember what about it was so familiar.

She pulled her ribbons tight again, drawing herself closer. A foot away. Caroline was mindful of his claws in case he loosened him far enough to take a swipe at her. “Answer my questions with sincerity, and I may let you free. But I am not of mind to let a monster loose on innocent people. You have a choice.” and Caroline had all the time in the world for him to make it.


Alarice – Apr 30, 2009 at 3:00 PM

The vampire glared at her but then the anger dissipated a bit, and there was doubt on his face. He looked away. “I … I do not … know,” he said slowly. It was a bitter pill to swallow, facing the fact. He was being spurred on by something he neither understood or remembered. It frustrated him.

Suddenly the doubt disappeared. The anger returned. “Are you content now?” he growled, pulling at the ribbons even stronger. Anger fueled his strength as did the knowledge that she would hold true to her promise and try to destroy him. He may not remember anything, before finding that drunk human but he refused to let himself be killed.

“Hohoho, check it out, boys. Our little pet’s been caught in someone else’s trap,” a low voice declared loudly.

From behind the woman, some yards away, a figure about seven feet tall and another one, much shorter at four feet, stood there. The first was dressed in a suit and shoes with a tie. He looked human down to his blonde hair and dark brown eyes but when he smiled, it showed rows of pointed teeth. The second was definitely not human. Red skin and prehensile tail with a pair of horns standing on a pair of goat legs when this one smiled, it flashed pointed teeth, too.

The vampire growled. He didn’t know if these were friends of the woman’s or not but it didn’t matter. They were all a threat to him. At least until he could figure out who or what he was …

The red one crouched down and sniffed the air. “It’s him! It’s him!”

“Step aside, lady. This one’s ours,” the one who’d spoken ordered as they drew closer but then stopped. The woman could be a slayer or perhaps another vampire. She must be either lucky or really skilled to have caught their little “prize.”

The vampire’s eyes flashed red. “I do not know who you bastards are but step down, scum. You have no business here.”


Divinatas – May 1, 2009 at 4:49 AM


Caroline was in the process of trying to tighten her ribbons again when the new voice interrupted.

[i]”Hohoho, check it out, boys. Our little pet’s been caught in someone else’s trap.”[/i]

She let out a slow breath, only tilting her head slightly to take gander at who arrived. Unfriendly types. Mix matched. A demon and imp? Possibly? Her new [i]friend[/i] didn’t seem charmed to see them either. [i]
“It’s him! It’s him!”[/i] Pointed the little red beast. Caroline raised an eyebrow.

[i]”Step aside, lady. This one’s ours.”[/i] they stopped before coming any closer.

[i]”I do not know who you bastards are but step down, scum. You have no business here.”[/i]

That was when Caroline smiled. A slow sly look across her face as the ribbons in her hands suddenly fell loose. “I am afraid I found him first, and he is in no interest to be kidnapped by beasts. …But if you would like to [i]try[/i] and take him…” Caroline pulled his ribbons frees, allowing the vampire to do as he pleased. It was a risk, but she was going to trust – or be forced to chase him down again afterwords.

With her ribbons disappearing back in to her coat pockets, Caroline turned around to face their guests, her hand moving behind her back to draw out an axe the was slowly shimmering in to view. It was modest in design, but brilliantly sharp. It’d do fine.

“Of course, you’ll have to deal with me as well.”



Alarice – May 2, 2009 at 3:47 PM

“I am afraid I found him first, and he is in no interest to be kidnapped by beasts. …But if you would like to try and take him…”

The vampire looked about to lunge at the demon and the imp but he remembered the ribbons in time. He looked at it in time to see it loosen and fall. He blinked and looked up at the woman. What game was she playing? He narrowed his eyes at her.

The tall one snorted. “You think we’d come alone when we found out we were dealing with [I]that[/I]?” He pointed at the vampire.

“Hell no,” another voice said from the opposite end. He was tall like the first but he had dark brown hair and eyes, the same pointed teeth. He was dressed in slacks and a shirt but shoes. “We learned the first time.”

“Of course, you’ll have to deal with me as well,” the woman was saying.

“No problem, babe,” the third demon said, snapping his fingers. The alley swarmed with shadows made solid. They looked human but stood just five feet, long claws and red eyes. They had no mouths but their sharp claws could slice through flesh with ease. Although solid, slicing one in half resulted in two and bullets would just create holes that didn’t cause any pain. The only way to get rid of them for sure was to take out the one who had summoned them.

The vampire snarled and tensed, turning his attention back to the intruders. He’d deal with her later. He wanted the tall demon with the imp. He must know something! He ran forward but stopped short. His way was littered with those shadow-things. They attacked him en masse but they were just distractions. However, he learned the hard way about it being futile to get rid of them by slicing with his claws. They only multiplied and thanks to their sheer number, managed to get in a few slices.

The vampire growled and his eyes flashed red. So be it. His arms were bleeding and he hissed under his breath at the pain. But as he ran forward again, the little shadow-things charged all at once and he disappeared under them. The pile shifted and he burst out, landing just outside.

“Who. The hell. Am I?” he growled in a voice that was low and dangerous. His question was directed to the tall demon whose imp companion had taken refuge behind him.


Divinatas – May 6, 2009 at 2:53 AM


Caroline had remain still, never one to make the first attack, and frowned as those shadow imps were summoned up. They were frustrating little created creatures, often being more trouble than what it was worth. But shadow could handled. The axe she had pulled disappeared as the vampire ran past her towards their unwelcome guests. As he disappeared under the shadowy form, she pulled a small round marble from her pocket.

He jumped out – Caroline tossed the marble up in the air towards the shadows. “[i]Solis Lucis![/i]” The marble flashed, suddenly glowing as a bright blinding orb. Eating away at those shadow imps. Such a thing might also be effective on the typical vampire… so it was curious this one would be unscathed.

Caroline would unravel that mystery later. For now, she had moved under the distraction of the light to circle around the other side of their guests. Coal ribbons out of her pocket to throw and use on them like she had before! “He did ask a very good question! Perhaps you should answer him!”


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