[Diocha] Elswen: No Little Problem

Title: Elswen: No Little Problem
Number: 914
Date: Jan 23, 2010 at 4:04 AM

Divinatas – Jan 23, 2010 at 4:04 AM

Another typical day at the ELSWN Radio station! Aidan had been up and out of his apartment early as ever, still half asleep until he had to suffer through that awful coffee they always had in the break room. That morning’s show had been about JELLYFISH and the Men who loved them! A little bizarre for his tastes, but he and Natalia enjoyed several laughs over it.

With the show over, Aidan had snagged another miserable cup of coffee along with the days paperwork and headed off to his office. He stepped inside, setting his cup and folder on the desk. Then moved to hang his coat on the rack by the door.

That’s when he heard a giggle. Aidan turned around slowly, just as his office chair turned around to face him. Right there was an adorable little redhead with green eyes. …and about 20 plus years too young for him. His first thought was that a coworkers kid had popped in to his office, but… but she just looked so much like a mini version of those Novellino sisters!

So it was no wide stretch when he slapped his hands over his face and groaned.



Ocha – Jan 23, 2010 at 11:15 AM

[dash][b]Sasha Novellino[/b]

“Hello Aidan,” she said as though he had greeted her and not like he was looking at her dumbfounded. She then turned her head a little and grabbed something off the chair beside her. “Say hello too Cloud,” and she held up a small green gecko that may or may not looked exhausted as it was held by it’s little mistress.

Sasha was slightly kicking her pink shoed feet back and forth as she sat on the chair. In fact it was the dominate color in her outfit. Pink skirt with a pink shirt with a white tiger on it and white stockings with little pink hearts on them.

“I got up this morning and I wanted to see my [i]favorite[/i] person so after breakfast, Harrison makes great oatmeal, oh and he found me this outfit, and he helped me with my hair too! Oh, so after breakfast I thought I’d take my bike but Harrison and Cloud seemed to think it was a bad idea and it’s too far to walk to town. Have you ever tried it? It takes forever! So I had to do it then other way, but you know what? It was easy! Like I’d done it over and over again. Isn’t that great? Hug please!”

By the end of the conversation, Sasha had been using her hands to explain things and poor Cloud had slipped out of her hand and crawled up her arm until he was able to climb on top of her head between her pigtails. She had pulled out her very sparkly pink wand before the end of her story, and it was indeed the same wand Sasha had been trying to hide when she and Kendal had been sick. Now she was holding out her arms expectedly.[/dash]


Divinatas – Feb 9, 2010 at 10:09 AM

[bg=#26232A][so=#414D59][imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=1&pictureid=1870[/imga][b][u][i]Aidan MacGregor[/i][/u][/b]

Aidan rubbed his face a bit before he took a second look at the girl. With her jumbled story, there was no mistaking Sasha for herself. Tiny version or not. Still in a bit of a confused daze, he crossed his office to lean over and give her a hug – which resulted in him having to pick her up when she didn’t let go.

This was a problem!

“Hoookay. I think we need to pay your sister a visit today. This is going to be one of those out-of-Aidan’s-hands days.” he was mostly speaking to himself as he held up Sasha in one hand and scribbled down a note on his desk with another. Kendal was probably already at work. All he’d have to do is show up there.

“Care to tell me why you’re a little… smaller than usual? Or you just havin’ a good morning today?”


Divinatas – Apr 15, 2010 at 2:44 AM

(12:45:28 AM) Ocha: "We don’t want to see Kendal," Sasha said in a definate sort of way. "She’s always Miss Cranky. You know what we should do, we should go get strawberry shortcake!" The little redhead gave him another squeeze, but sensing that now she was up he wasn’t going to put her down, her arms around his neck were very loose.
(12:47:44 AM) Diana: Miss Cranky was often an accurate description of Kendal, but in a moment likes this, it was just going to have to be ignored. Aidan made a big show of giving it some serious thought before he finally shook his head. "No, I think we better talk to your sister. THEN we can get some strawberry shortcake. How about that?"
(12:49:48 AM) Ocha: Sasha put on her best pouty face. "Do we have to?" she asked with the elonging of nearly every vowel. Someone did not want to see their big sister today, which was a bit unusual. Sasha as an adult sometimes would roll her eyes when dealing with Kendal, and they sometimes bickered, but Aidan never seen them seem to actively avoid each other before.
(12:52:14 AM) Diana: "I think we do." he said, eyeing her for a moment. He was already carrying her out and they were on their way to his truck. "Any reason we don’t want to see big sister today?"
(12:54:44 AM) Ocha: "She’s a meanie…" Sasha said with a nod, then she sighed. "Maaaaybe we had a fight last night." Not that Sasha would admit to starting the fight or anything though.
(12:57:33 AM) Diana: "Aah. That does make a difference." Aidan didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that any fight between Sasha and Kendal might get a little… tricky. In this case it was more ways than one! As he marched out of the truck, there were more curious stares, but he didn’t do more than smile and wave. He opened up the passenger’s door to set Sasha inside and scratched his head about how he’d get that seatbelt fastened just right. He didn’t exactly have a car seat for smaller ones!
(1:00:31 AM) Ocha: Despite being and acting like a child, Sasha seemed to have good car riding instincts cause she just grabbed the seatbelt on her own and after a flustered look at the shoulder strap she leaned over so that she could put it behind her and leaned against it. "You won’t tell her I told you, will you?" She was once again swinging her legs.
(1:02:27 AM) Diana: Aidan cracked a wide grin. "I won’t tell her. I think she’ll know I figured it out." Closing the truck door with a gentle slam, he rounded the front to hop in the driver’s side. Within moments they were off towards Autumn Manor. "Mind telling me what you had a scuffle over? Nothing too bad?"
(1:06:12 AM) Ocha: "Well it was… that is… um…. I know there was yelling!" There was a puzzled expression on Sasha’s face. She was angry with Kendal, she was sure of it. Not hate forever angry, but Kendal definetly needed to say sorry first. The only problem was she couldn’t remember what for.
(1:17:00 AM) Diana: "Yelling huh? Any fire breathing?" A joke of course, but there were soooome times he wondered. It didn’t take too long to get out of the main city and through the roads of simple houses. The Manor was that picturesque house waaay in the back of some old street with a house that looked more haunted than the local cemetary, yet as pleasant at any grandmother’s place. With luck, it looked liked Kendal hadn’t left for work yet, as her car was still in the driveway!
(1:19:07 AM) Ocha: "No, Blair tried that once and Mom said it wasn’t allowed in the house any more. That was Mom’s house though," Sasha looked very thoughtful but then started looking out the window when they got close to the manor, it seemed that despite living there, the magic of the place still affected Sasha, or at least little Sasha.
(1:22:55 AM) Diana: "I can see why she’d ban that." Aidan had a brief picture of chasing down little fire breathing girls that looked just like Sasha and he had to force himself to hide a grin and change his thoughts. He hopped out of the truck, rounding the corner to help Sasha out too. By the time he made it to the front door, Harrison was already opening it to greet them with that same silent look he always had. "Good mornin’, Harrison. Got myself a little surprise today. Mind if I talk to Kendal?" The old butler nodded, allowing them inside and directing Aidan to wait in the living room with his little catch.
(1:26:02 AM) Ocha has signed on.
(1:31:26 AM) Diana: (net killed me, dunno if missed a message or not! D:)
(1:31:43 AM) Ocha: Sasha was a good girl, or maybe just clingy, by holding Aidan’s hand once out of the truck and into the manor.* When they got to the living room though, she kept looking around Aidan’s leg and at the foot of the stairs, even though there didn’t seem to be anything of interest there, just an old table that had a vase and flower on it that Sasha sometimes put her keys or mail on after getting home.
(1:38:05 AM) Ocha has signed on.
(1:38:39 AM) Ocha: (did it die again?)
(1:39:56 AM) Diana: Kendal came down a few moments later and the second she saw him with a monster hiding behind him, she had the biggest scowl on her face. "I see how it is. Go hunt down your boyfriend to beat up your sister! Well you can just forget it!"
Aidan scratched his head again, unsure of how to go about the whole thing. "I, uh… she just happened to be at my desk this morning. I thought it was best to bring her home. Today not a good day."
"Understatement of the century. I’M going to work. Harrison can take care of her until tonight, unless you’re cruisin’ for trouble today." she smirked.

(1:40:01 AM) Diana: (yes, yes it did. e.e)
(1:45:24 AM) Ocha: Sasha frowned at Kendal. "See I told you she was Miss Cranky! Let her run away." The little girl then crossed her arms. Somewhere in the back of her little brain she knew Kendal was the cause of SOMETHING, but at the moment she wasn’t sure what. What she was sure of is she didn’t want her big sister acting like she was all that. Sasha glanced again over at the foot of the stairs again. At least Sasha wasn’t the only one with a babysitter.
(1:52:26 AM) Ocha: http://space-kitten.org/iwaku/showthread.php?p=42088#post42088
(1:54:15 AM) Diana: "I think I’ll hang around today." All that glaring. Kendal didn’t even say another word beyond an angry snort and a lot of stomping and slamming of doors as she left the house. That just made it Aidan and mini-Sasha! "All right then, kiddo. Looks like we’re going to have an impromptu sleepover today."
(1:54:30 AM) Diana: (yes, i caught that earlier, damn booboos!)
(1:57:31 AM) Ocha: Sasha looked at the slammed door, and moved a little closer to Aidan. "I guess so. Hope she doesn’t do anything too stupid. Of course Sam will let me know if she does." Kendal was a bit stupid head, but she was still Sasha’s sister. She worried! She also forgot that she was keeping a big secret for someone. Oops!
(2:05:28 AM) Diana: "Sam?" Sam had been gone for years, …and Aidan wasn’t sure if he wanted to ask those sort of questions while Sasha was small like this! Heaven forbid is she start crying, that might break his heart! "Uh. what about that strawberry shortcake, then? Lunch and a game sound good?"
(2:08:36 AM) Ocha: That seemed to distract the little red head as she looked up at Aidan and smiled. "Strawberry shortcake? Yay! Are we going to go to the store and buy the strawberries ourselves!" This seemed like a very exciting thing to Sasha, but it might not have been that surprising only last week Sasha had made an off handed comment, that wasn’t so off handed, about strawberry picking this summer.
(2:11:18 AM) Diana: Aidan was finding himself very hard pressed to say no. He rubbed the back of his neck, wrestling with the wisdom of taking a small witch out in to town when he had no earthly idea how to take care of one! Especially Sasha! …but adorable smiling won out and he was sighing with a not-so-upset resignation. "Fresh strawberries at the store it is. You have to promise me, you’ll keep us out of trouble, okay? Harrison might shave me bald if something happens."
(2:14:16 AM) Ocha: "Cross my heart!" Sasha said while doing the motion over the left side of her chest. She then all put pulled Aidan back to his truck. She seemed very excited about the idea. Too bad Aidan hadn’t tried to talk her into leaving her wand at home however.
(2:26:19 AM) Ocha has signed on.
(2:26:57 AM) Ocha: (kicks your net)
(2:27:47 AM) Diana: Aidan hadn’t even considered the wand. He was still wondering if he were in over his head as he made sure she was buckled up good and secure and jumped back in to his truck. They were on their way to the farmer’s market in not time flat. "Now what do you think we’re going to need for that strawberry shortcake?" Talking to her like this was a little strange!
(2:30:48 AM) Ocha: "Mmmm," she looked over at him having been looking out the window at the scenery. "I think we want strawberries, and maybe angelfood cake, and um… cream?" At least she wasn’t suggesting they make the angel food from scratch. As they got back into town, it seemed that the clouds were starting to come in, but it didn’t seem like it was going to rain, at least not yet.


Ocha – Jul 21, 2010 at 11:56 AM

[dash][b]Sasha Novellino[/b]

Little Sasha was very happy when they parked the car and all put jumped into Aidan’s arms when he came around to help her out. It seemed the little girl liked to be carried very much.

The market was a buzz with people. Some to shop, some to look and some selling to the first two. It was very hard to come without buying something.

“Something smells good,” the little girl said looking around at the different booths.[/dash]


Divinatas – Feb 4, 2011 at 12:29 AM

(11:06:46 PM) Diana: Aidan seemed to naturally know what to do with a little girl. In fact, it wasn’t having a kid in his arms that made him feel a little awkward. It was kid SASHA. While she pointed out things that smelled delicious, he was mentally praying that Kendal would get over whatever she was ticked off about and fix the problem as soon as she got home. In the mean time… Aidan sat Sasha down on her feet once they entered the fresh market and took one of her hands. “I guess it can’t hurt to look for something for lunch while we’re here, right?:
(11:09:49 PM) Ocha: “Right!” Sasha said excitedly. As they walked, Aidan heard her oooing, and ahhing over various things that caught her attention and once she tried to stop, forgetting that a big strong adult had her arm and stumbled into him as he walked, but she was soon distracted again and didn’t ask to go back to whatever it was before she saw.

“Care for a sample sir?” One of the vendors called out to Aidan.
(11:14:01 PM) Diana: Aidan nodded at the vender, like any man’s stomach, his couldn’t say no to a free taste testing! He held up two fingers asking for more than one, tilting his head towards Sasha. The vender stared at her curiously, but handed over a couple of tooth picks, each with a piece of spiced sausage on the end. Aidan knelt down on a knee to hand one to lil Sasha!
(11:16:47 PM) Ocha: “Oooo!” Sasha said as she took the toothpick, then looked up at the man. “Thank you sir,” she said politely. Then she put the whole sausage bit in her mouth and chewed.

“Yes, these sweaters will fit on your small dog. I have Dozie here as a model. Dozie… Dozie come here…”
(11:25:12 PM) Diana: “At least you’re chewing…” Aidan cracked a grin. He took the toothpicks to toss in the trash, Momentarily getting distracted by the woman trying to get a handle on her dog. The dog clearly didn’t want to get wrapped up in a sweater and was trying to escape!
(11:27:03 PM) Ocha: Yes the poor dog was doing everything in it’s power to get away from the damn sweater. It had it’s own fur coat thank you very much.

Sasha thought the dog was cute but when she noticed behind the sausage vendor was a flower booth, well, Sasha just had to take a look. She didn’t both to tell Aidan because she just didn’t think so. She wanted to smell the pretty flowers!
(11:41:06 PM) Diana: Aidan was about to ask if he could help the woman out, but he just glanced down at Sasha and — she was gone! It was like his chest constricted on him! A little girl, worse, a little witch loose in the market… and there was no telling how that could go wrong! Who might snatch her up! “Sasha! Sasha?!”
(11:44:47 PM) Ocha: Sasha liked the flowers so much the nice lady even gave her a daisy to put in her hair, though she was startled when she saw the beady eyes of a lizard onto the girl’s hair. “Cloud like flowers too ma’am.” “Does he now,” the woman did not look convinced. “Thank you!” Sasha smiled turned around, and there was no Aidan. That wasn’t right! With a bit of a pout, Sasha started walking. Where could he be!


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