[Diocha] Witches Pox II

Title: Witches Pox II
Number: 481
Date: Feb 1, 2009 at 5:09 AM

Divinatas – Feb 1, 2009 at 5:09 AM


“Right, home. No problem! I’m just going to slay some vampires and I’ll swing by, okay?” Kendal was talking in to her cellphone at the bar of some underground nightclub. She turned around to blink at some of the curious faces. “Oh c’mon guys, it was just a joke!” Dropping the phone in to her pocket as she signaled the bartender for a drink!

What a day. From the moment she woke up she just felt… better. It was sort of unusual to feel such a good mood, but… why think too hard on it? Kendal through herself in to work like any other day, only this time it was a little more fun than usual. This underground nightclub was literally underground. A haven for vampires to collect and do… whatever the hell they did in nightclubs.

Getting her drink, Kendal swallowed it down fast. What she wanted to do was [i]dance[/i]! Then she was going to ask questions, find out what went on in this club besides dancing, and possibly slay some if someone got uppity about what happened last week.

Oh yeah. Last week. Doing a story on vampires after she and Dane practically destroyed a coven was probably a bad idea.

…Nevermind, she was here now! Tagging someone by the collar she was pulling them to dance with her. Consequences be damned



Ocha – Feb 1, 2009 at 3:19 PM


That afternoon, Dane Skipowski got a text message from a certain conspiring younger sister. Of course the message had to deal with Kendal.

[i]Kedal danceclub vamps underground. Take flashlight. thnx![/i]

Sasha might have been crappy at texting, but it was obvious she just asked Dane to go rescue her sister, again.[/dashed]


Divinatas – Feb 7, 2009 at 6:55 AM


[Kendal just got off the phone with Sasha, and seems to have forgotten about going home! ] -03:07 Feb 07
[Dane is already climbing into his truck and on his way!] -03:10 Feb 07
Dane: Never a dull moment with you, Kendal. *He muttered under his breath. He didn’t sound pissed or irritated at all. It was never a day until Kendal got into some jam or other.* -03:11 Feb 07
Kendal: *There was that little voice in the back of her head trying to remind herself that harassing vampires so soon after that LAST incident was probably a bad idea… But a little dancing should solve that. …No one it wouldn’t. Blowing up the whole building would, but she wasn’t going to do anything crazy. There wouldn’t be a story to write about then!* -03:13 Feb 07

It didn’t take very long to reach the place. There was only one vampire underground in Elswen and it happened to be located under The Belmont Hotel. A place no one would look twice about a bunch of people coming in and out at all times of the night or day.*

Kendal: Hey you, Toothy! How about a dance and a chat. *Kendal grinned, snagging the arm of quite possibly the most cranky looking guy in the whole place and dragging him off to dance.* I promise I won’t slay anyone tonight. -03:20 Feb 07
Dane: *He parked his truck in the parking lot and made his way to the service entrance. He’d brought a flashlight, his gun (of course, he was short on silver bullets), and a few flares in case things got nasty. The one problem was getting inside. Most everyone knew him as a cop. And they didn’t let just anyone stroll into there … Or maybe they did now. He could only imagine how Kendal managed to get inside.* -03:22 Feb 07

That cranky vampire looked shock for a moment, and then pretty angry! It’s bad enough a witch got in here, but one of those Novellino girls too… At least it was the one that didn’t use magic. “You’ve got some balls witch. Waltzing in like you own the place.”

Kendal: I came through the front door like everyone else. Maybe the door guy decided I was a meal being delivered. *Smirking at her own joke, if he wasn’t going to dance with her she’d dance around him!* Speaking of delivered meals, what does that bartender serve besides booze…? -03:26 Feb 07
Dane: *He spotted a couple coming his way and hid in the bushes just in time. They were obviously headed for the same place … unless they wanted a secluded spot to make out or something. He saw them turn the corner, then followed them. He watched how they moved, how they acted. They chatted but the woman looked more anxious than the man.* -03:28 Feb 07

The vampire knew where this was going. First the witch stuck her nose in their business, then they tried to kill her, then that cop showed up and their shit got wrecked. …This time was going to be different! He nodded his head at someone across the room. The signal of “Find the cop!”. Take out the cop first, and the witch would be a peace of cake. “Why don’t you go ask the bartender to serve you something and find out for yourself.”

The couple went to an old rusted door. A slot opened up at eye level and the man and whoever was behind the door talked to each other. The door opened and the couple disappeared inside.

Dane: *So much for that thought. He moved away and found the open service entrance with no one around. He slipped through and found himself in the laundry room. There were guests’ clothes there. Perfect. He grabbed some clothing, slipped it on, concealed his things and went to the old rusted door. When he pounded on it lightly, the slot opened.* -03:38 Feb 07
Kendal: And so I will..! *Letting that nice gentleman vampire go, Kendal returned to the bar to rest her elbows and drop her chin in her hand. She grinned at the bartender.* Me again. What are you serving up around here? Tequila? Teenagers? Popcicles…? -03:38 Feb 07

“Yeah?” came the gruff voice.

The bartender set a glass in front of her, poured a drink, and snorted. “Bloody Mary, Bloody Joseph, Bloody Susan… It’s a vampire club, lady.”

Dane: *He cleared his throat and tried to mask his voice.* Yeah, is this where the party is? Some pretty chick said I should check this place out. -03:43 Feb 07

The man eyed him. “Pretty chick, huh?” A pause. “I know you from somewhere, man?”

Kendal: Just like every other vampire hangout in town, huh? *She replied, picking up the drink to sniff. Normal liquor. She drank that down quick and nudged the glass back at him.* I was really hopping for something more exciting. A little pop. Summoning circles, hell overlords, murderous bunnies of undercouch… -03:44 Feb 07
Dane: Not unless you been down in Santa Barbara. I came up north, staying at The Belmont. You know, just taking a break from everything. -03:46 Feb 07

“… So what’s this chick’s name?” he finally asked.

The bartender glanced at the dude across the room with a confused expression and twirled his finger at his temple. “You uh… feeling okay? You’re not acting like… yourself. Y’know… sneaking around all subtle, pretending like you’re not spying and all.”

Dane: I think she said her name was Natalie … Thalia … Nathalia. *He flashed a grin.* I don’t even think it was her real name. But man, she’s smoking hot. Long black hair, these killer green eyes. Legs from here to home, if you know what I mean. Anyways, she told me to come, said to wait for her. -03:50 Feb 07
Kendal: *Kendal blinked, looking annoyed with the question!* How many times are people going to ask me that today? A woman decides to take a more direct approach and suddenly everyone is suspicious! *…What WAS she doing here anyway? She vaguely remembered going to work and picking out an assignment, then deciding she wanted to dance…* -03:53 Feb 07

The man didn’t look too sure. Dane was waiting for him to either tell him to get lost or call some thugs on him. But after awhile the slot closed and the door opened. The large man behind the door stuck a thumb inside. “Okay. You got an hour. But if you get your ass kicked while you’re here, it’s not my problem.” Either way, there was some fresh meat today.

The bartender made a motion with his hand at the vampire across the room. There was something not right! That vampire came over to the bar to rest his hands on Kendal’s shoulders. “Miss Witch you seem to be scaring the bartender. We should step in to the office and…talk… about why you’re here.”

Kendal: Don’t put your hands on me, I’m trying to figure something out here. *Sasha called just few moments ago, didn’t she? Something about going home. She felt strange… but it wasn’t just alcohol and that stupid spell the vampires had going on in here to make humans less suspicious!* -04:03 Feb 07
Dane: *The door closed with a heavy thud behind him and when he turned to look, the door guy gave him a big grin. Not encouraging. But he just flashed a smile and followed the music further inside. Finding Kendal would be hard. Getting the two of them out of this place could be … a lot harder.* -04:04 Feb 07

A lot harder was the understatement of the year, when three very large men baring fangs seemed to step in to Dane’s way. “The manager wasn’t kidding, was he! Where the witch goes, the cop follows. But you’re not getting anywhere this time, buddy!”

Dane: I never did do good undercover. *He remarked under his breath.* I didn’t come to make trouble. I just came to take her home. -04:09 Feb 07

That got some laughter out of them! And as much as they would have liked to do a little taunting, orders were clear! Kill the cop before he got anywhere! Those three goons attacked!

Dane: *Some vampires never learned. They were awfully fast but that gun came out and then he’d shot each of them in an eye. Even with the dim lighting and the distance, Dane was a sure marksman. Out came the flashlight next, the small but heavy silver flashlight Sam joked Dane could weight train with. He sprinted further inside.* -04:18 Feb 07

Meanwhile, the manager vampire inside was alerted about the incoming trouble! If he wanted his club to survive, he’d have to do something drastic! “That’s enough drinks for you, witch. We’re taking you out!” He hauled her up quickly off the chair and towards the back… Nodding his head for the bartender to give the signal!

The signal! That was the subtle alarm button the bartender pressed under his counter. That alerted the customers to leave quickly, while calling in their security! Quite a few goons were grumbling about having cleanup duty!

Kendal: *Being grabbed and dragged was usually where she’d start screaming and pulling a gun out of her coat, or pitching a tantrum… but Kendal wasn’t quite thinking on her normal level!* …. Where is "out" exactly? Are you throwing me out of the building? -04:23 Feb 07
Dane: *At least the music had stopped! It had started to give him a headache!* KENDAL! KENDAL! Where are you?! -04:24 Feb 07

The music had stopped, because the DJ was pulling out a very large gu- What, he can’t use guns in the club? ..Damnit! ….He was pulling out a WAND and casting some clever offensive spells at the cop!

The manager disappeared with Kendal through a door in the back, in to his office! He dropped her in to a chair before fumbling around at his desk. That thing had to be here somewhere…!

Dane: *Unfortunately for the DJ, at that moment, Dane was diving under the table and his spells struck some of the vampires coming after him instead! He put the flashlight to good use under the table, stomping on feet, biting hands … until someone pulled him out and hoisted him into the air!* -04:30 Feb 07

“Now I gotcha!” the vampire growled and looked ready to take a really big bite out of his neck!

Dane: *He raised the gun and shot a hole into the vampire’s mouth, sending the vampire roaring in pain and dropping him! The other vampires dove for him but Dane had landed on his feet and was sprinting toward the back!* -04:31 Feb 07
Kendal: Oh..! I hear Dane..! *All thoughts about her current investigating were thrown out the window! She hadn’t seen Dane all day! Kendal hopped out of that chair to walk out the door.* -04:31 Feb 07

What the hell was wrong with this witch! The manager snagged her by the back of the shirt, just in time to find…. a slip of paper! He started reciting the words… it was a spell to erase human memory!

Kendal: …Now hold on a second…! *Kendal turned and snatched that paper out of his hand before he finished reciting that spell!* You don’t want to do that. -04:36 Feb 07
Dane: *The vampires were gaining up to him! But fortunately, once that back office door came in sight, the vampires were all behind him!* KENDAL! *He didn’t even bother to check if the door was locked. He kicked the door in but had to turn to shine some bright flashlight into vampire eyes!* -04:36 Feb 07

Damn it, he needed that spell so he co- ARGH! Blinded by light… and worse… an enchanted flashlight! The manager stumbled backwards rying to sheild his eyes, and screaming for his goons!

Kendal: There you are! *A quick pounce and Kendal was throwing her arms around Dane’s neck and kissing him on the cheek. Something she hadn’t done in… well, ever!* Do you want to get some dinner? -04:41 Feb 07
Dane: *He had just shut that door and blocked it with his own body when she–did she just–she couldn’t possibly have! He was actually speechless!* Dinner? Uh yeah … uh, sure. Could we uh, get out of here first? -04:43 Feb 07
Kendal: Oh, right. I guess I should finish this first. *Letting him loose, she looked at the paper the manager was reciting the spell from, and at the writhing manager.* Let’s see… just change these words here and… Think you can toy with mankind, now I’ll just erase your mind! *Kendal flicked her fingers at the vampire!* -04:50 Feb 07

“Wait do-!” Blink, Blinkblink! The vampire manager stood straight for a moment, looking fairly confused as he glanced around his office. “…Were we having a meeting?”

Dane: *The manager wasn’t the only one blinking! Had he been the sort, his jaw would have dropped! Kendal Novellino-Davidson had just cast a spell! For the first time in what seemed like ages!* -04:53 Feb 07
Kendal: Nope! You were calling a remodeling service because vandals made a mess of your club. …have a nice evening! *A big brilliant smile as she grabbed Dane’s hand to tug him away from the door and open it up. Those goons outside were also standing around, looking fairly confused about what was going on. She just walked right past them pulling Dane with her.* I’m so glad to see you! I don’t think I’ve eaten all day. -04:56 Feb 07
Dane: *He just let her pull him along. He turned the flashlight off and was still blinking. He couldn’t get it … Kendal had cast a spell. Her, Kendal, the woman who had sworn never to use magic again.* I guess you’ve had one hell of a day before the vampires. -05:00 Feb 07
Kendal: Actually, I’m having a really great day! Everything has been fantastic! Well, Sasha has been acting a little weird… But Sasha is a little strange in general. *When stepping outside she paused, seeming to be thinking about something again.* She wanted me to meet her at home, but I’d much rather go out. …Have you ever been to Paris? -05:04 Feb 07
Dane: *Sasha didn’t take the time to mention Kendal acting weird … He blinked.* Can’t say that I have. *He said slowly, wondering if this meant she was going to cast a spell to send them there.* -05:07 Feb 07
Kendal: *Kendal raised her hands, and did look like she was about to cast a spell… yet stopped and blinked. She rubbed a hand over her arm.* Hmph… I’ve got spots. -05:10 Feb 07
Dane: *He leaned forward a bit.* In that case, we should get you home. Paris will still be there whenever you want to visit. -05:12 Feb 07
Kendal: We’re supposed to be going out for dinner. *Spots… there was something bad about that. A little sick, perhaps? But she felt just fine, only a little strange. Kendal threw her arms around Dane’s neck again.* We’ll have dinner at my place! You and me. … and I’ll just throw my sister out. -05:18 Feb 07
Dane: *He was certain Kendal would kick his ass later. He smiled, tried to get her walking again toward his truck.* Yeah, sure. Let’s check everything out at your place. I can whip something up for us. -05:24 Feb 07
Kendal: Have I ever told you I like you? I mean, when you’re not pissing me off and meddling in my business. *A big smile and not seeming to notice she was being led off. …But there was another blink.* …Actually I should still be pissed off about you meddling in my business. Are you trying to enchant me? -05:30 Feb 07
Dane: *He actually chuckled at that.* No. Just trying to help you out. What are friends for? *The truck was getting closer. He opened the door for her and helped her get inside before getting into the driver’s seat. Then it was time to turn the engine on and head for the manor.* -05:32 Feb 07
Kendal: *Rubbing her arm again, she was trying to grasp some sort of sense of sanity! Like teetering being being drunk and sober… it was frustrating!* I don’t ask for your help, you know. Regardless of how much I like you. *Now she was itching, damnit all!* -05:38 Feb 07
Dane: *He shrugged.* I know. *He glanced over at her itching.* Want to try some anti-itching cream on that? -05:41 Feb 07
Kendal: I don’t think that’s going to work, the spots look like- …. Oooh… We’re in trouble. *For once Kendal looked very very worried! She turned quickly in her seat towards him and leaned close.* I’m acting strange, aren’t I? Not myself? That’s not normal… It’s actually very bad, I think Sasha knows but… But it’s never quite easy to fix. I know we need a- *She paused mid sentence!* You smell really nice for someone that came out of a nightclub. -05:48 Feb 07
Dane: No, no, you’re not. And thanks. But getting back to the matter at hand, what do you need to cure … whatever you have? -05:50 Feb 07
Kendal: Oh, I’m sure we have a book about it somewhere at home… *Kendal sliiiid over in the seat to prop her chin on his shoulder.* Now that I think about it, it’s not that important. I actually feel so much better now, so it’s a blessing really. Is it something you use in the shower? -05:54 Feb 07
Dane: *Wherever the hell Sam was, Dane hoped he wasn’t watching.* I’d like to be on the safe side. It could be the soap I’m using or my deordorant. You can never be too careful with sweat these days. -05:56 Feb 07
Kendal: I know plenty of ways to test that stuff out. *Her grinning turned to a quick frown, seeming to catch herself in one of those weird moments… At least she was getting more aware of herself. … or was it more aware and less concerned about it?* Christ…. If I do something stupid, I’m taking you out with me. I hope you’re aware. -06:04 Feb 07
Dane: I figured as much. We’re almost there. *If he could, he would’ve been gassing the truck all the way to the manor but … he didn’t need another lecture from the chief about "responsibility."* -06:05 Feb 07

In no time at all, Dane’s truck stopped in front of the manor. Dane got out and opened the door for Kendal.

Kendal: *Hopping out of his truck and teetering on her feet… not from woozyness but trying to resist those sudden impulses to do things. She very quickly moved up the front steps when the front door opened itself.* Harrison…! Is my sister here? -06:08 Feb 07

“She has not arrived yet.” replied the older gentlemen, leaning to cast a look at Dane before stepping aside to allow entrance. “Sasha is with Aidan MacGregor.”

Dane: Sheesh, the time those two spend together. *He muttered under his breath. He scratched the back of his head.* Do you want to give her a call or should I? -06:11 Feb 07
Kendal: She said she would be here, so sh- *Kendal paused in the foyer, suddenly making a sharp turn to the living room when something caught her attention. A big thick book was lying on the coffee table. Bound in black leather with gold lettering. Blair’s Book of Magic. That was… fairly disturbing. Kendal sat on the floor as she carefully peeled open the front pages.* ….This isn’t good… -06:16 Feb 07
Dane: *He followed right behind her. He knew a book of magic when he saw one, thick and handwritten. Some of the writing alternated between neat and chicken scratch.* Which part … this book being out in the open or it just being here, period? -06:19 Feb 07

Harrison, having moved in such perfect silence it seemed to have just ‘appeared’ was standing mere inches behind Dane. “It appeared on the table this morning have the Misses left.”

Kendal: It belonged to Blair. It hasn’t been here since she left home. *Turning the pages, what she had previously been thinking had now vanished, replaced with curiosity about the ‘shiny’ now on the table. Blair’s personal collection. Curses, hexes, poisons, potions, diseases, illness… It was a very dark book.* How to charm goblins… I would like to try that. -06:25 Feb 07
Dane: *Peering over Kendal’s shoulder, he tilted his head slightly at what he saw.* I take it Blair was the wild, cynical type? -06:28 Feb 07

Harrison cleared his throat quite loudly!

Dane: *He looked up and glanced at Harrison.* Harrison, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about a book with cures, would you? Something along the lines of witches with itchy spots and abnormal behavior? -06:31 Feb 07

“Miss Blair found herself involved with… quite a few afflictions. If Miss Kendal can keep attention…”

Kendal: *Blink! Kendal shook her her head… That’s right, there was something wrong with her. Needed to focus. Flipping through the pages, she was looking up sicknesses. Ogre warts. Warlock Flu. Genital Ghost Disease…? Ick..! Ah, but here was something that sounded about right!* Witches Pox. Feelings of Euphoria, freedom of thought, lack of inhibition, wild spikes in magic, followed by a severe crash and uncontrollable spell casting usually resulting in…. Damn. -06:34 Feb 07
Dane: That’s never good. *He replied when Kendal trailed off.* What is it? And what’s the cure? -06:36 Feb 07
Kendal: *Drumming her fingers on the table with some thought… Doom and destruction was all well and good, but not if it was going to take out Sasha too.* Finding a Bleeding Heart isn’t going to be easy… -06:39 Feb 07



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