Faith Jemma Olander

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Faith Jemma Olander


Author of the popular young adult Vampire Series, With Blood and Grace. The series is about a psychic teenager that gets involved with a broody vampire’s drama.  She’s working on her third book.

32 years old and looks like a younger college student. 5’6″ with a small frame. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Dresses simple but feminine. Favors comfortable clothes. Light sweaters, jeans, loose skirts, sandals, flats and boots. Moody grey toned pastels and deep gemtoned colors.

Lost her parents in a car crash when she was 15. With help from the family lawyer, remained independant and living in her family home until she finished highschool. Though she still owns the property, she’s not been back there since her college graduation. Faith currently lives in the city in a small townhome.

Faith is an introvert that feels uncomfortable in social situations. She genuinely likes people and interacting with them, but people have a lot of assumptions and expectations of the kind of person she is supposed to be, and Faith finds it draining trying to fill those roles. She’s got enough charisma to weave her way through most awkward conversations, but finds herself floundering once she’s run out of her prepared material. If something doesn’t go according to her plans or expectations she gets flustered and frustrated. Faith finds herself losing patience quickly for people who press too much into her personal space or privacy. 

When in her comfort zone, Faith is a congenial, teasing minx with a sarcastic sense of humor. She loves listening to people’s stories and finds inspiration in just about anything. Her ideal day is sitting in a public space, enjoying something tasty and just people watching. Talking to the occasional stranger isn’t so bad as long as they have no idea who she is. She’s got good instincts about people, and rarely gets her first impressions wrong.

Her social circle is small, mostly due to the fact no one wants to tolerate her long silent absences. Some friends include:
Her childhood bestie Barbara: Currently on her second husband (a politician). She came from a wealthy family like Faith’s, and is always telling Faith she is wasting her life by not getting married and having children.
Her highschool bestie Marianne: Got preggo in highschool and married the guy. They have several kids, and are now talking about divorce. She’s trying to live vicariously through Faith and always encourages her to try new things.
Her college bestie Grant: Has always been the most understanding of Faith’s habits and is genuinly supportive, but tends to joke about being her “backup husband” more than is comfortable.
Her old man lawyer: He’s basically family and an uncle figure. Whenever she is in trouble, Faith talks to him. 


Faith’s desires for life are pretty straight forward. She wants to continue writing interesting stories. She wants to live comfortably. Though she’s always resistant to her friends trying to set her up with people, Faith does want to meet the right person to build her life with. She’s a romantic and wants to find that heart-skipping love of her life… she just really hates the dating scene. Faith knows what she likes and doesn’t like, and unfortunately, dating is an endless stream of do-not-wants.

Along with dating, some of her fears include big dogs, big spiders, public speaking, motorcycles, open closet doors at night, bathrooms in the dark, and weird fans that like to send her really inappropriate questions about her sex life.

Things that make her very happy include: cheesecake, vampire romance, glittery bath bombs, guys that talk to animals and children like they’re tiny adults, couch cuddles, getting a movie theatre all to herself, cool breezes during sunset at the park.

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