Farrah Blue Hart

21/y, long chestnut brown hair and eyes, 5’2″, slender frame. Doesn’t spend too much time out in the sun. Loves fashionable trendy clothing that is cozy and comfortable, but always shops at thrift stores for good finds. Insecure about her appearance due to an overbearing mother.

An introvert that is so lost in her own little fantasy worlds that she often forgets to step out into the real world! Sometimes she is a little awkward with new people, but seems to find it easy enough to make new connections when she actually tries. Farrah does actually enjoy the company of other people, she just needs her quiet time to recuperate.

Farrah is a creature of order and routine – without it she quickly falls into a mess of chaos and can’t seem to catch back up. She doesn’t handle surprises well, especially if they put a kink into her plans. Farrah hates feeling out of control! When things start slipping, she ends up forgetting what is up and down, when to eat, when her classes are, deadlines… she’s a hot mess.

If it’s artistic, Farrah can do it! She draws, paints, makes little crafts – she loves in. Cooking on the other hand? Terrible. Math? Nu uh. Dealing with her stupid laptop? The worst.

Farrah grew up with loving, but overbearing parents. Her mother is quite loudly “sex positive”, which is great and all, but embarrassing more often than not. She always has opinions on Farrah’s looks, interests, and habits. Her father is a History Professor and doesn’t seem to be the sort of man her mother would be into, but her mom sure likes talking about GROSS THINGS that Farrah did not want to know!

THE HEART OF THE STARS is Farrah’s newest online visual novel series, featuring the “Princes” of the Western Zodiac. The story was supposed to be her first attempt at writing a fully serious fantasy epic, but the people funding her projects complained that no one would care about her work if it didn’t have all the fanservice in it. So she’s been drawing it as a “Monster and Fuck Of The Day”, and being rather miserable about it. (Even if she does enjoy painting all these dirty pictures.)

What Farrah doesn’t know is that she is indeed “The Heart of Stars”, the very character she cut out of the novel, and a Guardian Spirit for these Princes and the Keeper of “The Book of Ancient Arts”.

Despite her dirty novels, Farrah herself hasn’t done the deed. She’s had a few boyfriends but never really vibed well enough with one of them to ever want to take the next step. Sometimes she feels like she draws better relationships than she’d ever encounter in real life.

Art By Sam Yang
Art by rossdraws

JESSE is Farrah’s #1 best friend in the entire universe. She’s a gamer geek and streamer online, and an absolute feral beast of a fan. She eats nothing but garbage, goes out to parties, and is a menace to society.

Mick thinks his two besties are goblins, but they’re HIS goblins so he deals with their weird bullshit. Often he’ll find himself the Decision Maker when the other two can’t agree on something. He’s studying media production and often does the video editing for Jesse.

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