Felicia Caldwell

24/y 5’3″ Very long dark red hair, blue eyes, pale skin with many many freckles all over. Zero muscles to speak of with a petite bony frame. Favors tshirts, loose sweaters and jeans. Casual comfy clothing style.

Felicia is a pretty down to earth sort of girl. She doesn’t have her head up in the clouds, nor is she that center of the universe type. She takes life one day at a time and is perfectly fine with it. Of course, she also lacks direction and aspirations… but that doesn’t stop her from doing her job at the coffee shop the best she can, or consider what she could be doing in the future. At a first glance there’s not a lot that seems to piss her off (though once she gets mad there’s no turning back until she’s screamed out every curse word imaginable.). She has a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes can be awkward, but for the most part is quite good at talking to people and helping them feel at ease. Felicia is just a normal girl.

Early on Felicia had a flare for dramatic art. She does a lot of high contrast, abstract, and mood art. Mostly in paintings. She hasn’t painted in years though.

Felicia doesn’t remember much before her mom married her step-dad, and that’s okay with her! Both of her parents are the greatest – no one could ask for better. Life growing up was pleasant. She seemed pretty normal as a kid, though seemed to have “imaginary friends” right up through middle school. High School was a smooth ride with a decent grade average, letting Felicia choose any school she wished for college. But in college Felicia just couldn’t find her niche. Every year she changed her major at least twice until she finally decided she wouldn’t find her career path that way. She dropped out of college and is (was) currently working at a coffee shop.

Her biggest issue is that she’s never really felt like she fit in right anywhere, and nothing has ever felt like the right fit for her either in terms of interests and jobs. At this point she feels like there’s something seriously wrong with herself, as who has this simple easy life and somehow is still so unhappy?

Present Life: Felicia has been contacted by a lawyer and informed that she is now the inheriting member of her birth father’s estate – and youngest daughter. Apparently she has to move in to the Montgomery Estates and take care of little Kylie – something that’s going to bring about huge amounts of change… and scary stuff!


Between 8 & 11. Looks like a little mini version of Felicia (so the genetics are strong on the Montgomery side). A curious, playful minx, with a bit of a creepy weirdness to her. A lil more grownup than she should be sometimes, a little bit too morose. LOVES her big giant dog. LOVES good old Ghost Uncle Henry. Also loves the Butler, even though her Uncle is trying to sour that relationship. She’s afraid to get closer to Felicia, however, as she is certain the girl will soon die too. Uncle Henry’s opinions of her aren’t helping either.

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