For the Sake of Tradition 001: For the Sake of Tradition

[Zamira suddenly has a fiance she didn’t want and wasn’t aiming for. Damnation.] -04:27 Jan 31
[Rainer is Captain of the Guard, and he was only standing where he’d been told to stand.] -04:28 Jan 31
Zamira: Had she slipped a few feet to the left. She would have fallen on the perfect dream of a man. …Instead she had to be caught by Rainer, who was probably the last person she wanted to see everyday. One would think traditions were a little flexible when you trip off the roof trying to get the -actual- Ceremony Princess’ scarf back. …Now she was stalking down the hall looking for her “fiance” to deal with plans. …Or kill him. One of the two would happen first. -04:30 Jan 31
Rainer: It was infuriating how a matter of routine could so quickly into the most tangled hot mess he’d encountered in his entire career. Of all the silly twits up on the roof to trip and fall, it would be Zamira. He was still wondering how exactly he was going to get out of this mess, but one thing was for sure; he would break their “engagement” or die trying. At the rate he’d been pushing himself at his drills, he’d achieve the latter before the day was out. Brushing his sweaty bangs back from his eyes, he stepped into the corridor… only to nearly bowl over the princess herself. -04:38 Jan 31
Zamira: Zamira had to grab on to his arms just to keep herself from getting knocked backwards. So she wasn’t giving him the most gracious of smiles. “I have been trying to find you all day. …and now you’re here trying to run me over and smelling like a horse.” She might’ve said something ruder, but this WAS her future husband… Regardless of how much he deserved she was attempting to be civil. -04:43 Jan 31
Rainer: The insult that immediately sprang to his lips was just barely bitten back. Instead, he shrugged his shoulders, glancing away from her as if immune to her own far more aromatic scent. “I didn’t know that I was so hard to find, Princess. What do you want? Shall I go shower first so as not to offend you?” Okay, so he was snarking a bit. He knew it, and she knew it, and that was the important thing. -04:48 Jan 31
Zamira: “And waste more of my time? No. Drita wants me to bond with my fiance and talk about wedding plans.” Now, had her fiance been someone she actually -liked- Zamira would be elated to plan a wedding and spend time with her fiance. As it stood now, what she really want to do was push him right out that window over there. It was only a good shove away…. Zamira quickly let go of his arms. -04:51 Jan 31
Rainer: Wedding plans? There weren’t any, as far as he was concerned. Rainer hadn’t signed up for this. He was courting Aimee, not a princess who bossed him around and hated his guts. And whose fingers left irritating tingles shooting across his skin even through his tunic. Scoffing, he stepped around her, continuing on his way down the hallway. “So talk.” -04:55 Jan 31
Zamira: Zamira turned around and glared at his back as he walked away from her. Then she was following, the click of her heels sounding more like a stomp across the marble floor. “Flower arrangements. Clothing. Wedding party, wedding dinner. Guests? Colors! Drita wants to have a double wedding, and as much as I love my cousin, she has the most terrible taste. ….And you’re not even listening to me, are you!” She could always tell when he was trying to tune her out. He’d just have that -look- on his face. Zamira caught up with him enough to shove him in the back out of sheer spite. It wasn’t exactly a strong shove, but it was enough to get her point across. -04:58 Jan 31
Rainer: The shove wore on his already taught and frayed nerves. It would figure that she’d shove him in the one spot he’d pulled a muscle, and that she’d do it on the first try. Gritting his teeth, Rainer whirled on her, snatching her up by her thin little forearms and giving her a good hard shake. “No, I’m not listening! What’s the point? There’s not going to be a wedding. You are the last woman in the world I want to marry. I’d rather eat my own sword than be shackled to a self-important, prattling, bossy-minded…” His breath was starting to come in pants, as if he’d been more recently exercising than was in fact the case. -05:06 Jan 31
Zamira: “Don’t yell at me, you hissy-fitted oaf! Had I any say in the matter, you would have been forgetten in five minutes and right now I’d be dancing off with Malkellen and having a much. more. pleasant. conversation!” Not that she was even remotely afraid of him, but he did startle her a bit. Zamira was quite tempted to poke his eyes with her fingernails, but opted for completely changing her tone of voice and hoping to disarm him. She gave him a painfully sweet smile. “You could let me plan the entire thing all by myself. I am sure you’ll look quite handsome in pink and ruffles.” -05:12 Jan 31
Rainer: The mention of the other man stung more than her threats of embarrassing garb. It made him want to wipe that confident, honeyed-poison smile from her face. And his mind’s eye seemed determined to supply him with strategies on just how to teach her such a lesson. Before he could think it through, he’d pushed her against the wall. “You think you’d enjoy yourself with him, huh? I know exactly what he’d find… pleasant… about your company, Princess. And it wouldn’t be your conversational skills.” -05:20 Jan 31
Zamira: That wasn’t quite the reaction Zamira was going for, and she wasn’t sure where she went wrong! Still, backed against a wall or not, she wasn’t going to cower at the feet of some steel swinging barbarian. She huffed, trying to twist out of his hands, but never turning her glare away from his eyes. He full on deserved that glare! “And what do YOU know about me? You stomp around with your catcalls and your bitching, but I doubt you even knew my name before I fell on your head!” -05:25 Jan 31
Rainer: He’d known exactly who she was. It was hard not to notice her, the way she moved through rooms as if the whole world spun on her axis. The first night he’d laid eyes on her, she’d been performing before the court, the entire room transfixed as she danced amid a whirl of fire and steel. The grace that seemed to elude her at all other times had been visible then, and it had drawn his eyes to her in a way that he had no business looking. She was a princess, unattainable. Even now. Which is exactly why the way he leaned in to speak against her ear was only intended to scare her. “Zamira. Shut up.” And when he pressed his lips roughly to hers, it was just a cruel joke… -05:39 Jan 31
Zamira: Now she was sure she took a wrong turn somewhere. And if she had figured out exactly when, it was lost the minute his mouth covered hers. There was a look of wide-eyed shock across her face. Even her brain was shouting that she should push him away and slap him a few times. But… Zamira found herself moving her lips against his in a furious retaliation. Did he really think he could bully her?! -05:46 Jan 31
Rainer: She wasn’t supposed to kiss him back. Rainer had meant to shock her, make her squirm, and withdraw with a laugh and a few choice words about throwing herself at him. Instead, she was giving as good as she got, and he began to wonder who else she’d been kissing… Growling, he nipped at the corner of her mouth, slipping his tongue past her lips to get acquainted with hers. If she bit him, though, she was going to regret it, so help him. -05:54 Jan 31
Zamira: He actually growled at her! Zamira wasn’t sure if she were threatened or wanted to laugh. Nor did she know if it was that growl of his tongue flicking against hers that suddenly had her knees feeling weak. …now she was scared! Even if she did linger with that kiss a few moments longer than she planned to, Zamira finally broke away. Taking in a deep shakey breath to hiss right back at him. “You. Are. Insane.” -06:02 Jan 31
Rainer: “I’m insane?” he wanted to know, his grip tightening on her pinned wrists. “Me? You’re the one tripping off of rooftops to catch scarves. Why couldn’t you just leave it? You know you’re clumsy. You have to. It’s not possible that you don’t.” Sometime during his rant, his hands had gravitated down to her waist, palms flush against her generous hips as he squeezed them through her gown. His mouth, too, hovered inches from the curve of her throat, and as he finished off with an exasperated exhalation of breath, he was running his tongue over her pulse point. “If I’m insane, it’s justifiable.” -06:12 Jan 31
[Zamira ] -06:19 Jan 31
Zamira: Her wrists were free and what she should have been doing was socking him right in the jaw. Not bracing a hand on his shoulder because his breath was tickling her neck and giving her the shivers. Not that she liked it at all. That would be ludicrous. She tilted her head so she was hissing directly in his ear. “It was my cousin’s scarf and a gift to her from the man destined to be her fiance. And hand you any respect for tradition you wouldn’t be such a callous ass.” There. That was the moment she should have shoved him and kicked his shin. So why was she still standing there with her heart trying to beat through her chest? -06:28 Jan 31
[Zamira ] -06:33 Jan 31
Rainer: She wasn’t stopping him. It was intoxicating, a heady rush, and somehow his knee was braced against the wall between her legs as he tugged her flush against his thigh, her skirts bunching. His fingers deftly edged over the lines of her bodice, pulling at the ties. “To hell with your stupid tradition. It’s exactly what got me into this.” With a low, frustrated sound, he sunk his teeth into a spot just under the curve of her jaw. -06:42 Jan 31
Zamira: Zamira immediately regretted the soft squeaked she emitted. It didn’t exactly uphold the whole fierce air she was trying to keep up. In fact, neither was burying her face at his neck as she slipped her arm around his shoulder. Zamira told herself she was just poising to strangle him in a few moments when he least expected it. “That stupid tradition hasn’t faltered for hundreds of years and I’m not going to let you go and ruin it now.” Her voice didn’t come out as threatening as she would have liked it. Not when whispered against his throat as if she were trying to talk sweet to him! -06:54 Jan 31
Rainer: He swallowed when her mouth flirted softly with his skin, and as he managed to loosen her bodice enough to expose her decolletage, he moved to return the favor. Rainer outlined the curve of her breast with his mouth, arguing between each kiss and lick. “You… are extremely… difficult, do you know that?” Meanwhile, he was guiding her hips into a rocking motion which drove her against his leg. -07:08 Jan 31
Zamira: “All I wanted was a… um.. a conversation.” There -was- something she was supposed to be discussing with him. For the life of her she couldn’t remember what it was. Her nails dug gently in to his shoulder, releasing only long enough to slide up his neck in to his hair. Now that she could flick her fingers through it, it really was quite fine. But if he didn’t quit moving like that she really -would- go insane! -07:18 Jan 31
Rainer: “Well, you got it,” he laughed breathlessly. Ensuring that she was propped against the wall, he slid down to his knees, leaving a wet trail with his tongue across explosed flesh and silk alike. Her skirts he hiked up to her waist, her undergarments were peeled down with his teeth, and he was breathing hotly over the apex of her thighs before his tongue finally delved inside of her. -07:35 Jan 31
Zamira: Her yelp might have been loud enough to hear all the way down the hall, and Zamira quickly slapped both of her hands over her mouth. “..This is not the… the way to have.. a conversation, Rainer!” She had never, ever had someone touch her this way. And the fact they were in the middle of the hall and she was previously cursing the man’s name should half left her feeling ashamed. Not leaning her head back against the wall and whimpering in delight every time he flicked his tongue. -07:41 Jan 31
Rainer: All he gave her in answer was a hum. He was far too focused on getting her to say his name like that again, exploring every inch of her, making very sure that she could never look at him again without thinking of this moment. With one hand, he stroked her pale thigh; with the other, he ran a finger slowly around her entrance. She was hot and wet and it made him suck greedily at her clit as he replaced tongue with fingers, pushing carefully in. -07:53 Jan 31
Zamira: “This is really… not appropriate…!” Oh, she nearly slipped to the floor with her knees buckling out from under her. Zamira’s hands slid down from covering her mouth to dig her fingers in to the folds of her skirt at her waist. Anything to keep from clawing at her own skin everything her made her jump or shiver. The more solid feel of his fingers was almost alarming, yet the only complaints Zamira could muster was a soft moan -08:04 Jan 31
Rainer: His wrist flicked as he moved his fingers in and out, in and out, thrusting shallowly. Rainer uttered a low curse as he swirled his tongue over her sensitive skin; he was painfully hard by now, but too caught up in the momentum- in her- to stop and assess the situation. Groaning, he withdrew his fingers to yank at his trappings and then pulled her down onto his lap, rubbing against her. If he’d been thinking clearly, he wouldn’t be doing this in an open hallway in broad daylight where anyone could walk by. As it was… -08:20 Jan 31
Zamira: At that point Zamira threw caution to the wind. Fate’s will be done. Having landed on his lap with a faint hmph, she was certain that her skin was on fire and it was entirely his fault. Having no words left to throw at him, Zamira grasped his head between her hands. Brushing her mouth against his, not in that rough, frenzied way he kissed her before. But a tentative and curious brush of her lips and gentle nip of her teeth. -08:28 Jan 31
[Rainer probably shouldn’t be doing this in the hallway. Or at all.] -03:56 Mar 06
[Zamira has no idea how she got in to this.] -03:56 Mar 06
Rainer: The tentativeness of that kiss undid him. With a slight shiver, he pulled her against him as his hips jerked up from the stone floor, her bared breasts crushing against the front of his tunic. He could feel her nipples perking through the thin layer of linen, and he could feel the wetness on her thighs as he slid between them. Before he could stop to think, he was hoisting her up from his lap just enough to push the tip of his erection past her entrance with a muffled intake of breath. -03:57 Mar 06
Zamira: Zamira gasped. In the back of her head her conscience was screaming, but clearly she was getting herself enchanted by some sort of male witch. Feeling him pushing between her folds so solid left a shock of electricity shooting all the way up her spine. Her hands catching the sides of his face held him still, as her kiss turned from tentative to nipping at his lips with her teeth and taking his mouth with an unexpected ferocity. -04:03 Mar 06
Rainer: He was damned if she was shy, and damned doubly if she was assertive. He wanted to drive into her madly when she kissed him thay way, and he barely restrained himself to a more controlled thrust, his broad hands kneading her thighs as he reclaimed control of the kiss. -04:16 Mar 06
Zamira: It was liking warring with him without words. Made all the worse at trying to keep herself from losing all sense at the same time. It didn’t seem to be working, however. As drove deeper, Zamira shifted over his lap, a unfamiliar impatience washing over her just as sharply as that odd paign of desire that sat churning in her stomach. Zamira tilted her head, flicking her tongue across his mouth in taunt. Brushing her fingers softly at the back of his neck in a gentle caress. If she were going mad, he was going down with her. -04:25 Mar 06
Rainer: His grip on her tightened, and his palms moved up over the smoothness of her thighs as he guided her into the next snap of his hips. She didn’t seem to realize that she could completely control the pace if she wanted, and Rainer was half afraid of what would happen if she did. He broke the kiss to come up for air, lifting one hand to brush her lovely hair away from her face so that he could take her earlobe between his teeth. If she knew what she was doing to him… -04:33 Mar 06
Zamira: “I really.. don’t like you…” she mumbled, with seemingly no force behind it beyond a confused and breathy sigh. He baffled her, being so aggressive one moment, but so tenderly sweet the next. Leaving her unsure if she was going to shake him to death or melt right to the floor. Zamira found herself resting against his cheek, with her arms curling around his shoulders and hands digging in to his tunic. His hips driving against her making a faint groaning purr slip through her lips to fall against his neck in a warm hiss of breath. -04:45 Mar 06
Rainer: “You’re… doing a good job of showing it,” he laughed breathlessly, but the bite from his early snarking was missing. He trailed wet kisses down her neck, the desperation he was fighting against slipping into each press of lips and tongue as he quickened the pace. -04:55 Mar 06
Zamira: Her grip tightened on his tunic. Her scathing remark lost on the wave of new sensations. Zamira wasn’t even aware of how her own hers rocked and swayed. Greeting his with a slower, but no less desired pace. Even her legs widen to take him in deeper. Making her fall against him just to keep herself upright. -05:03 Mar 06
Rainer: Rainer felt himself pulse inside of her. He could see- and feel- that she was melting around him, but it wasn’t enough. His hand rose to his lips so that he could wet the pads of his fingers, and then he had a hand between her breast and his body, his slick thumb teasing her areola. He wasn’t going to be satisfied until she was writhing. -05:19 Mar 06
Zamira: “Gods above…!” Zamira hissed. Who knew something so simple could feel so sensational. Though it would be so easy to swat his hand away, she was leaning in to his embrace. Nuzzling against his cheek until her mouth found his ear and nipped gently at the lobe. One of her hands slipped down, to steal away under his tunic so she could touch the bareness of his skin underneath. -05:25 Mar 06
Rainer: Rainer’s abdomen flexed under her explorative touch. A tense exhalation escaped his not-quite-gritted teeth, and his hand dropped from her breast to tease her clit with still-wet fingers. The angle was awkward for his wrist, but between the twisting sensation below his navel and the muscles tightening in his shoulders, stiffness in his wrist was the last thing on his mind. He pressed his face against her neck, breathing her in. -05:51 Mar 06
[Zamira has timed out.] -06:00 Mar 06
[Zamira ] -06:00 Mar 06
Zamira: Oh, that was too much..! Zamira groaned, a blinding jolt of heat winding it’s way all the way down to her toes in a brief, but intoxicating wave. She was tilting on the edge of begging him for more or cursing his very existance. Raking her nails up his back without any sort of awareness of how she moved with him. All Zamira could feel was that swimming desire and that tantilizing pressure he was so adeptly mounting between her legs. -06:05 Mar 06
[Rainer has timed out.] -06:29 Mar 06
[Rainer enters.] -06:32 Mar 06
Rainer: Her nails on his spine were direct sparks to his own rising peak. He tried to keep his thrusts shallow and found himself utterly unable. The pair of them were moving in a messy synchrony born only halfway from any sense of purpose, and he swore a few choice words into the silken skin of her throat that ordinarily weren’t meant for a lady’s ears. Rainer’s teeth closed over the spot where the curve of her neck met her shoulder just in time to cut himself off when it turned into her half-uttered name. “Zami-” -06:35 Mar 06
Zamira: There was really something great about having him this way. She wasn’t sure when her eyes fell closed or when she let herself fall prey to the wild abandon. All at once it seemed to come with a sudden release. Zamira’s surprised cry as her body stiffened and every muscle in her body tighten and clenched. Both of her arms clung around him even while her head tilted, letting her hair fall down her back as she gasp with every quaking shudder. -06:48 Mar 06
Rainer: The force of his orgasm caught Rainer off his guard, every inch of him shuddering as he came inside of her. He licked where he’d bitten her neck, soothing the indentations from his teeth, and pulled her in close as he tried to regain his breath and his axis. All that he could see, feel, taste was Zamira. His sticky fingers trailed down her inner thigh as his other hand pressed to the small of her back, steadying them both. -07:00 Mar 06
Zamira: Zamira was still breathing so hard her heart was beating a million times per minute. Her arms remained around him as she dropped her head to his shoulder and buried her face at his neck. She’d never felt anything quite like that. So stormy and confusing, but so utterly delightful she was almost disappointed it was over. And the worst part, she couldn’t think of what to say beyond muttering against his skin. -07:11 Mar 06

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