Genesis D’Allesandri


Character Name: Genesis D’Allesandri

Name Meaning: Creation or Beginning

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Angel of Creation and Rebirth

Age: Genesis appears to be in her early-mid twenties, and can easily alter her age appearance by the clothing she chooses to wear. Otherwise she could be considered timeless, as Genesis is very much like the phoenix, dying in flames every 1000 years and being reborn in it’s ashes to continue her work.

Current Residence: A small flat in the center of London, England.


Height: 5’4″

Hair: Pale, almost lead grey that flows about mid-back.

Eyes: Crimson

Distinguishing Marks: Aside from a pair of crimson wings she keeps well hidden, Genesis has a pale, exotic skin tone.

General Appearance: Genesis’ looks can only be described as exotic! Her skin is a pale off color of olive, almost like an asian skin tone. When not dressing professionally for work, she prefers the comforts of baggy rumpled clothing you’d see on a raver. Lots of gold jewelry on her ears on fingers that, on her, looks perfectly natural. She speaks with a soft accent that can’t quite be placed, and seems to give off a general feeling of ease. When taking on her natural angel form, she doesn’t look much different. Only alteration is a large pair of deep crimson wings that shimmer like they’re on fire.

Strengths: Genesis is nonthreatening in appearance and manor. People tend to brush her off, not taking her seriously, which is often used to her advantage to take people off guard. She also holds a great understanding of emotion, human, angel or otherwise. Genesis has a great sense of knowing thoughts and feelings by body movement, and even tone of voice.

Weaknesses: Unlike many of the other angels, Genesis does not posses any skills of battle or profound magic. She only knows of her task, to take the souls of the dead collect by Azrael and give them new life. Any other skills are few and far between.


Allies: Only Azrael and those she must deal with directly to complete her task. She rarely socializes with others unless it’s for a “business” reason.

Enemies: Anyone who dares to disrupt the flow of life, and make her job difficult.

Current Goal/Purpose: To retrieve the soul of Lorant Riktophen and the other souls that were lost thanks to Belial’s bad influence.

Talents: Genesis can sooth and calm with the sound of her voice, talking almost anyone in to a semi-docile state. Some would say her voice was hypnotic. She has a powerful singing voice, but never shares it with others. It’s her well kept secret!

Inabilities: Though she has a gift for understanding, Genesis doesn’t necessarily believe what others think/feel is right. She is very close-minded about her point of view, and rarely changes her mind or opinions once they have been decided.

Fears: She has no fear of death, knowing there is life afterwards, so Genesis’ fears border on the completely ridiculous. Snakes are among one of the few normal fears… tasting anything with olives in it one of the extreme. And strangely enough, Genesis can not stand being near fire. It reminds her of her task.

General Personality: Serious, practical, unemotional, and cautious to the very extreme. Genesis doesn’t seem to care about anything beyond work related issues. She has no social life or care for socialization and rarely interacts with others unless it will benefit her work. However despite her unapproachability, she can easily converse with people. She comes across as the “teacher you love, but can not talk to”.

Inner Personality: Genesis hides herself well behind her wall, keeping people at bay from getting to close. She feels nothing is more important than her job, since a chance at normal life is impossible for herself. She is not reborn time and time again like the others, and prefers not to open herself up to heartbreak watching those she cares for die, after witnessing others suffer the same fate. On rare occasions, Genesis will relax, proving to be humorous and enjoyable to be around.

Fondest Memory: Memories hold little meaning for Genesis, as life seems endless. She lives in the here and now, not looking back.

Biggest Regret: See above! No regrets or promises, Genesis does not look back and second guess things that have happened. She merely sees them as life’s destiny and moves on.


Special Items: Genesis is always wearing a pure silver cross around her neck, whether in human form or angel. It holds little meaning, but is something she has always seemed to have with her. On of the few things of a material matter that she truly values.

Weapons: Her weapon of choice are semi-long steel spikes. Genesis typically uses many at once to impale her ‘victims’ on the rare occasions she does battle.

Magics: As any other angel, she holds simple magics and abilities that can be called at will, or by chanted a spell. Her strongest ability is bringing new life, be it human, plant or animal.


Past Life: For as long as there has been life, Genesis has been in existence. She remembers no birth or special circumstances, only being. From the beginning of the Angelic Order, Genesis’s only purpose was to take the souls of those created and give them life. When there was death, she would take the souls and make sure they were reborn. The only thing she has ever known was her task continuing the circle of life. Genesis herself knows no death, as every 1000 years she “dies” in flames only to reappear in the ashes renewed. All memories and power intact.

Recent History: The last war between the Angelic Host and the Fallen disrupted the flow of life. Belial’s act of taking a soul and merging it with Azazel’s to bring him back onto the human world has left massive chaos in her order of things. Other demons using Belial as an example have also taken souls to free their companions from the abyss, leaving many souls lost and unable to be reborn. Genesis has taken up a human existence in order to track down these lost souls and have them returned. Starting with the soul of Lorant Riktophen…

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