Georgia Kimble


Character Name: Georgia Kimble
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 23
Occupation: Assistant Secretary and Private Investigator


General Appearance:
Strengths: Georgia keeps herself in good shape, just in case she needs to fight off hoards of undead, slay a vampire, or just run away. She rarely catches colds, gets sick, or has klutz moments of getting herself hurt. Call her lucky.
Weaknesses: Rarely getting sick or being hurt lends her to a really low pain tolerance. She gets sick – it’s BAD She gets hurt, and it huuuuurts!


Current Goal/Purpose: Make a good career in Supernatural Investigations.
Fears: Any kind of creature that sucks up blood or has pointy fangs. Spiders, snakes, mosquitoes, vampires, etc.
General Personality: At a first impression, Georgia is a very “no nonsense” kind of girl. She takes her job or task at hand very seriously. There’s not a lot of cutting up or joking around. In fact, sometimes she’ll seem a little uptight depending on the situation. Georgia is obsessed about safety. Once you’ve known her for awhile, you get used to her little quirks and she’ll relax. She’s not afraid to get in to an argument when she knows she’s right, and she’ll walk right in to a fight when it’s necessary. Georgia is someone you can count on and a reliable friend.
Inner Personality: There isn’t a lot “hidden” with Georgia. She might hide her fears or downplay them. She hasn’t quite dealt with what happened with her mother, so it’s still something that weighs on her in the back of her head. Sometimes she’s paranoid about people “behaving suspiciously”. She really hates the thought of people leading these double lives.
Secret: None. Yet?


General History: Growing up in New York, Georgia’s life seemed pretty average during her childhood. Her parents had gotten a divorce early on (Dad called Mom a blood sucking harpy and left.), and she stayed with her mother in a small apartment in a pretty low class neighborhood. She didn’t have the most healthy relationship with the woman, but at least she wasn’t getting abused and had a house and plenty of food to eat. Other kids weren’t so lucky!

As a teenager, Georgia got in to a little trouble just hanging out with the wrong kind of people. It was never anything that become a big deal. By now, she was taking more notice of what her mother actually DID. For awhile she thought the woman was a hooker! She’d meet a lot of men, hung around really skanky women. It looked pretty incriminating. One night, she thought she had her mom busted… but what she caught her in the middle of wasn’t sex! It was blood feeding! Georgia was freaked out by the whole scene, she packed up her stuff and ran off to stay with a friend. She never did go back.

The experience marked her interest in supernatural ever since. She may not of had the courage to go back home and see what her mom had been involved in, but had her wanting to know more about this underworld of supernatural that was going on right under normal people’s noses.

Present Life: Georgia is fresh out of college. She’s done a lot of paranormal research in her studies and hopes to make a career out of it. Now she is working with Thomas Arbor. The guy is a good employer and his investigations with supernatural occurrences is ideal for her career. But his calm personality – especially around women – gets her on edge. Call her paranoid, but after her mother and more than one case of succubi, vampires, and other creature gobbling up hapless men – she’s always worried he’s going to get ensnared and killed.

Special Historic Notes:
– parents divorce.
– finds out moms double life and runs away.
– graduates school and gets a job!

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