[Insanidi] Hunting

Title: Hunting [Touch of Insanidi]
Number: 1952
Date: Jan 20, 2017 at 4:35 AM

Divinatas – Jan 20, 2017 at 4:35 AM

[imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/cecille_f.png[/imga] “There’s a reservation for rooms 3 and 7 so they need fresh sheets and towels. Number 6 needs the ceiling to floor treatment, Becky’s last snatch was a real whack job. Oh, and there’s complaints of weird noises in number 10 so you might as well check that out.”

Going over Larry’s check list was pretty much the evening routine. Cecile LeBreaux always followed her routine. First she would roll out of bed somewhere around 8pm and pop across the street to pick up breakfast. Half of it would get dropped off in her brother’s room, where he’d complain about being woken up so early, only to somehow still be late getting out the door. Then she’d go over the check list left by the day manager. It never really had anything that was actually her job in it and she often wondered if they even knew what Housekeeping was supposed to do at the motel.

That was all well and good, because it was Larry who knew what needed to be done. After her midnight lunch break, Cecile would have a chat with Larry. He was the proud owner of Larry’s Lodge, and though he was a little bit… [i]eccentric[/i] and preferred the night shift, Ceci appreciated his thoroughness. Larry was a good boss.

Most of the time.

“What do you mean with the noises?” Ceci asked carefully. She learned a long time ago that really STRANGE things happened in cheap motels, and every motel had their own little quirks. Ceci figured out right away NOT to ask for details if Larry mentions a room needing ‘ceiling to floor treatment’. She just made sure to wear the really thick gloves. Weird noises was something new, though.

“I don’t know babycakes, that’s why you gotta check it out.” he explained rolling his eyes and taking a big swig of his coffee. It smelled ever so faintly of vodka.

Ceci squinted at him. “This isn’t one of your sex traps is it?”

Larry choked and spit out his coffee. “What! No, c’mon now, babycakes. I don’t do that to the staff. You gotta sign waivers for that kind of stuff.” He slapped at his now stained shirt, as if that was going to swat the wetness away.

“Hmmkay, but I’m watching you.” Ceci pointed at her eyes with two fingers and then at Larry, before she left the office to get to work.

This time of night was quiet and most guests were asleep. As long as she made sure to get those rooms clean before morning check in, Ceci had plenty of time to look in to this whole ‘weird noises’ business. Curiosity was one of those things she couldn’t switch off. If she didn’t take a look now, it would bother her all day.

So Cecile wheeled her cart down the walk towards room 10 and 11. Out of habit, she knocked on the door first giving a quick call of [i]Housekeeping![/i] just in case the weird noises turned out to be a nonpaying guest. But once she opened up the door, the room was empty and unused. She stepped inside, tilting her head to listen.

Nothing. The room was perfectly empty.

But once she turned around to leave, there it stood. A band of black over it’s eyes and it’s tail covered in stripes. It was surprisingly large, and so mangy patches of it’s fur were missing. And gave her such a startle she let out a quick yelp.

“AIIEE!! Oh good grief! You scared the devil out of me. Well… shoo! You don’t belong in here.”

It [i]hissed[/i] at her. And for the briefest of moments Ceci looked completely insulted. Once it reared up on it’s legs and baring it’s teeth, though, that was it. She started screaming, backing up until her hips hit a dresser, then sitting on it and drawing up her legs to safety.

“OH GOD, NO! [I]NO!![/I]”


Touch of Insanity – Jan 22, 2017 at 8:37 PM

[justify][fieldbox=Night Rat, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]Jace rolled a smoke around in his fingers, mindlessly staring out the window of his crappy motel room. Night had fallen and Jace knew he should head out. He should go feed, but right now he just wanted to sit. He had been here, in this small town which name he couldn’t remember, nor could he care what it was called. He never knew how long he was staying for. He could be gone tonight for all he knew. It had been two years since he went on the run, and he knew there was never going to be an ease in his body. There would always be those thoughts of, if he’d catch up to Jace. If he would find him, what if he did? The smoke in his hand, that was still unlit snapped in his fingers. His piercing blue eyes jerked down towards his fingers resting on the table he sat at, almost angry like before he let out a deep breath. A breath he didn’t need.

He could hear the usual rustling in the room behind him. About three nights ago a racoon had found it’s way into the room and had made busy of making himself a home in there. Jace could smell it, hear it’s little claws dragging through the room, the smaller heart beat. He liked to focus on that annoyance more then the room next too him which was usually filled with two humans fucked like animals. The smell of it would seep through the mold filled walls and vents into his room. Smells all no human could pick up on. But Jace had nothing but time, to sit to himself. He wasn’t sure when was the last time he actually spoke with someone other then getting the room from the nasty owner of the motel. One of the lowest of their kind. To think Jace was once one of them, so long ago. A memory faded into more of a dream then a reality. That’s what his whole life felt like, him watching through dream after dream. Seeming to twist into something he could never fully remember, pieces only ever sticking to his mind to seem like it wasn’t real. Yet he knew it was, everything around him. What he was himself. A monster.

He flicked the bud of the broken smoke in his hand across the room, he’d have housekeeping find it later. If he ever let them in to clean his room. The do not disturb sing hand been hanging there since he first got the room. His bag, a small backpack with a few sets of clothes jammed into it neatly, along with some other things he liked to carry around. He closed his eyes as he heard the familiar sound of the night maid’s cart rolling down the hallway. It’s left wheel hardly hanging on, making a soft screeching sound that would only be slightly annoying. However, it stopped. His eyes slowly fluttering open and glancing back towards his door almost expecting the knock to come on his door, but it didn’t. Oh it seemed someone finally complained about the little rat next door. A girly voice called out, surely waking up some other guests, he snorted at her foolishness. Even if she smelt nice, he felt a flash of hunger roll through his body. Yeah, he really needed to go feed once his little show was over. After all it’d be amusing to see how she got the fucker out of the room next door.

She went in, his fingers tapped along the table for a moment, closing his eyes again, as he listened to her heart beat, his tongue running along his lips without him realizing he was doing so. As she yelped he couldn’t stop the soft chuckle that left his lips as his eyes reopened to glance towards the wall that was between them. His hand came up gripping his own chin, letting his fingers brush along the shadow of facial hair that hadn’t been taken care of. He smirked a little at her little comment with another soft chuckle. The animal acting just as he thought it would. He wondered if she was smart enough to bring something to project herself. After all you never know what your going to run into in the middle of the night. His tongue clicked though as she started to scream. He could hear some of the guests hearing her screams, before a bang. “Fuckin’ idoit.” He said, knowing if he didn’t help the damn woman no one would. With a push up he walked quickly to his room, jerking the door open, and thrusting the door open of the room next door. He didn’t even look at the woman, as the animal jumped and he grabbed it by the back of the neck and jerked it off the floor. “Oh aren’t you an ugly fuck.” He growled at it, their eyes meeting as it dangled and it started to freak out more, not in an aggressive fashion but merely trying to get away from Jace. With a quick flick of his wrist the animal was sent flying to the hallway hitting the wall with a thud before Jace stood at the door glaring it down as it scrambled down the hallway right towards the front desk for Larry to deal with.

With a clap of his hands he brushed them off, before glancing lazily over his shoulder. “Next time, bring a broom or somethin’.” He said with the smallest trace of an English accent, that had seemed to have faded with time. He was dressed in a pair of light jeans, a dark t-shirt under the black leather jacket that was left open, but on. He didn’t even checking to see if she was okay. He walked out into the hallway before plucking a towel off her cart. Working his way back to his room.[/fieldbox][/justify]


Divinatas – Jan 24, 2017 at 12:15 AM

“Um!” It wasn’t the most intelligent of phrases. But one moment Cecile was facing her doom in the form of a furry hell-beast and in the next a man barged in to the room to her rescue. Well. Maybe not barged. He handled the entire thing in five seconds; perfectly calm, smooth as silk. As if plucking up potentially rabid animals with his bare hands while a woman shrieked like an idiot was something he did everyday.

Ceci finally slipped off the dresser, slapping her palm to her chest where her heart was pounding so hard everyone in the motel could probably hear it. Especially considering she had been screaming loud enough to even wake the dead.

Getting her senses back, she rushed quickly out in to the hall.

“THANK YOU!” she blurted out, going red once she realized that, once again, she was being too loud. The guy was standing right there, she didn’t need to shout.

“For the rescue.” And she also didn’t need to specify that either, he knew what he did. Ceci let out an embarrassed rush of breath, pressing the back of her hand to her mouth for the briefest of moments until she got her thoughts back in order.

“…what I mean is, do you need anything else? More than one towel? Soap or shampoo? We have new little things for the coffee machine. You never seem to ask for much, it’s not any trouble.” Now he was on the receiving end of warm brown eyes, from a woman who was barely over five feet and wore a housekeeping uniform that belonged on someone much taller and bustier.


Touch of Insanity – Jan 24, 2017 at 10:20 PM

[fieldbox=Not A Hero, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]Jace already had his door open again, one foot hovering in the air as he went to take the first step in when she called out to him. “Shut up! We’re trying to sleep here!” A not so muffled voice could be heard from one of the rooms, getting a bang from another room trying to get everyone to calm the fuck down. After all the walls were paper thin. Having so much as a conversation in more then a whisper and the person in the next room could most likely hear.

“What the fuck!” Larry finally screamed as the woman spoke to him. His blue eyes glanced pass her towards the end of the hall where banging, and a scramble could be heard. That amused Jace, his hand still on the door handle as his eyes slowly glanced back down towards her.

“I didn’t do it for you. You were screaming like a madman. That is all.” He said before walking into his room and closing the door behind him. If she had thought to look into the room she would see it was utterly untouched. It was as if he hadn’t been in the room at all. He walked into the bathroom that he had used, and took his old towel. The door opened just enough for him with perfect aim to flick the dirty towel into the hammer section of the cart. “You may also want to go save your scum bag of a boss.” He said with a smirk as an almost girly scream of horror echoed down the hall getting another chuckle from Jace as he closed the door and took in a deep breath. He leaned along the door, making sure she didn’t know he was still there. He closed his eyes again, hoping she’d hurry along her way so he could head off to feed. The sound of her beating heart, made his body shiver with need, with hunger. She smelt so much better then his hotel or anyone else in here. His tongue slowly dragged along his fang feeling it trying to cut into his own tongue as his eyes snapped back open. Yeah he should have gone to feed sooner. Jace could not pull a Max. He could not go down to her level. Then again some argue he already had with a few. . . moments of weakness.

He was a vampire, not a monk.[/fieldbox]


Divinatas – Jan 25, 2017 at 7:39 AM


Well. That was embarrassing. Ceci stared at his door in silence for a few moments. Maybe not in total silence. Larry was still squealing down the hall.

“Idiot.” she murmured at herself, under her breath. Between her shouting and then her verbal fumbles, he probably thought she was a moron. It really shouldn’t have mattered to her. This guy was a stranger, one that would be gone soon enough – if she and her brother weren’t out of town first. What [i]anyone[/i] thought about her didn’t matter. Cecile was never around long enough to find out.

She still felt stupid though.

“[i]STACY![/i]” screamed Larry in between choked grumbles and running around his office.

“My name is CECILE.” she growled back through her teeth as she dashed down the hall. Now the whole spectacle wasn’t just disturbing the sleeping, it was drawing other commentary. A baritone [i]This isn’t my kink.[/i] and a shrill [i]I can’t fuck to this![/i] that had her ears burning.

On barging in to Larry’s office, Cecile grabbed a magazine and rolled it up in her hands. Larry, of course, was no help whatsoever. The man was twice her size and could easily grab the little beast if he wanted to. (A motel guest just did!) Instead he stood up on his chair, pointing out where ever the raccoon skittered, demanding she kill it or she was getting fired.

After several frustrated rounds of trying to smack it with her magazine, Ceci finally thought to open up the office window. Having enough of this nonsense, the raccoon escaped out in to the night. Ceci slammed the window closed with a relieved, if exhausted sigh.

“My office is a mess.” complained Larry. Ceci held back a cross comment of her own, opting to pick up the scattered paperwork from off the floor and on his desk. The chaos knocked over his over-sized coffee cup and now everything had that pungent smell of old coffee and cheap vodka.

“It’ll only take five minutes to straighten up.” she said, shoving a bunch of pens back in to a cup.

“After all that danger, I’ve got something else straightenin” up.” he responded behind her. Ceci paused in confusion, first because that raccoon was hardly something she’d consider dangerous, even if it did scare the daylights out of her. And second because he’d already given her the to-do list for the day, so she didn’t know what else he could possibly need tidying.

She figured it out when he grabbed her ass.

Cecile squeaked, spinning around quickly holding up the sign-in book between them as a shield. “We talked about this, Larry! I thought you said you don’t do things without a waiver!”

He laughed. “We don’t do [i]surprise sex[/i] without a waiver. Everything else is fair game. C’mon babycakes, you’ve been playin’ hard to get all week.”

“I beg your pardon?” she responded with surprise.

“The scared virgin thing is only fun for so long. You’re night-shift paid in [i]cash[/i]. The only kind of women workin’ nights in a place like this accepting cash are hookers, and I haven’t even gotten to sample the merchandise yet! That ain’t right!” Larry snatched the sign-in book to toss over her shoulder and grabbed at her.

That’s when Cecile got a reminder of why she didn’t punch people.

To her credit, she at least hit Larry hard enough to surprise the hell out of him and split his upper lip. The downside was that his face was a hell of a lot stronger than her hand, so she succeeded in hurting herself more than him. Her whole hand was throbbing and she nicked her knuckles on his teeth.

And now that Larry had been terrorized by a raccoon AND socked in the face by a tiny girl, he wasn’t so cheery and amused.


Touch of Insanity – Jan 26, 2017 at 9:10 PM

[justify][fieldbox=Dumb Girl, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]Jace didn’t move, his eyes still closed as he focused on her, almost not hearing the scuffling in the office just down the hallway which was annoying loud. Jace wanted to focus in on her heart, the thudding in her chest, but it made his hunger that much worse. He shifted a little, feeling his jaw tense up, his lips curling back just enough to show off a long pair of fangs, before he held his breath. Not that he didn’t need it. But he could feel the pressure of the air trapped in his lungs, the aching in them to move again, as he heard the man scream for the woman’s help. That’s not the name that was on the nametag, was it? His browns pinched together, trying to focus on the flash in his memory of her uniform but she corrected his doubt right away, as she spoke to herself. He shook his head, not surprised by the events happening. Lively and amusing it may be.

She was gone now. It was his chance to slip out. He grabbed a few things he may need while out and jammed them in his pockets, ears open. Listening to the scuffle between the three beings in the office. The people in the fuck room as Jace liked to call it weren’t scare to voice themselves. He opened his door slipping out and locking it, as his eyes glanced down the hallway. He paused long enough to see if she actually did win the battle she was currently fighting with the animal. If you could even call it that. Her boss was more of a sissy then even she was. But that was also no surprise. He was the type of scum that was best to feed off, no matter how nasty he was. No one would miss him if you fed too much.

A small smirk did twitch at the corner of his lips though. He could hear her swinging with something at the beast. He could hear it hit something every time she missed. It was a very faint sound very hard to hear over the guest bitching in each room, the creaks of the mattress springs as people moved around, the way Larry’s shrill voice rattled the whole building. It sounded as if he was dying and not the starving animal they were trying to get out. Jace maybe should have just snapped its neck. But that’d be too nice.

He let out a soft chuckle when she was smart enough to open a window and the thing, claws dragging along the wall and out the window of the office before it was quickly shut. He started walking towards the front. Knowing he may have to quickly double back out the back door, but that meant setting off the fire alarm. But he was about sixty percent sure that didn’t work. He was about to step into the lobby, hearing her cleaning up the office, he was guessing it was only her. From what Jace learned in his short stay here, Larry did only what Larry wanted. His comment had Jace stopped right at the wall, his eyes slowly turning towards the office as if he could see through the walls of himself.

He should just walk out. He already saved this dumb girl once tonight. He shouldn’t have to do it again. Her fingers twitched a little though, as the man carried on. Jace didn’t know anything about the girl, but from hearing her roll along, she hadn’t done anything that wasn’t normal. It seemed like a hard place in her life, looking for any kind of job. “Fuckin’ hell.” He walked down the hallway to where the whore and her john started fucking again. He banged hard on the door. “Hey Kitty!” Yes he knew her name at this point. “Hope your johns know about the camera hidden in the room by good old Larry at the front desk!” He called out, getting what. He smirked hard, knowing his voice had travel through the whole hotel and everyone was already awake. The whole hotel was lit up with panic that there may be a camera in their room. Jace walked back down the hallway, clothes could be heard being ruffled around, some of the doors already being opened, as he walked into the lobby, smirking at the girl. It was enough of a distraction for the girl to hurry out, as he opened the door and walked outside. After all Larry was already shocked from the hit she landed him. It was a shame he missed it. As he walked outside he stopped a little off to the side, pulling out the box of smokes he had. He flipped it open, eyes glancing over the three he had left before, popping one out. He jammed the rest back into his pocket, before pulling out the lighter. On the first try he was able to keep the flame burning long enough to light the end. He took in a deep drag, letting to roll around in his already dead lungs before slowly letting the smoke out. He glanced to the door wondering who would be the first one to head outside. After all, with that little slip about the room, this whole play could be shut down, losing the girl’s job. But better then her getting raped. Right? He didn’t know if Larry would have back down or gotten more pissed off after a hit like that. If he was the angry type, with his power he surely would have over her, he wouldn’t let that happen again. Jace know far too many little things humans did. He took another long drag. He should really get moving if he wanted to find someone to feed from tonight.[/fieldbox][/justify]


Divinatas – Jan 27, 2017 at 4:48 AM

[imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/cecille_f.png[/imga] Everything descended in to chaos.

Not that it wasn’t chaos already. Chasing a raccoon around a cheap motel was pretty chaotic all by itself, but now that [i]cameras[/i] had been blurted out, a whole new sort of crazy had taken over. If Larry were pissed at her, it was forgotten in the wake of his new problem. Sure, most of the hookers knew about the cameras. Larry dropped a little cash for the privileged. Their customers, though… they weren’t so happy. Calls from rooms were now ringing up the front desk, while those who got dressed real fast were ducking out of their rooms with the sort of looks that could kill.

Cecile made a VERY quick exit from the office. She had a feeling that even if she [i]did[/i] still have her job, her brother wasn’t going to be too keen on them staying there anymore once he got back and found out what was going on.

Instead of darting down the hall and locking herself in her room (which would likely be futile, Larry had keys for all of them), Cecile left for the parking lot. As soon as she stepped outside she was hit with the chilly blast of winter wind, but there was no way she was stepping back inside. At least not until everything calmed back down. She wrapped her arms around herself, letting out a long exasperated huff of breath.

After a few paces and getting a whiff of cigarette smoke, Ceci realized she wasn’t the only one outside. At first she didn’t say anything, and tried her hardest to pretend like she hadn’t noticed him. He probably had enough of her today. But Cecile wasn’t subtle with the stolen glances, or the eyeing him from toe to head. The guy didn’t seem like the type to be up in the middle of the night in a crappy motel.

“You shouldn’t have said anything about cameras.” she ended up saying, despite her attempts to stay silent. “He might kick you out now.”

Wait a second. Ceci blinked, the realization dawning on her. “Are there cameras in [i]all[/i] the rooms?” she asked, casting a scandalized look over her shoulder towards the doors. How much and who was Larry actually watching?!


Touch of Insanity – Jan 28, 2017 at 8:54 PM

[fieldbox=Not The Plan, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]A few people had rushed out, some others turning to hell at Larry, the phone was ringing like crazy. Yet Jace was nothing but calm in the storm of it all, not a care in the world as he took another drag on his smoke, holding it longer then any human could. He let it out as he smelt her scent, his nose crinkling a little as he finally could smell the smallest trace of blood from her knuckles. Had she hit him that hard? He glanced towards her unable to help himself his eyes going right to her knuckles seeing the colours that painted her pale skin. He tapped his smoke letting the ash drift away in the winter breeze. She was holding herself tightly, his eyes finally moving to her bare arms. Humans never thought out keeping themselves warm. Although Jace himself shouldn’t have been warm in the leather jacket he wore, in the mid of winter like this, snow banks not yet to your knee but where not small either.

That’s when she noticed him, staring at her none the less, his eyes slowly dragging away as he took another drag, hoping it didn’t look like he was staring. Not that it mattered, he’d never see her again after tonight. She was headed right towards him, he tipped his head back letting the smoke drift up and be carried away by the breeze. As her small voice spoke up, he very slowly glanced towards her, as if he was just noticing she was there. He didn’t say anything at first, debating what emotions he felt like giving her before a soft chuckle left his lips, he held the smoke out of the way before leaning in a bit closer to her, letting their faces get close. He got another good sniff of her blood and it did not make his hunger any better. Or the idea of dragging her off while no one was looking. “You do realize it’s winter right?” he said not responding to any of her questions before dropping the smoke and jamming the toes of his shoes along the lit part before, having a feeling she wasn’t going to go back inside any time soon. Why was he doing this for a meal-girl? He leaned back as he rolled his shoulders, fingers catching the sleeves of his jacket before they slipped off. Although it wouldn’t be warm from him waring it, it’d keep her ass from freezing to death out here. With the wind it had to be at least minus twenty-three out. As it slipped off it showed off it strong, wide build, the muscles under his shirt pressing up along the fabric as he flexed before he thrusted the jacket at her.

He wouldn’t let her not take it, no matter what she protested. Once that was settled, he glanced back out into the night as another strong breeze rustled by. “Well that I don’t know. There wasn’t one in my room. But guessing with what a hard on he had for you, I wouldn’t be surprised.” He said not explaining how he knew about the cameras at all. He had been there long enough to know the ins and outs of how the place worked but wasn’t there really long at all in the larger picture. “You should also wrap that up.” He pointed out as if it was no big deal. “Or stick it in the snow at least. I mean it’s as good as ice.” He muttered along. What the hell was he doing? He was doing this wasn’t he? Well that was a sure reason to leave tomorrow. Not that he’d let her remember he fed from her. Jace wasn’t into killing when he fed. To messy.[/fieldbox]


Divinatas – Jan 31, 2017 at 9:50 PM

[imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/cecille_f.png[/imga] Cecile blinked mutely at his jacket, her cheeks tinging a bit pink from more than just the bitter cut of the wind. She wanted to protest – she even shook her head at him, wide-eyed with unspoken excuses – but he won that battle in a split second, with just unyielding blue eyes alone. Delicate fingers reached out to pluck it from his hand, and with a slow awkward motion she shoved in her arms and wrapped it around her.

His jacket practically swallowed her up, so when he made the comment about her hand and she lift it up to take a look, all she saw was sleeve. Ceci had to push it down until her fingers and knuckles poked out. It was already pretty swollen, but at least there wasn’t a lot of blood. Ceci scrunched up her nose when she tried to wiggle her fingers and only got throbbing stiffness.

“I wanted to get out of the tempest before it got any worse, and my hand is really not that bad. I’m sorry I kind of ruined your quiet night.” she admitted, curling her now jacket clad arms back around herself. Ceci shifted awkwardly on her feet, biting in to her bottom as she curiously looked him over again. He didn’t even shiver against all the wind.

“Thank you. Again. Uuhm.” she hesitated a moment, digging up the courage to find something to say beyond constantly apologizing and saying thank you to the man. “Maybe I could get you a late night lunch? It’s the least I could do.”


Touch of Insanity – Jan 31, 2017 at 10:07 PM

[justify][fieldbox=The Trick, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]
Jace could feel his jaw tighten as she pulled the sleeve up, showing off the blood to him like a prize he could take. One quick grab into the darkness, the hot blood would fill his mouth. He jerked his gaze away. Okay maybe he had gone just a little too long without feeding. He should have known better by now, but then again maybe he was seeing if he could hold out longer. He kept himself from taking in any deep breaths, blocking the lovely scent from rushing up into his lungs, that would only add fire to the flames of his hunger. He could hear her shifting the jacket, but she didn’t move. Of course she didn’t fucking move. He let out an annoyed huff and really regretted that. He’d need to take a breath if he wanted to talk now.

She thanked him again, he made a soft gruff-like sound as he glared out into the darkness. He was trying to think of anything but dragging her out. He needed to get her to take care of that damn hand. But what she asked next made him frown his eyes turning slowly towards her. The planned locked into place and he knew in this moment, she really would take him out for a late night supper. Shame she would be on the menu. He took a moment as if thinking about it. His hands jammed into his jeans. He took in that breath finally. “Fine, but we’ve gotta get back in that hellhole so we can do something about your hand, I should most likely grab my shit anyways.” He said watching her reaction. This is why she shouldn’t thank him, he was no hero. He wasn’t even nice. [/fieldbox][/justify]


Divinatas – Jan 31, 2017 at 10:28 PM

[imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/cecille_f.png[/imga] She smiled for the first time that night, wide and genuine. Most of the tenseness she was holding in melted away, leaving the girl rocking on her feet and looking, at least, a [i]tiny[/i] bit less awkward with herself.

“Okay.” she breathed out the response, her smile getting wider. Ceci gestured with the end of his jacket sleeve to a direction behind him. “We better take the other door door. I don’t want to sneak past the office. It’s probably CRAZY in there right now.”

Cecile took the lead, brushing past him to hop carefully through safe spots in the snow. With her simple shoes and the short skirt of her uniform, she definitely wasn’t dressed for trudging her way through knee-high snow drifts. Luckily for her, most of the snow had been shoveled off the sidewalk. All she needed to watch for was icy patches on the concrete. More than once she hit a slick spot and had to flail her arms to catch her balance.

Once they reached the side of the building, under a copse of trees where the side door waited with only a dim bulb marking it’s presence, Ceci finally realized she hadn’t even introduced herself. She stopped suddenly to turn around, holding out her hand. Well, her sleeve covered hand, she had to push the sleeve up again.

“Oh, by the way, I’m Cecile. Ceci is okay. Everyone usually calls me Ceci.”


Touch of Insanity – Feb 1, 2017 at 10:57 PM

[justify][fieldbox=Hideout, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]
She should not have been smiling, but that didn’t stop Jace’s eyes from linger over them. Watching the way her lips moved before his eyes flashed to meet her own again. She seemed to be glowing at the idea of hanging out at him. Was he getting soft? He almost felt a little bad for crushing her like he was going to. Maybe he had gone after too many trashy people lately. It was just so much easier, no guilt there. He watched as she waved her arm, not even really noticing her hand at all. He was impressed she wasn’t wincing, or at least feeling the pain. Maybe her brain was taking time to catch up with what just happened. He couldn’t stop the small frown on her lips as his brows pulled together. She was already walking. “Did you just call the other door, the door door?” He asked before shaking his head. This girl.

He side stepped a man who flung the door open as he passed it following at her. He didn’t have to look in, even from where they were before he could hear the chaos. Larry was not having a good night. As they walked, he nearly reached out to steady her a few times as she flailed her arms like an utter fool but caught herself as he took a strong step forward. Jace was feeling a little silly having not tried using this door before. He didn’t even now it was there. It was out of the way, and it must have not seen it. Or was far too focused on all the other annoying sounds in the joint that he didn’t notice the annoying loud buzz of the light. She stopped though, he watched the steam of her breath roll up I front of her features. Part of him wondered if she was going to realize she needed keys that she didn’t have, or that it was just locked and they walked over here for nothing.

But there was a hand now being pushed at him. He looked at it. Not fully sure he wanted to take it. He never really understood the need to shake someone’s hand. Or well, touch them. But that could also be how he felt about humans in general. You didn’t play with your food, well unless you were Max. She introduced herself. “I know, your name tag said so.” He said bringing up his hand to push the opened jacket back so his finger could press along the cheap nametag, traces of old names still mixing with her own. “Not sure how he thought that was Stacy.” He mused before brushing pass her hand and flicking the door open and pushing letting his hand press along her back to ease her in. He paused for a moment listening. It sounded like everyone was either still in their rooms or, they were in the lobby by now. He started to peek out, a door opening before a couple rushed down the hallway. It looked like they had finished packing all of their stuff. He glanced over his shoulder and waved, moving towards his door, as his hand went to slip into pocket. The pocket he didn’t have anymore. His eyes jerked back. “They key is in your left pocket-never mind.” He huffed knowing she’d have to waste time getting her hands free from the prison of leather.

He got close, really close, as his hand felt for the pocket, it swung a little, getting a frustrated grunt from him before he grabbed it, jerking his hand in awkwardly before jerking the key out. He flipped it around in his hand with ease and pushed it into the door before quickly opening it and walking in first, he stepped out of the way so she could walk in and then closed the door behind her. He locked it as he jammed the key into his jeans this time already walking pass her. Still he hadn’t told her, his name or really said anything. It did give her a chance to look at the perfect room he had been hiding in for a week without letting anyone in it. Spotless save for the broken smoke he left in the room earlier. He had moved across the room to grab one of the two chairs in the room and waved her out of the way as he carried it was if it weighted nothing. He adjusted up along the door, figuring that may freak her out. “Your boss is a nutjob, if he happens to get a second I wouldn’t put it pass him to come marching to my room. If he figures out it was me and I was in this room.” He said with a shrug. He then flicked the light on in the bathroom. The light flickered like crazy, buzzing loudly as he reached for the clean towel he picked up early. He gripped it tightly before the sound of the fabric ripping raced through the room. “Come wash your hand.” It wasn’t a request.[/fieldbox][/justify]


Divinatas – Feb 2, 2017 at 5:49 AM

[imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/cecille_f.png[/imga] Cecile glanced around the spotless room. He was neat, or at least cleaned up after himself. There was really no other way to explain the room looking so [i]un[/i]lived in after how long he’d been there. Then again, Ceci supposed he might never spend time in the room either. He could be like her brother. Always out and about. Only ever at ‘home’ when it was time to sleep.

His blocking the door with the chair received a wary look from her. The tilt of her head and the squinty eyed expression was probably what prompted him to explain the reason quickly. Cecile didn’t blame him. Later that night, if she wasn’t ushered away to a new motel, she’d be doing the same thing.

Her mouth made that soundless [i]oh[/i] shape before she was met with a new surprise.

“I told you, it’s really not that bad. A little nick and some swelling.” she protested sheepishly. But even as she did, Ceci shrugged out of his jacket to drape over a dresser then stepped over to the sink to wash her hands. The bruising she could ignore so long as she didn’t try to move her fingers, but the soap stung the small open wound. She winced, letting out a slow hiss from between her teeth. Once it was clean, she shook the water from her hands and glared at the deep color starting to form under her skin.

“…okay, it does hurt a little. You also haven’t told me your name?”


Touch of Insanity – Feb 5, 2017 at 5:13 PM

[justify][fieldbox=Hush Now, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]
She was good at listening, this would make tonight so much easier. This was so dumb of him. He shouldn’t do this, but he could feel his hunger driving his logical thinking. He wouldn’t let this mistake happen again. What if tonight would finally give Ezekiel the lead he needed to find him again? He felt the small spike of fear but as she worked over her hand, hissing softly his eyes shot down to her hand. He now had a few pieces of cloth in his hands. He already made his choice. If he had to run to the coast and sneak on a boat he would. As she finished, speaking again he chuckled softly. He reached forward, taking her fingers. “I’ll tell you if your good.” He hushed softly, letting the lull of his voice trigger that reaction of a vampire’s pray. Submission. He kept his voice low, a soft rumble from deep in his chest, yet it was soothing and smooth to her ears. “This may hurt.” He hushed before he straightened her fingers, taking that moment to quickly wrap the ripped fabric around her knuckles, before flipping her hand over to knot it tightly on the underside of her hand, so the knot wouldn’t press up uncomfortable along the already tender skin.

He looked over his work, slowly turning her hand over in his hand before slowly letting his eyes glance to her own. “Not so bad huh?” He said, keeping his voice low, he knew pain could snap her from any allure, daze, haze or lull he had put her in and wanted to make sure she was dragged deeper into it. He needed to test it. “Go sit on the bed while I pack.” He ordered, keeping his eyes locked with her own, he couldn’t stop the water in his mouth. He wasn’t going to hold back tonight. He couldn’t. He was going to be bad for the first time in a while, and it excited him in a way he never got excited for. After all when you have lived as long as him, the motions of life mix and blend. There is life, death, more life and then death. It just went around and around while he stood still watching the world unfold in the same pattern. He believe this excitement solely came from his vampire instinct. The need to feed, and those lustful urges that carry over from your humanity.[/fieldbox][/justify]


Divinatas – Feb 6, 2017 at 11:36 PM

His eyes were such a deep blue. She had noticed before, but now standing so close to him while he murmured instructions in a soft croon, Cecile found herself sucked in. It was a strange sort of feeling. Something magnetic and fuzzy; one of those scenes that felt intimate. Her inner romantic inclinations were chirping about tender moments, but logic was trying to stress this was a [i]stranger[/i]. She still didn’t even know his name. Even so, Cecile felt compelled to trust him. He showed her kindness, and she was curious. There was no other way for her to respond.

“Hmm.” Her expression heavy lidded, Cecile nodded hazily and turned away. Her fingers brushed lightly over the wrapping on her hand as she sank slowly to a seat on the edge of the bed.

“It does feel better.” she admitted after a moment of silence. Then Cecile cast him another bewildered, curious blink. “Your [i]name[/i] though. Do you have one, or do you prefer being the mysterious nameless hero?” It seemed that even with her slow daze, that was one bit she wasn’t going to let go of.


Touch of Insanity – Feb 7, 2017 at 10:20 PM

[justify][fieldbox=Kiss, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]
She turned without protest. A soft sound leaving her lips. He took in a deeper breath. Control Jace. He couldn’t lose it now. She was a nice girl and he wanted her to make through what he was going to put her through tonight. Luckily it’d be easy for her to forget with how easily she was put under his spell. He followed after her, watching her sit on the bed. He for once wasn’t fully sure how to start. He really was getting rusty with dealing with the nice ones. She wasn’t some whore club girl, or some criminal. Jace always tried to not feed off of the homeless. It was never their fault they were there, and if they were there because of drugs, their blood was no better then trying to drink from an animal. She spoke again, about her hand as he walked towards her. Looking down at her, his fingers dancing along the rims of her pockets not wanting to push them in, but needed something to do. He was figuring out how he wanted to do this. Feed first? Sex first? Or maybe he could hold himself and be like Max. He may do that. It was feeling like that kind of day. Not that he liked lowering himself to that level.

She blinked, looking up at him, asking for his name again. He’d tell it to her, just not yet. His leaned forward, finally placing his hands on either side of the bed, closing in on her. He kept his blue eyes locked with her dark brown ones. “I’m not a hero. I’m so very far from one.” He whispered before he leaned in, kissing her softly. He wanted to see how she’d react to that. If she was far enough under or, if she’d need a little more allure thrown at her. He was already starting to push her back with his kiss, wanting her to lay down.[/fieldbox][/justify]


Divinatas – Feb 22, 2017 at 2:38 AM


Cecile was all [i]befuddled[/i]. It was the only way to describe it. She hadn’t realized what he was trying to do until his lips pressed softly against her own. Her eyes went wide immediately and she squeaked out a muffled [i]hrmph![/i]– even went as far as to rest her hand against his shoulder as if she were going to push him away. But that’s precisely where she got stuck, warring between three very different kind of thoughts; the strange out of body feeling like this was more of a dream than real life, a moment of romanticized elation at a surprise kiss from the night’s hero, and that teeny tiny little voice whispering in the back of her mind that something about this just wasn’t [i]right[/i] or how she’d normally behave.

In the end, she was coaxed by the subtle movements of his mouth and with tentative curiosity she responded. Gently testing the pressure with a brush of her lips even as her body yielded backwards with little resistance. It wasn’t until her back hit the springy mattress, with her hair fanning out like a pool around her head that the doubtful whispering started kicking in again.

“Ahm-” she started, after pulling free and sucking in a deep breath. But as soon as she locked in to his eyes again, she forgot what she was protesting or even going to say. Ceci looked a bit bewildered, her hand moving from his shoulder to brush her fingers, feather soft over his mouth.


Touch of Insanity – Feb 25, 2017 at 9:26 PM

[justify][fieldbox=Touch, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]
Jace’s eyes were closed. Even if she did snap out of his control for a moment, she wouldn’t get far. The hitch in her breathing, the thudding of her heart. The heat of her hands pressing on his shoulders over his shirt. He could feel her heat seeping into him, drowning out that every numbing cold that he was. There were only ever two moments were he ever felt warm, or even hot. Right after draining a body dry, or while in the midst of a fuck with a living, blood flowing person. Down, down, down they went. Jace’s hands on either side of her head, his body starting to press down along hers. Their lips moving together, as his tongue flicked out, grazing along her lower lip. God, he wanted to just sink his fangs into her flesh. But then she’d be too dazed for any good fucking. No matter how much feeding may make her feel good, it’d drag her deeper, and deeper into a lull of his control.

She made another sound, breaking their contact for a moment. It was only then that his blue’s fluttered back open meeting hers. “I promise to be gentle.” He breathed before leaning in again, but before he could get far, his fingers and pressed along his slightly parted lips. It was hard not to let his lips pull back to expose his fangs. He wanted to ravage her. He had surely gone too long without feeding to be like this. He rolled his shoulders a little, her grip tightening on the comforter under his hands. The fabric which had been left untouched all this week had finally become crinkled, as his mouth opened more, taking two of her fingers into his mouth, letting his tongue brush along the pads. His eyes were sharp, his stare hard, his erection growing in his pants already. He could feel the blood pumping through the thin layer of flesh he could so easily break in a blink.

He pulled back slowly, before reaching up to take her fingers and pressing them to his chest, before leaned in again this time bypassing her lip, his lips still slightly parted, his breath brushed along his jaw as he leaned in, kissing the corner of her neck just below her ear. His free hand dragged along the comforter, crumbling it more as his fingers dragged along the fabric, his chest lowered, crushing her hand between their bodies as he kissed lower along her neck, hips pressing to her own, before his jaw open more, letting the very tip of his fang brush along her skin. He couldn’t stop the groan that built up in his chest. The sensation that would rush through her, would be thrilling, as if waiting for that pleasuring feeling. It wasn’t sharp, chilling, before he kissed along her neck again, this time sucking as his other hand holding hers let go and slipped down to pluck at her uniform. It had to come off.[/fieldbox][/justify]


Divinatas – Mar 22, 2017 at 3:09 AM

[imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/cecille_f.png[/imga] All of her concern and doubt got locked up tight in to a box and shoved away in to nice dark closet in the back of her mind. It could have been the way he said [i]I promise to be gentle[/i] with just a breath; or it could have been how her whole body had flushed warm a heady fog. Cecile wasn’t so sheltered that she didn’t recognize desire for what it was. She read books, she watched TV, she had crushes and flirted on occasion. This was just… so much more than she was expecting it to be like. As if she’d drank several swallows of alcohol, could feel it burning through her bloodstream, and then just couldn’t stop drinking.

Somewhere between her sigh at his the scrape of his teeth against her neck and the feel of his hand plucking away at her uniforms buttons Cecile decided she definitely wanted this. She was an adult woman and it felt so [i]good[/i]- there wasn’t any reason for this to be a bad idea. People did this all the time; strangers hooking up for something quick and passionate. This moment was hers.

Ceci had imagined she’d instantly be the sexy temptress, thought she would throw him the heated looks and seamlessly get them both undressed. But her shaking hands fumbled when trying to grasp at his shirt near his sides to pull it up. When she opened her mouth to say something, she couldn’t quite think of just the right sultry thing and just sputtered a nervous laugh. After biting in to her own lip, she gave up, gripping his head gently with both her hands to pull him eye to eye with her.

“I haven’t… done this before.” she whispered sheepishly, before following it up with another tentative kiss. With her confession out of the way, she got a little braver. Grazing his lips with the tip of her tongue before delving in to his mouth.


Touch of Insanity – Mar 27, 2017 at 4:30 PM

[justify][fieldbox=When The Clothes Come Off, #084fd1] [imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]The top came loose first and he used that moment to start pulling it off the rest of the way. His other hand moving to support her bodies in the right places. His hands would still feel a bit cold, but not anything to shock her system. Once the shirt was out of his way he tossed it off to the side. It landed in a crumpled mess on top of the dresser beside the TV in the room. She grabbed his shirt next, he didn’t lean back in yet, knowing his arms would have to move up and over his head. He could hear the way her heart thudded in her chest, he had enough self-control that he hadn’t just bite into her. No matter how hungry he was, it wasn’t like this had been the most starved state. No thirst he had, had was like that moment when his eyes first opened on the night of his change.

Her giggle was nervous, he didn’t miss that. He started to help her pull the shirt up and over his head. As she spoke his eyes shot to hers before her lips were on his. He groaned softly into the kiss, pressing her down into the bed again. His lips parted to let their tongues brush, before he cut it short. With her grip on his shirt, he stepped back and out of it. He smirked down at her, as the shirt fell slack in her hands, and now his upper body was fully exposed to her eyes. He took this moment to kicked off his shoes.

Jace was a broad build man. His body hadn’t changed at all after his change. He had been a well-built man, from slaving away for hours in the sun taking care of his family’s farm. The curves of his muscles were well defined, but rather then that nice bright tan he had gotten over the years, his skin had paled some from the glow it once had. He slipped down onto his knees as his fingers were sliding up her tights. His eyes locked onto hers as he kissed her knee just before his fingers grasping her waist band around her hips. He let his fingers dragging along her skin, dipping a bit deeper under the fabric as if to tease her of what he was about to do. He wasn’t going to give her the chance to get out of this, so he would lure her into a sense of security. “I promise you’ll love it.” He said softly before finally pulling down her bottoms, leaving her panties for the time being. If he took them both now, she may get freaked out with it being her first time. Slow was the key.

As the fabric of her clothes when down pass her knees, he took this moment to kiss the inside of her thigh. He slowly moved up her thigh towards her sex, hovering over her legs now, having forced them slightly part in order to kiss, her before he dropped her bottoms at her ankles. His hands gripped her thighs again, pulling her a bit more forward, as he skipped over her sex, kissing just above her panties, this time allowing his tongue to run slowly along her skin. His eyes still watching for her every reaction. He wanted to know what she liked, because the more the woman enjoyed it, the more he did. Besides it was only fair for when he buried his fangs into her to feed. He already knew when the perfect moment to do it was.[/fieldbox][/justify]


Divinatas – May 6, 2017 at 3:11 AM

[imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/cecille_f.png[/imga]”I’m not worried,” came her breathless response. That may have been a lie. Cecile was a [I]little[/I] worried. You couldn’t be heading super fast on a runaway train towards your devirginizing without being a little scared. Still, he had a way of making her feel safe. The worry was nothing but a little tiny thing so far in the back of her mind, she almost didn’t notice it at all anymore.

It could be because he was so handsome. Flawless muscled skin. Cecile figured he must be another night shift person like her, because he had that same pale sunless skin. And bit by bit, with every article of clothing he peeled away she was more and more exposed. She knew she had a pretty face, but rest of her felt unimpressive. Cecile didn’t have the curves men seemed to like so much. She was just a bit too thin, a bit too small; she looked like she would break. Some perverts seemed to be in to that, but this man didn’t behave like the typical shady hotel guest.

She wouldn’t be in his bed letting him lave his tongue all over her skin if he was.

Cecile shivered, her hands curling in to the bed sheets. She squirmed a little when his mouth came dangerously close to her panty line. Almost subconsciously her legs widened a bit further while she dug her teeth in to her lip.


Touch of Insanity – May 9, 2017 at 2:22 PM

[JUSTIFY][fieldbox=Hungry Eyes, #084fd1][imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]
Jace felt the way her legs dipped apart every so slightly, pushing against his hands along the sides of her legs. She squirmed with a tight grip on the bed sheets. He let one of her fangs drag ever so softly along her skin. It made him shiver with delight, before the fang caught the line of her panties. He used that moment to grip them with his teeth, dragging them down, as his chin brushed down her, making sure to press a little harder as he got to her clit before dragging down towards her folds and then pulling back. His eyes dipped down towards her sex, taking in a deeper breath as he let go of her panties. He could spell her arousal, it made him throb all the harder. He was suddenly wishing she had taken those off already.

His hand smoothly ran up her legs again, catching her panties and dragging them down to her knees so they would drop to the floor. He thought about teasing her more, but with his hungry and his own need for a pleasing touch, he stood up. He still had to remove her bra, but he could do that in a moment. “Would you like to? Or shall I?” He asked not shy of looking her in the eyes, that flash of sexual need reflecting much like a hungry animal hunting down it’s pray. He smiled at her smugly, as his own hand brushed over his hidden erection, fingers gliding up towards the button showing her, if she didn’t want to, he was going to snap the release of the button.[/fieldbox][/JUSTIFY]


Divinatas – Jun 26, 2017 at 8:53 AM


It was so strange how a flush of heat could send chills down her spine. Her ears were burning and so was the back of her neck. If she touched a glass of water, Cecile was sure it’d evaporate with a steamy hiss. She rose up on to her palms, almost at eye level with the hands hovering at the button of his jeans. Her teeth bit in to her bottom lip. Now was the time to back out if she really didn’t want to do this. But no matter what scenario she dreamed up, she kept circling back to the same answer.

Gingerly Ceci reached out, brushing his hands gently out of the way before she hooked her fingers in to the waistband of his jeans. She was still worrying her lip with her teeth even as she popped the button loose and slid the zipper of his pants down using a single finger. Cecile didn’t stop there, though. Her heavy gaze flickered upwards just for a moment, catching the look on his face as she tugged not only his jeans down, but the thin fabric of his boxers.

When she glanced back down, Cecile found herself face to face with his twitching erection. She sucked in a sharp breath. This wasn’t the first time she’d seen a dick. A girl couldn’t work graveyard shifts at seedy motels and questionable diners without getting flashed a few times. But she’d never actually been close enough to touch. Even now she hesitated, choosing instead to lean forward and press her lips gently to a spot just under his belly button.


Touch of Insanity – Jul 9, 2017 at 10:56 AM

[JUSTIFY][fieldbox=Hungry Eyes, #084fd1][imga=left]http://i.imgur.com/qBAPDQF.jpg[/imga]
She sat there watching his hand. His finger started to circle along the button, like a ticking clock, hoping she would make up her mind as she bite her lip. His hunger wasn’t getting easier to deal with. He had already locked on her as his meal for the night. This was going to happen if she consented or not. After all, none of that matters when she wouldn’t remember the next morning, that he’d never stay to see her world fall apart from his dark needs. His tongue pressed to his one fang as his finger then tapped along the metal button. She finally reached forward and let out a long breath he had been holding. Breathing although seeming natural at first, as a vampire as old as he, it was almost hard to remember to do it sometimes.

His hand fell to his side as she got to work, what did surprise him, was the fact she hadn’t wasted a second in undoing his pants, she didn’t fumble around, and down they went. His erection springing up in her face. He was quiet, waiting for her reaction, as her eyes settled on him. He could hear her heart. Part of him was half expecting her to suddenly back out. Yet as she started to lean forward, he was hoping she was going to push it in her mouth. He could already feel the groan hanging on the tip of his tongue, but rather she kissed just under his belly button. His cock twitched with need as exhaled another long breath. He took this moment to reach around her, fingers catching the back of her bra, with a quick snap of his fingers, it came free as if he had done that many times before. His fingers slowly started to drag up her back, pressing a bit harder on her spin. As he got to her neck, his fingers slide up the side, pausing for a moment over her pulse, a heavier breath leaving him as his cock twitched again. It carried on much to his own desire to keep it there to the under side of her chin, forcing her head up to look at him.

“Did you want to have some fun first or should I push you back?” He said his tone serious, yet soft, low almost like a pur. He could wait just a little longer. . . right?[/fieldbox][/JUSTIFY]


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