Iris Sideris

About to turn 21 soon, under 5 feet tall, curly black hair, super dark brown eyes, freckles, a small long scar along her right temple, and very rough looking teeth and claw scars on her right arm and leg. She wears long sleeves and pants even in the summer, and tends to part her hair to hide her scar as well.

Iris is a fun bouncy girl trapped in fight-or-flight. She is hyper-vigilant and has a hard time relaxing. Everything is always very somber and serious. And she feels like she is a wolf murderer. All she ever wanted was to be a wolf, and now she is a wolf killer.

She LOVES her parents and would do anything for them. In fact, her intent is to make sure they are safe and happy in this sanctuary town and then leave as quickly as she can so they never have to run again.

Iris actually really wishes she *could* stay put and have a nice little life. She is a family and social person.

She’s a creative crafter! She likes repurposing things, fixing things up, finding strange trash and treasures in dumpsters and other crafty activities. She’s pretty good at handiwork and a lil bit of electricity work on small appliances and a very quick learner.

Her bark is LOUD AND SCARY but she has zero skills or physical strength to really be dangerous. She’s more a gentle and squishy person, she just hopes that being LOUD AND LOOKING WILD will be shocking and intimidating enough.

Iris was conceived by accident to Oscar and Mary Sideris (both natural born wolves), who had spent most of their lives as part of this shady-ass werewolf pack of thieves and criminals. They were pretty damn good at it and a kid was never on the agenda.

But when Iris was born, they found that their lifestyle wasn’t good for a lil baby and started reducing their criminal activities. (Pack Alpha wasn’t keen on that, but it was pretty typical of aging pack members to settle down and make room for younger gens) The pair participated less and less in the dangerous side and tried to keep Iris out of it as much as possible as they turned out to absolutely LOVE being parents. Being a part of this pack is FOR LIFE though and that includes the children of members, so they were always worried about what would happen with their kid…

Especially when Iris turned out not to be a wolf. Most natural born wolves are able to shift by the time they hit puberty, but it never happened with Iris. In their pack you HAD to be a wolf, one way or another, so there was always that looming threat that if Iris did not turn on her own by 18, she was going to get a trial by fire from the pack. With very few humans ever surviving the bite and turning, the prospects were grim and her parents were terrified.

A 16 Iris’s friends consisted of other similarly aged wolves from the pack and her older boyfriend Garret (19), who happened to be the Alpha’s only son. Their relationship was SERIOUS, enough that they had even gone all the way. Garret wasn’t happy about not having a wolf girlfriend, and when Iris refused to get bitten early, he forced it with his friends in a vicious mauling.

After a good chomp and chance to swallow a mouthful of blood Garret went through a painful shift back into a human and could not return to being a wolf. Iris turned out to be an Argent – something so rare that many wolves thought it was just a myth. Her blood is a werewolf cure.

Immediately that night she and her parents shuffled into the car and left town. They’ve been on the run ever since, shifting town whenever they’re discovered or when they’ve been in place for too long.

Recently her parents have come across a Sanctuary town with a pack that takes in all Rogue Wolves and their human families. It’s a place that offers safety and protective as long as you are good to the pack. The parents are scared to reveal that Iris is an argent, however, so for now the secret must be kept.

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