Jamie Louise Kettle

Jamie Louise Kettle

House: Gryffindor


Blood Type: Muggleborn



Pet: Squirrel

Born to a family that never ever believed in magic or had wizards in their family tree. Jamie realized she was a bit unusual while a small child in school. Her parents believed she was a naughty child with a wild imagination. They kept her private boarding schools. When she got her letter from Hogwarts, they were more than happy to send her away and made arrangements for her to stay with a “foreign family” as an “exchange student”. She’s been living with a wizard family that also has children in Hogwarts.

Jamie is such an average, boring witch that she could be considered invisible. There is nothing of note or interest about her. She doesn’t look like anything special: Normal height, shapeless straight body, brown hair, brown eyes. She was hoping the teenage “blossoming” would have kicked in by now. Her talents are equally as average. Jamie isn’t particularly amazing at anything, but at least she does make up for it in pure enthusiasm to try.

Maybe she does have one talent. She knows all there is to know about muggles and muggle things and she loves making enchanted items.

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