Jasmine Harris Toulouse

24 year old graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science.

She actually started out thinking she wanted to be a doctor but found out very quickly that she doesn’t do well under severe pressure. Jasmine then tried veterinary science, thinking if it’s animals it’d be a little easier, but dealing with dead animals was even harder! After a bit of fumbling she landed on library science. Jasmine loves a good library and bad scary things never happen in libraries.

Jasmine comes from a small town family and is the first to actually go to college and graduate. They are a family of simple wholesome peoples. Her middle name is after her grandpa.

She loves the holidays, playing badminton, adores bird watching, and enjoys watching baking shows (but not doing any baking herself because she’s super bad at it). She really wants to travel and go to fancy places, but she has a mountain of loans to pay off. Her favorite color is blue, favorite season is winter, and favorite drink is spiced chai tea latte. She never drinks because she can’t handle it, but she’ll accept a champagne or pink wine. Jasmine hates horror movies, eating fish, is allergic to peanuts, and can’t stand being called “Jazzy”.

Her exboyfriend helped eat up all of her savings through being a lazy loaf and spending cash on wild whims or ideas that never took off. After one too many unfortunate incidents, she broke up with him, swearing to never date again! Jasmine managed to graduate with honors once he was no longer getting her into trouble.

Turns out there’s not a lot of open positions in libraries though. At present, Jasmine is working as a coffee barista as she continues to put in her applications to jobs where she can apply her degree. No regrets! Through this job, she met Valerian and life has been delightful. Who knew you could meet true love just by mangling his name on his coffee cup. (Va- Vuh- Valerie? Order up for a Valerie?)

FUN FACT: Jasmine was not actually invited directly to this big fancy Christmas party. It was her strange and mysterious neighbor. Alas, the neighbor has a “family emergency” and couldn’t make it, and gave her ticket to Jasmine. This might be the coolest thing that has ever happened to Jasmine!

Jasmine is 5’2″ with long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. She snorts when she laughs too hard and then gets embarrassed.


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