Name: Jeanette
Maid Types: Pure (Affection +1, Cunning -1) and Lolita (Luck +1, Athletics -1)

Athletics: 1
Affection: 5
Skill: 4
Cunning: 4
Luck: 5
Will: 6
Favor: 10
Spirit: 60

She is childish, young, innocent, cute, and sweet.

Uniform: Blue.
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Vermillion.

Special Features:
1: Something about her is absurd: she is one of the fae folk, a fairy, pixie or something else entirely.
2: She has an overactive imagination.
3: She is sickly.
4: She is a neat freak.

Stress Explosion: She starts crying.

Roots: She became a maid to acquire the skills to be an ideal bride one day.
Weapon: A book. Bludgeoning with it or tearing out pages to attack.
Maid Power: Absolute Maid: She is the very epitome of a maid, and she takes no penalties when not in full uniform.

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