Juliette Denise Byron

25 years old, dark brown hair, brown eyes, 5’2″. Favors professional clothing, skirts and dresses. She dresses feminine and ladylike.

Parents, Arnould Byron and Natalie Byron, are a pair of socialite disasters. Arnould has been slowly gambling away the family funds, while Natalie racks up debt with creditors. Arnould is upset he didn’t have a son, and tends to treat Juliette as if she doesn’t exist until it is convenient. Natalie is disappointed with her daughter, as Juliette is completely uninterested in “high society”.

Arnould has pushed for this marriage contract to go through as he believes they will get access to all that old money. He’s aware that “back in the day” the family legend is that they made a deal with vampires, but obviously that’s nonsense.

Juliette has NO interest in this marriage and thinks it’s absolutely stupid, but has recently been made aware of just how badly the family business is doing. She cares a lot about their business and has been working there herself for the past few years trying to save it. This revelation their her father has wasted all the funds has made her reconsider this insane idea just so she can help her business. (Or at least she is going along with it until she finds a better way.)

Juliette went to college specifically to help her run this business. She’s an excellent business manager, can roughly speak a few languages and is good with people in a business setting. If her father hadn’t been secretly gambling away all the money, the business would actually be in good shape right now.


An introvert that is afraid to relax even for a moment. She’s made her whole life about working, half to try and impress her father and half to avoid her mother. In a private setting she has a hard time connecting to people once the “Small Talk” is over. There are lots of things she has mild interest in, but hasn’t really taken the time to discover or enjoy them. (Sailing, hiking trails, concerts, and she’d probably enjoy hobbies like wine tasting, painting, travel and collecting)

She’s feisty and will stick up for herself and others – verbally. Juliette can cut someone down with her words, but as soon as someone gets into her bubble she can’t handle it. She is small and easily intimidated.


She’s had past relationships, and is “kind of” in an off and on again relationship with this one dude who is kind of an asshole but she hasn’t quite figured that out.

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