Katherine (Kat) Zoe Knowles

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Katherine (Kat) Zoe Knowles


Around 5’8. Her hair is a natural brown, but currently died a bright red. She’s always dying her hair random colors. Brown eyes. Strong frame and toned body. She works out and gets plenty of exercise. Has a lot of random scars. Dresses like a thrift-store hipster. Army jackets, crop-tops, scarves, boots, designer sunglasses, and random hats. She has extra piercings in her ears, nose, and belly button but zero tattoos. (You can’t take a tattoo off is her reasoning.) Jazzes up her makeup and wardrobe for gigs.

Kat is fearless. She’ll thrown down in a fight, take big risks, push the boundaries, and try anything once. She is a vibrant and lively person that enjoys trying to get everything she can out of life. This includes getting wild and reckless during events and parties. Kat is always coming up with new ideas for the band and often butts heads with the others. Though she is a people person, sometimes she can be judgemental – especially if first impressions don’t go well. If you piss off Kat, she’s not quick to forgive and will hold a grudge. Kat is honest to a fault and crosses over in to being blunt and accidentally offensive.

Plays piano and guitar and sings backup vocals. She’s also savvy with the technical side of the performances – lights, sound, etc. Kat is usually the one setting up their gear.

Kat and her twin brother (Evander) were born to a dirt poor family. Their father always struggled to keep a job due to the state of the economy, and their mother was constantly ill. The healthcare costs kept them in a constant state of being in debt. Despite this, their parents always did their best to provide their kids with what they needed, including fostering their love of music. They wanted their children to succeed at something they had a passion in.

They met Michael Traugott and eventually Rhiannon in Highschool. Sharing an interest in music, the friends started their own garage band.

As an adult, the majority of Kat’s money goes in to paying medical bills. Both her parents’ and her own. Lately she has been especially accident prone. She’s broken a couple bones and got a few nasty cuts. She’s always been a little reckless, but until the past year, she’d never actually gotten seriously hurt before. Now her brother has gotten paranoid about her accidents and it’s driving her nuts.

Kat currently lives with her brother in a shabby apartment.

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