Katrinka Michaela Carrel

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Katrinka Michaela Carrel


30 Years Old

She is a dynamic petite woman at 4’9″ with a slender frame and fluffy bits and don’t you dare ask her weight because it’s embarrassing. (She doesn’t weigh much more than a sack of potatoes, despite all her complaints about her squishy parts.) Katrinka has shoulder length dark brown hair that she never colors or highlights, and hazel eyes that are more brown than green. Her makeup is always done in a very subtle, natural look, though she does love a good pink lipstick and rosy blush. Fashion wise, she’s not very experimental and tends to stick with mix n’ match business suit ensembles for her work wear, and camisoles, cardigans and loose skirts on her rare off days. Katrinka likes clothes that make her feel beautiful AND comfortable. The only exception would be glamorous party events where she will look like she’s about to walk the red carpet.


To the world, Katrinka is a bubbly socialite that likes to see and be seen. She is constantly interacting with people, getting to know new people, reconnecting with friends, chatting, gossiping, and networking. She is “on” ALL the time. Her special power is helping even the most awkward people feel a little more comfortable, and you’d be hard pressed to find a person who didn’t have nice things to say about her. Even people that don’t care for her bouncy personality, reluctantly admit that they at least respect her tenacity and kindness. Close friends and family think she meddles too much in other people’s business and not enough on her own life. They are certain that she’s desperately lonely and are endlessly encouraging her to actually try to hookup with someone herself.

Diving deep into Katrinka reveals a lot of buried insecurities and self denial. She hides all of her fears behind smiles and being busy. She has a complex about her whole being in love with love shtick, as she feels like “I don’t NEED a relationship to feel whole, you need to be a fully independent and self sustaining person on your own before finding love”, but still feels like her life is empty and something is missing. To top it off, when she HAS been in relationships, almost every single one of them ending the relationship by leaving town. She’s convinced there’s something wrong with her and now vehemently refuses to put herself into any kind of romantic situation. It’s all business from here on out. 

Ignoring her love issues, Katrinka is a genuine person that adores people. She’s an absolute extrovert and gets her energy from others. If she’s not at work, she’s at a social event, bonus points if that event is a charity. Katrinka likes to experience life and try new things, even if those new things freak her out.  She has a world of patience, but she’s a perfectionist that likes things done HER way and she will not rest until it’s all done right. She has a hidden temper that usually stays locked up tight, until those days where she is stressed out beyond repair and has a breakdown. In those cases she ends up yelling until she cries. Katrinka lives for a good horror movie marathon!

Her biggest fault is that she just can’t seem to trust people with her feelings, her life, her everything. This even extends to her friends and family, where in the back of her head she knows they’d never really let her down if she asked for help, but still can’t seem to get past this feeling that there’s a time limit to it and that they’d eventually leave her. It’s bad enough she won’t even ask for small favors like airport rides or house-sitting.

Her greatest fears (besides never finding her soulmate) involve sharks, jellyfish, crabs… most ocean life in general and especially deep water. She’s refused to learn to swim because of it. She also has the classic fear of spiders and the idea of camping out in the woods freaks her out. Closed up spaces have their own kind of uncomfortableness, including spaces/situations where the only escape is death (like airplanes or boats).

Katrinka was born to two parents who grew to hate each other and then eventually divorced while she was still in elementary school. She and her two siblings (older brother, younger sister) were raised by Mom during the school year and then spent summers with Dad. The arrangement was awkward (especially when both parents started dating and remarried), but they loved their kids and made sure they knew it. Both of her siblings got married and had kids, (her brother lost his wife and is currently dating, while her sister is the happiest married lady ever).

Her highschool years were filled with the ups and downs of typical teen drama. She was a cute popular girl with loads of friends but had a habit of always supporting the underdogs, which caused a lot of ripples in the world of highschool social politics. She had a string of psuedo boyfriends (where you’re a “couple” but never really see each other outside of school or events) and the one guy she was actually serious about moved away right before Senior Prom.

College turned out to be loads of good fun — too much fun! Katrinka spent too much time partying and socializing and not enough time on going to class or getting her work done. After two years of flailing and failing, she dropped out. Thanks to all her networking, though, she was still able to land a decent job with a travel agency. She spent a good year and a half with the company before she found herself starting her own business.

Katrina is the founder of Katrinka’s Dating Service and the popular dating app KissMet. After years of meddling in her family and friend’s social lifes, someone’s flippant suggestion of her starting a hookup service lead Katrinka into finding her calling! Katrinka lives for love and takes great pride in her work and all of her success stories. She has become a local celebrity and has even made appearances on local TV and radio stations.


BF#1 Her Serious Highschool Boyfriend — He was on the basketball team, the newspaper, and student council. Jr Class Sweetheart, and a shy charming nerd. His family moved out of town and he never told her he was moving. He broke up with her over skype two days before Prom.

BF#2 Beefcake Fratboy Boyfriend — A trustfund kid with the abs you see on romance novels, he wasn’t particularly ambitious, but boy did he know how to throw a good party. Just when things were starting to look serious, he took off to Milan with two strippers and a race car driver without so much as a goodbye.

BF#3 The Professor Boyfriend — It was his first year teaching and her second year at college. A casual coffee turned real kinky real fast. Their hot and heavy relationship might’ve gone somewhere had he not received an amazing job offer in England. He chose the job and asked her not to follow him.

BF#4 Agent Boyfriend FBI — While working at the travel agency, she met the Agent while he was undercover on a case. The relationship seemed like everything she ever wanted — until his job was done and the truth came out. Though the chemistry was real, he felt his job demanded too much. She has not seen him since.

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