Character Name: Kit
Gender: F
Job/Role: ??
Age: ??

General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:
Kit married at a young age and immediately had a child. Life seemed peachy until her son disappeared. Media had a field day saying the parents killed the child, nearly driving Kate insane. (To the point of actually attacking a reporter that showed up.) Months later she found bloody clothes in the basement. Things belonging to her son, and was immediately calling the cops.. only for her husband Jason to come home and stop her. He knocked Kit out, stuffed her in the car and drove it in to a nearby lake. At home he called the cops himself to tell them about the bloody clothes, that Kit killed their son and had taken off when he accused her.

Meanwhile Kit just barely manages to gain consciousness and get out of the sinking car before she drowns. She make it to someone’s house and contacts the police. Catching on the news that the car was found but there was no body inside, Jason vanishes. Kit is in protective custody until they can hunt him down…

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