Kore Persephone

Goddess of Spring (Future Queen of the Underworld)

20 years old in body and mind. (Actuality is 100, maybe older?) Warm dark red hair and green eyes with Mediterranean features. Ridiculously short. Current wardrobe is very cottagecore feminine, but she wants to try new styles and not look like a country bumpkin.

Born to Goddess Demeter “from the gardens”. Demeter is a kind and loving mother, but overbearing and overprotective. She did so much micromanaging of baby Kore’s time, and applied so many limits to who she interacted with and what she could do, that she has (in her mind) created the perfect little image of herself! An ideal Goddess of Spring – a perfect maiden of grace, beauty, and life.

Her daughter has different ideas in mind.

The farm has been a wonderful home, and indeed she does love growing things and seeing life flourish and all that jazz… but the world is so BIG! There’s so much more out there she could be doing! And maybe with a little bit of encouragement from unknown sources, she has decided to break out of her mother’s mold and find her own path.

Her scholarship as a Daughter of Zeus was meant to be used as homeschooling, but she has decide to move out on her own and attend an ACTUAL college. To study something other than vegetation and maidenhood and all the other nonsense her mother has been cramming down her throat for decades. WITHOUT PERMISSION she has left home and now uses the name Persephone to further claim her own identity.

Persephone is a delightful bundle of pure naïve joy and energy. She has an insatiable need to explore new things and try everything. Because of being so sheltered, sometimes she comes across as super weird and doesn’t always understand personal space boundaries. She also has a trouble streak, something her mother had been trying to squash out of her, but now Persephone gets to let loose. Her sense of humor can be sardonic, and she enjoys making people squirm uncomfortably when they really deserve it. She has no fear of anything at the moment and she’s never been properly PISSED OFF before. It shall be a dark day for all should that ever happen.

Current Goals:

  • Study interesting things and decide for herself what sort of goddess she wants to be.
  • Find a little romance and have her first ever actual romantic (and MORE?!) relationship.
  • Make FRIENDS! Best friends! Party friends!

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