Leslie Therese Cole


Character Name: Leslie Therese Cole

Gender: Female

Age: 22


Occupation: Fresh out of College, Job Hunting


General Appearance: Brown hair that she styles specifically to hide a few light scars on her temple and near her ear. Brown eyes. 4’11” Tiny frame. Usually wears long sleeves and pants, and keeps most of her skin covered because she’s insecure about her scarring. Favors simple, conservative styles. Doesn’t dress to stand out, but likes to look good and well put together.


Weaknesses: She’ll get achy and stiff when there’s severe weather. Cannot handle her alcohol AT ALL.


Current Goal/Purpose:



Fears: Claustrophobic. Especially within vehicles and elevators.

General Personality:

Inner Personality:



General History:
– Never knew her real dad. He knocked up her Mom and was never in the picture.

– Step-dad married mom when she was 5. He was a nice dude.

– In a car wreck at 16 with her Step-Dad and Mom, and was pinned in the car for quite some time. Leslie stayed in the hospital with severe injuries and still has massive scars on one side of her body. Mom died after being in a coma for two weeks, step-dad also spent time in hospital.

– Her then boyfriend couldn’t handle all the heavy stuff. The first time they tried to get all handsy, he got kinda freaked out. All of the stress from the weeks prior finally added up and they broke up. Leslie understood but at the same time it gave her a complex about her scars.

– Step-dad took care of her, but kinda checked out after Mom’s death. Started drinking and not being around.

– Went to college on a full scholarship. Plans on working her way up to Editor at a Magazine.

– Has issues with tight spaces, especially in vehicles and elevators. She’ll walk or bike everywhere she can. She’ll take stairs when possible. When she’s forced to ride in a car or use an elevator, she gets antsy as hell.

– She’s been on a couple of dates, but nothing that ever actually went anywhere. When things get too physical, she puts on the breaks. And no one has seemed worth taking the risk on.

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