Lily Anna Grey

Character for the Vampyres chat rpg. Daughter to Ciara Grey. Lily was an experiment in playing a “broken” character. Her first version was forced in to a direction that didn’t work and I wasn’t to fond of. (Going from suicidal to a spoiled magic flinging witch. It just didn’t feel right!) Version 2 is playing out worlds better and much more depth to the character!


Character Name: Lily Anna Grey
Alias: The Doll, A brief moment she called herself “Lace”.
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 17/18
B-Day: October 31st
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Place of Birth: New York, USA
Current Residence: New York, Usa
Occupation: Heiress/College Student/Rock Star!
Family: Ciara Grey, Peter Macintyre
Theme Songs: Evanescence – Snow White Queen; Representing that awful ordeal with Michael Carnatelli. Within Temptation – Stand My Ground; as a personal choice/realization that she intends to fight for her life and what she wants out of it.


Height: 5’5″
Hair: Dark red, wavy. Cut bangs about to her nose. She cut her own hair to a style similar to Ciara’s, in an attempt to get rid of that long-haired doll look.
Eyes: Bright Emerald Green.
Distinguishing Marks: Misc scars, most being from long cuts or teeth marks.
General Appearance: Snow white pale skin. Unhealthily thin. Fragile looking body. She had very little nutrition prior to returning home, and though her weight is improving, she still lacks a lot of body strength. Lily makes up for it by sheer force of will.
Strengths: Quick reflexes and light on her feet.
Weaknesses: Fragile body due to years of malnourishment, weakened immune system. Susceptible to sharp changes in weather and extreme temperatures.


Current Goal/Purpose: Education. Freedom. …finding a purpose in life?
Aspirations: Lily wants to have a “normal” life, but that’s quickly looking impossible. She is slowly realizing that she wants to protect people from those ‘big bads’ lurking around.
Hobbies: Writing songs, listening to music.
Talents: Singing & playing instruments. Seeing outside the box.
Inabilities: Dealing with people and authority.
General Personality: Awkward. Some might call her cold, unapproachable, stoic, silent, and unresponsive. She’s not fond of speaking to people at all, and when she does it’s usually short phrases. She has a problem with sharp unexpected moodswings, often triggered by even the smallest of things.
Inner Personality: Lily is… lost. She doesn’t know who she is, or what she’s doing or how to deal with the world now that’s shes “free”. She’d very much like to rebuild her relationship with her mother, connect with people, or even just find something to enjoy… but she’s still struggling with what’s happened and the overwhelming fears that came along with it. Lily has found a kindred spirit in Conrad. He managed to earn her respect from the start, and since she has found it easy to talk to him. Easier than talking to anyone else.
Self Perception: Lily thinks of herself as insane and stupid. She hasn’t forgiven herself for her mistakes, and feels she has to be bonkers for all of her bipolar moods.
Fondest Memory: Fond Memories…? It’s really hard for Lily to find those. But she does remember how excited she was when she got an autographed CD by the band Forsaken. Or one summer at the summer house where she and her Mom roasted marshmallows outside and talked about all the adventures Ciara had there.
Biggest Regret: Not realizing she was doing something dangerous until it was too late when she left to meet a stranger off the internet. It’s something she goes back to in her head, angry with herself for being so stupid.
Secret: Lily hasn’t told her mother about ANY of the unusual and often dangerous events that have happened at school or out with Conrad. If he mother doesn’t know, she’s not telling.


Fears: Vampires, Clingy People, Suspicious People, Brooding Quiet People … people. Michael Carnatelli.
Likes: Music. All music. Playing music, listening to music, making music. She also seems to like mysteries, learning things, and figuring stuff out.
Dislikes: Vampires. People that don’t consider how their actions will affect others. Not getting seconds at dinner. Playing dressup. Dolls.
Color: Black & Dark Purple
Music: Alternative and Punk Rock. Loves the English band Forsaken!
Food: Chocolate. Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Cookies… anything loaded with lots of sugar.
Clothing: A belt she bought that first outing with Conrad. She tends to wear it with everything.


Special Items: Evangeline gave her a few stones, of which she still keeps with her. Snowflake obsidian and agate.
Weapons: Occasionally she steals one of Conrad’s guns when he’s not paying attention and will stash it under her pillow while she’s sleeping.

– Lily has an inherited natural gift to see “the magical world”. All of those supernatural creatures that have made themselves invisible to modern man for a long time now.
– She has been told she has an “unbreakable soul”; a soul that is self healing and constantly renewing energy. This gives her a strong will and the ability to use her soul to fuel major magic without harmful consequences.


General History:
Lily was born to Ciara Grey as an unexpected (accidental) pregnancy! Though her father wanted nothing to do with her (“Get an abortion.” he said.), her mother was thrilled to have a child. Lily was raised with all the privileges that Ciara herself had… but with a mother’s attention along with it. She had a great relationship with her mother. Music lessons were her favorite activity, and she had a huge infatuation with the English band Forsaken. Ballet she thought was dreadfully boring, and she breezed by in school with average grades.

As most preteens Lily spent a lot of time on the internet chatting with people. In particular she’d chat with a guy named Michael (who had the same name as the lead singer in Forsaken, so that was SO COOL!), and ended up skipping school one day to go meet him. Lily disappeared that day.

Michael ended up being a vampire with an obsession with “dolls”. Pretty young girls he liked to dress up and play with to entertain himself. At first Lily had tried to fight and escape, but weeks turned in to months and eventually one grows numb. Lily was one of Michael’s favorites – she lasted longer and was stronger than most of the other girls.

Present Life:
Escaping Michael’s doll collection was a lucky twist of fate. There was a raid on the place by hunters from the Oracle Organization. Lily managed to get her hands on a gun and rescued by hunters while she was escaping.

Lily is now returned to her mother and still trying to figure out how to behave and just live again. Everything feels a thousands times for complicated that it should be. She wants to catch up on her schooling so she’s not a complete moron compared to other girls her age, she would like to know how to defend herself if(when) something else horrible happens, and she would love to not be afraid anymore.


Allies: Conrad, Her Mother (Ciara), Leon, Evangeline. …Gabriel.
Enemies: Michael Carnatelli.
Her Mother (Ciara): Lily’s relationship with her mother is a little “broken” after being missing for so long. When she was little they were really close, like best friends. Now, she’s having a hard time getting past some of the choices her mother has made, and how she behaves now, as well as what happened to herself. She has yet to reconnect.
Her Father (Peter): She has never met or spoken with her father to date. Lily pretty much doesn’t even think about his existence.
Leon Santos: Leon is that “cooties boy” her mother always talked about, so after meeting him in person it was like she had known him for awhile. Leon very naturally put her at ease, and Lily finds him amusing and friendly. He’s become her father figure.
Conrad Wolfe: Conrad earned her respect when he was the one of the few hunters from Oracle that didn’t get himself killed. He always feels comfortable and safe to be around, which has made him the perfect choice for her bodyguard. She likes having him around.
Evangeline Clark: She finds Evangeline curious, to say the least. But interesting.
Gabriel: Lily hasn’t decided how she feels about Gabriel. He protects her from Michael, and she feels that she owes him a debt of gratitude. She knows that Evangeline trusts him, and she trusts Evangeline’s judgement. She is slowly taking a liking to him (maybe because his attitude is similar to her mothers.)
Michael: Fear. Pure unbridled fear!
Stephan Hawthorne: The Professor is an unprofessional flirt!


13 – Lily is kidnapped.
17 – Lily escapes. She sees (and shoots) Gabriel Carnatelli thinking he is Michael. Lily meets Conrad and sticks to him, when he shows an aptitude for not dieing.
– 009 Michael raids Oracle looking for Lily. She meets Evangeline and Brutus. Gabriel explains who he is. They convince her to go home.
– 010 Lily finds returning home awkward and uncomfortable. Lily meets Leon. She hates what Ciara is doing with Anthony Carnatelli and leaves after a fight.
– 011 Conrad is sent as her new ‘babysitter’. Lily finds it comfortable and natural to talk to Conrad.
– 013 Seeing Anthony with Ciara triggers a violent reaction from Lily as she nearly tries to shoot him and her mother in public. Lily cuts her hair to not look like a doll.
– 015 Michael nearly reaches Lily on their mission to spy on Ciara’s date. Lily decides she might like Gabriel when he saves the day. Lily is uncomfortable with her mother knowing the truth about her abduction!
– 017 Lily shows a fighting spirit when trying to escape the Haunted Inn. She shows a dependency on knowing Conrad is nearby.
– 020 Lily gives her official approval of Leon.
– 021 Lily realizes a horrible trend of her being tricked and kidnapped when a Fake-Erica lures her away. Conrad makes an impressive rescue and Lily finds herself concerned and protective of him.
– 022 Lily finds a kindred spirit in Conrad and more reason to feel close with him, because he shares a similar tragic history.
– 027 Lily is willing to swallow her fears of Michael in order to protect others and help Conrad. Lily feels indebted to Gabriel because he protects her from Michael. Lily babysits Brutus!
– 031 Giving up trying to be a “normal girl” Lily chooses to investigate supernatural disturbances in order to protect innocent people. Lily thinks hugging Conrad is rather nice!

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