London Page Truman


Character Name: London Page Truman
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 16
Occupation/School/Grade: 11th Grade Junior


General Appearance: Wavy black hair, dark brown eyes. Flawless pale skin. (Thanks to OxyMagic Face Wash! Get it in stores now!) 5’5″ with an average figure. Favors trendy and stylish clothing and spends a lot of time grooming.
Strengths: Good flexible body, due to exercise and dance.
Weaknesses: London is prone to fainting and dizzy spells lately because of poor diet habits. She’s cutting out food to lose weight!


Current Goal/Purpose: Get Accepted to an Out of State College
Talents: Singing, Acting, Dancing!
Inabilities: Cooking, Math (without a tutor), riding a bike.
Fears: The Forest, Camping, “Great Outdoors”, bears, wolves, and wild monsters. There’s a HUGE forest of trees at the edge of town. Her Girls Club would have summer camping trips in the woods. On one of those occasions she got lost and came across a fence. Just as she was getting curious, a pack of wolves showed up to chase her. A Park Ranger managed to scare them off and took her back to camp. On several camping occasions there would be wild animals or scary things happen. She eventually refused to go on anymore trips.
General Personality: London is an outgoing and popular individual. She has a sarcastic and witty sense of humor, along with little patience for what she thinks is “lame”. She’s not one to give in to peer pressure from others teens. She’s more likely to be the one pressuring others and often has a little bit of a trouble-making streak. Like any teenage girl, London is prone to drama-fits and over-exaggeration of emotional moments. She is a “Mommy’s Girl” in that she always tries to do what Mommy suggests. This HAS brought her to moments where she’s not sure if she does things because SHE wants to, or if because she just wants her Mother to be proud. London loves her Father, but secretly wishes he would do something. ANYTHING. He’s a miserable, boring old man with no ambition. Not like Mom. Her occasional trouble-makings are usually directly related to trying to get Daddy mad.
Inner Personality:
Reputation: London hits home with the teen crowd. Her spot-on timing for clever quips are a favorite. People watch as her mother tries to groom her in to the perfect woman and her struggles with insecurities compared to other Teens! Parents aren’t thrilled with her trouble-making and think she can be a bad influence for their kids.


General History: London is Mommy and Daddy’s REAL child and takes after Mommy in both appearance and personality. In her youth she was very adventurous. Always wanting to explore, travel and get in to things. Mommy always encouraged London to dress nice, behave well, and eventually leave town to do her own thing. After several bad camping experiences, London isn’t too keen on doing any exploring around the town, but she still has big ambitions. When London wants something, she usually gets it. Mommy is always eager to help London succeed and Daddy can’t say no to his pouting daughter.

Recently, London has found out her boyfriend of two years is going to be leaving the state and going to College elsewhere. He’s not even going to be able to visit anymore. Lots of rumors have been circling around school that he’s going to break up with her before he graduates High School. London is determined to find a way to be with him. She and mother have this great idea about her graduating school a year early and joining him at college. They’ve been working extra hard at her studies.

Her ultimate dream is to be a Broadway star. London LOVES acting, especially the dancing and singing kind. Her classmates are all very talented, so their school productions are always a huge hit. Getting to leave home a year sooner to pursue her goals sounds like a plus to her.

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

Name: Dallas Cambridge (His real name is Kevin Jennings!)

Role in the Show: Hot Bad Boy, London’s Boyfriend

Appearance: Tall and lanky, with that angled jaw and clef chin. Dirty brown hair cut really short, blue eyes. His clothes always have that disheveled and worn for days, yet well put together look.

Personality: On the show, Dallas is playing that lovable bad boy. He’s the guy that takes London off to get in trouble – but in a totally safe and non-threatening way. Around the school he likes razzing the Populars, chills out with the laid back skater dudes, and has a very relaxed personality. Girls absolutely adore him and guys can’t find any reason to hate him! Kevin the actor? Sure, he can find parallels here and there, but he’s much more serious about his career. And himself.

Secret role: Sex is officially legal now that’s she’s 16! The producers have been nudging him to GO ALL THE WAY.

Reputation: The Audience loves his “don’t care” bad boy attitude. Even parents find something to love about him, in his “I’m a bad boy, but my education is important!” and “Lets wait to have sex.” roles. But lately, they’re crossing fingers those rumors about him leaving the show are lies!

Background: Dallas the character moved in to town with his Mom two and a half years ago. He seemed to hit it off immediately with all the kids at school, except London. He really had to work hard to catch her attention. He started with little things, like the friendly-teasing about their “city names” and the bumping in to her. When the more obvious approaches of slapstick goofy gestures were just met with rolled eyes, the Show took measures in to their own hands. One tiny little staged accident had London thinking she knocked Dallas out a window and breaking his leg. She spent weeks helping him with chores, homework… and eventually fell in to crush! His big “thing” on the show is that he’s really motivated to get good grades and go to college so he doesn’t end up a deadbeat like his never-there Dad. That got lots of sympathy from London and from the audience!

Kevin, the actor, is getting hot and sexy and been offered lots of great actor jobs in big name movies. Now that his character is graduating High School, he’s ready to get out there. About London? Pfff. Just a job. He likes her and everything, but not like THAT. He’s a professional. This “go for it” thing the producers have been telling him, just haven’t been sitting right with him. His character has been all knightly and waiting to wait for real love and all that crap. He feels bad and kinda hopes he can dodge it long enough for his contract to be up.

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