Lucky Mariana Bennett


Character Name: Lucky Mariana Bennett

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human (American)

Age: 23

Birthplace: USA

Occupation: “Anything” Lucky has a hard time keeping a job. She also has yet to finish college, because she keeps changing her major.


General Appearance:





Current Goal/Purpose: Keep a job longer than a week.

Talents: “Jack of All Trades”, Lucky can do a little bit of everything, but is an expert in nothing.

Inabilities: “Expert in nothing”. If she can’t figure out something fast enough, and bullshitting fails her, things tend to blow up in Lucky’s face. She can’t admit when she’s in too deep and needs help.

Fears: Being broke, homeless, loveless, and possibly with some horrible disease! And “being cursed”.

General Personality: “That girl doesn’t make sense.” is the first impression a lot of people get of Lucky. By normal standards, she’s a little quirky. Her attention span is zilch, and everyone is sure she exaggerates her daily escapades just to get the attention. Accident prone and naturally drawn in to trouble, she also seems to be lacking common sense.

Inner Personality: Method to the madness? Lucky lives to her own tune and often feels bitter about being so misunderstood. Yes, she’s not the brightest crayon in the box. Sure, she makes decisions on a whim. But that doesn’t mean she’s stupid, and she’s sure as hell not running in to disaster after disaster on purpose! Lucky strongly believes that she might be cursed.

Secret: The Intern that set fire to the employees lounge with a coffee maker and burned down the entire Coblax Building… that was her. And frankly, she thinks they deserve it! They treated their employees like crap and tested products on animals!


General History:
Lucky Bennett was born the only child to very happy, very odd parents. Being totally in to the whole Hippy movement, their lifestyle was always a little off kilter compared to the rest of the world. If it wasn’t moving around to save an endangered animal species, it was participating in protests against government control. All of this “freedom” help Lucky grow in to the eccentric, chaotic little minx she is today.

Present Life:
Lucky can’t hold down a job and she can’t focus on a college major. Her life is insanity with one weird thing after another and she can’t seem to pull it together. She’s been listening to far too much of that AM talk radio about supernatural stuff, so now she believe she must have gotten herself cursed.

Special Historic Notes:

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