Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood – Ravenclaw – ADULT LUNA

Wand: Her second wand. Specifically made by Ollivander and given to her. Pine, swishy, unicorn hair.

Writes the occasional article for the Quibbler. Does a lot of exploring and research of odd things.

Summer and Fall colors. Bright. Orange, Peach, Cyan, Sapphire Blues, Silvers.

Thick lumpy sweaters. Weird prints. Root vegetables. Stars and sky. Fruits. Lace and mix-matched patterns. Glitter and sequins. Skirts and dresses. Barefoot when ever possible, a wide assortment of interesting shoes when not. Overalls and jumpers. Sunflowers, daisies, tulips, black-eyed susans, hollyhocks.

Has a blunt way of saying things. Stares longer than is polite. Daydreamy. Loses things easily. Defensive about things her loved ones are passionate over. (Doesn’t like people insulting them.) Believes in impossible things and thinks the scientific method is narrow-minded. Adores creatures and plants. Paints and crafts. Likes to explore and discover. Doesn’t believe someone is being sincerely friendly with her until they prove otherwise. (Long-running experience with people thinking she’s crazy and treating her as such.) Incredibly brave. Softer than people realize.

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