Michael Wesley Traugott

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Michael (Mike) Wesley Traugott


Stands at 6’2″ with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. At a glance, you know he’s the kind of guy that works out. He’s good-looking and he knows it. Mike puts in effort to look nice, including wasting everyone’s time by spending forever fixing his hair. Unfortunately his sweet good boy face ruins the more edgy vibe he’d rather go for. Mike has the kind of smile even the most suspicious of grandmothers would trust. He tends to stick with printed tees, plaids, and demin. And he’s been told by Kat he’s not allowed to wear leather unless it’s “frost balls” outside.

Ignoring Mike’s insistence that his band persona is the bad-guy (it’s not, Evander has him beat), Mike is a friendly, charming guy. He likes to joke, play around, flirt, meet people and socialize. He’s actually a great frontman and charismatic person. The trouble, is that he’s so busy having fun that he’s often irresponsible. He’ll drink too much, waste his money, be late for gigs, and has trouble making decisive choices. Mike lets other people handle the hard stuff. If it weren’t for him being fiercely loyal towards his mates and there for them when it counted, they’d have kicked his ass by now. He’s got a hero complex he’s trying desperately to ignore.

Mike was adopted by an aging couple that really wanted a child. He doesn’t know his birth parents and never felt the need to. Oscar and Muriel were delightful, loving parents that really took care of their son. He was home schooled up until middle school because they wanted to make sure he got a proper education both academically and as it turned out, musically. Their little boy was always singing, they figured it was a good call. He took to it immediately and was writing songs as young as eight.

In high school, Mike hit it off with Kat and Evander almost immediately. They had a lot of interests in common. Later when Rhiannon moved to town and became part of their friend group, they started a band. Playing out of Mike’s garage for the first few years, they all figured out where they fit in and their roles. Eventually they found ways to book locations to play for audiences. They were even able to play for their senior prom.

These days Michael is living in his own apartment, paid for by his parents because he ends up investing his share of the gig money back in the band.

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