Miya Callahan


Character Name: Miya Callahan
Gender: Female
Side: Neutral
Age: 14
Birthplace: West Continent
Current Residence: West Continent
Occupation: Student


General Appearance: Miya looks like the average 14 year old girl. She’s 4’11” (she’s sure she’s still growing!), rather petite waist, and just recently discovered that her boobs are growing! Her natural hair color is a dirty brown, something she found totally boring, so she’s colored it a dark shade of sea green to match her eyes. (This cause a lot of controversy in her school.) Generally, she loves wearing short skirts and cute tops, when not wearing her school clothes. Fashion is very important to a teenage girl.
Strengths: She likes to play volley, tennis, and badminton.
Weaknesses: She hates swimming, because she can’t hold her breath under water without holding her nose.


Current Goal/Purpose: Make it through freshman year of high school!
Talents: Miya loves designing clothes, helping people, reading, and theater.
Inabilities: Arguing is impossible for her, she gets so overwhelmed she ends up crying! She hates it when people are fighting around her! She’s also a terrible cook, and can’t swim.
Fears: Deep Water, Things that make noises when it’s dark, and recently anyone that acts suspicious or is a stranger.
General Personality: Miya is a friendly, outgoing, and tenacious teenage girl. She loves socializing, chatting, getting to know new people and making friends! Miya often finds herself the center of social circles, helping people feel comfortable, resolving arguments, in general being a neutral and pleasant person for people to come and talk to. She has been known to be fearless about most things, but recently, due to the sudden death of her father, she has become more introverted. She’s been fearful of strangers, quiet, and withdrawn.
Inner Personality: Miya was an open book until her father’s death. She was very close to her father and idolized him as her mentor. Now that he’s gone, she feels like her entire world has been turned upside down. She’s afraid that someone might try to hurt her and her mother. She’s grieving the loss of her dad, and still doesn’t know how to deal properly with it.


Miya was born to her father, local Senator Mitch Callahan and her mother Chantilly. Her parents were wonderful public servants, making great advancements in social care to help the people. They were well loved and respected… and it was a wonderful joy when they had a daughter! Miya has grown up with generous people, thus she has blossomed in to a wonderful and caring individual herself. She pursues the same charitable activities that most normal teens never care to do.

At 14 and in her first year of high school, Miya is discovering the wonderful world of growing up! She’s just blossom her boobs (that came as an amusing shock), has become a “woman”, and has learned that boys can be very interesting. This is a stressful for for any girl! In this same year, her father had declared to her and her mother, that he must leave them both. It was sudden and unexpected, but he said it was for the best cause on earth and that he would always be watching out for them. For awhile she felt abandoned, but he father promised it was for a good cause. She imagined him traveling across the world in secrecy and doing great deeds for people.

But now, recently a stranger has told Miya’s mother that the man was assassinated. (This was perhaps a human and guardian that was asked to occasionally send messages to his family. He loved his family and wanted to keep in touch even after he left.) It was barely months after he left home. Miya must deal with the final loss of her father. She is devastated, feeling abandoned and alone. She’s grown fearful of some sort of conspiracy that could reach her and her mother.

Secret: Miya does not know that her Father was the chosen “God” by the Council to replace the previous God that recently died from old age. He left one day, explaining to his family that he had something imperative to do for the people and the likely hood that he may not be able to come back. He has wanted to stay close to his family even in his new life as God, so he would occasionally send message to them to let them know he was well and alive. She is also unaware that she is in consideration as the new God. Something that she is well-suited for being the spitting image of her father, but may not believe herself capable of doing.

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