Nora Jade Vicario

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Nora Jade Vicario


At 5’6 she is just one inch taller than her older sister and Nora loves bragging about it. She weighs less than her too. And looks better in her clothes. And she never even exercises! Ever! Of course that does make her as strong as a baby kitten and easy dragged around by Rhiannon, but at least she’s prettier. Nora wears cute trendy clothes and bright colors. When she can get away with it, she asks Kat to put cool color streaks in her hair.

As a high school senior, Nora is the pretty typical teenager. She watches a lot of tv, listens to music, spends too much time on social media. Nora doesn’t have any friends her own age, though. She blames her over-protective Grandmother and her busybody sister. Grandma Jimena says she’s just like her mother, and needs to stop being so provocative or she’ll lose her precious flower. (Whoops. Better not tell Grandma what happened after Prom.) Rhiannon is always dragging her to band stuff. Luckily, Nora is so infatuated with Michael, Evan and Kat, that being the band’s #1 groupie is now her goal in life.

Nora is energetic, talkative, and flirty. She’s trying real hard to prove she’s also a grownup and that just because she’s 17 doesn’t mean she can’t handle herself. And, just like her mother, she’s got a little streak of the devil in her. Nora is attracted to trouble.

She lives with her Grandmother Jimena and her older sister Rhiannon. Lately her grandmother has been threatening to send her off to a Catholic convent somewhere to become a nun. Nora shouts back she’ll run away and join a circus before that happens. Rhiannon is always having to step in a smooth things out, and has been trying to encourage Nora to go to college after graduation. But all Nora wants to do is be a part of the band.

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