Nora Tenanye Lambert


Character Name: Nora Tenanye Lambert
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human/Fae (Faerie Blood on Mother’s Side)
Occupation/School/Grade: Oracle Secretary
Family: Conner Lambert (Human) and Nerida (Water Elemental Faerie)


General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality: Uptight, stressed, prudish, and always professional. Nora is all about business. She looks down on frivolity, and thinks goofing around or playing is a waste of time. She is always pleasant, but cool when speaking to people. Most attempts at getting Nora to lighten up and join other employees has been met with the cold shoulder. Everyone agrees that she’s the perfect secretary for Ciara Grey.
Inner Personality: Nora is very wrapped up in not becoming her mother – a woman that is so wild and free spirited that she was completely unreliable and a total flake. Now Nora seems to be taking that to the extreme, being such a control freak, she even micromanages herself. She is 100% focused on her “life goals”, this little list she has posted next to her desk. That allows no time for useless things. Where her father used to agree that she shouldn’t go acting like her mother, now even he thinks she’s taking it too far!


General History:
Connor Lambert was a dedicated bachelor in his early-thirties. Enjoying the nightlife of clubbing, great parties, meeting people, and the company of women. One night he had a fabulous evening with this honey-haired woman. She was wild, aggressive and super sexy! Their night was unforgettable. …and then several months later the woman appeared at his home and dropped off a newborn baby girl. She said “This is Tenanye, your daughter. Bye!” and left!

Not having a bloody clue of how to raise a kid, especially one that showed signs of not being quite normal, Connor Lambert did the best he could. He named her Nora, as Tenanye didn’t even SOUND like a name. Gave up his night life, buried himself in babybooks and supplies. Yelled at that damned Faerie every time she tried to visit or steal the baby back.

Nora’s childhood was filled with the fumbling of her Daddy and the occasional “custody battle”. Aside from the chaotic visits from her mother, Nora grew up happy and healthy! During her teen years she suffered several embarrassing moments when she started dating. She was also aware that she wasn’t quite normal like the other people at school, but that was made painfully obvious when her Fae Mother would show up being completely weird.

As an adult, Nora discovered the Oracle Organization by sheer accident. She bumped in to one of the hunters while getting some coffee. Realizing she could finally get involved with other people that are also “not so normal” she applied for a position there. She is now one of Ciara Grey’s secretaries.

Present Life:
Life is on tract. Nora’s job is occasionally dangerous, but it comes with great pay and awesome benefits. A few of her friends are nagging her to do something besides work. Her father is worried that she’s going to become a boring old hag. And her mother keeps popping up with the usual weird and random requests.

Special Historic Notes:

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