P.J. Hamilton

P.J. Hamilton

Princess Josephine Hamilton

Light honey-brown hair, soft grey-green eyes. Around 5’8″, average body but totally out of shape, zero body strength or endurance. Her everyday clothes consist of pajama pants, yoga pants, leggings, occasionally jeans, tshirts, raglans, henlies, hoodies, sweaters, sneakers. No jewelry or makeup. Except when she needs to make herself presentable for her parents. Then she jazzes herself up with cute little dresses or her “designated outfit” for certain places or situations. She has one little black dress she uses for 90% of all formal functions, meetings or interviews.

Prin was adopted by a couple who couldn’t have children, and they LOVE their child. Smothering, spoiling amounts of love. They named her Princess because that is what their new little bundle of joy was- their precious princess. She much prefers being called P.J (or Prin if you’re allowed).

She is a severe introvert, but is good on putting on a social performance for the sake of her parents. They spent all of her childhood thrusting her in to various social activities for experience and because their baby should have the best, despite the fact they really couldn’t afford much. They made a lot of sacrifices for her. She can’t seem to ever say NO to them. They love her so much, do so much, are such great people who took in this baby because they wanted one so badly! (Sometimes she wonders what would happen if one of them ever asked her to kill someone. She figures she’d still be unable to refuse them.)

Prin has no problem telling other people no, in fact she’s kind of extreme about it. She’s absolutely unwilling to do just about anything by request or for someone else. This often comes with a lot of guilt because she thinks it makes her a bad person, and it’s worse when people pile on the shame and call her selfish. She just doesn’t like getting bullied in to things just to “seem nice”, especially if she’s uninterested. To avoid these kinds of things, Prin avoids having many friends in general and tends to keep to herself. On very rare occasions she’ll like someone enough to do anything for them. (Presently the only person that qualifies is her very young 8 year old cousin. She thinks the kid is the most adorable thing on the planet.)

At 18 she got curious enough to look in to her birth parents. It turned out she was seized by the state because the pair was heavily involved in illegal things. The mother signed her over in a closed adopted. Prin decided not to ever make contact, and it reaffirmed her adoptive parents as angels she never wants to disappoint.

Prin currently lives by herself in a tiny rented apartment and is an English Major in college. Her place is an organizational disaster. She likes not having to be neat and perfect. But when she gets wind of her parents coming for a visit, she will clean the place up spotless.

She also has a dirty little secret. To pay her bills she writes porn with weirdo strangers on the internet. Prin can’t stand it, but it pays really well. Better than her legit job at the laundromat. What she REALLY wants to do is publish novels.

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