Patricia Greer

Character Name: Patricia Greer
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Con
Age: 28

General Appearance: Patricia isn’t sure what her natural hair color is now, she died it so many times. Right now she’s sporting a honey brown with blond highlights. Hazel eyes, more green than brown. A fair figure, but you can tell that she doesn’t exercise or diet. What she wears always depends on the ‘role’ that she’s playing.
Current Goal/Purpose: One last con for the big bucks!
General Personality: A woman of many faces, Patricia is so used to playing pretend that she scarcely even knows who she is anymore. Her range can go from the cutey damsel to the kinky sex mistress and everything in between.
General History: Once upon a time, there was a girl with a shitty life. The same tired old story of daddy being gone, mommy being a neglectful whore, and all that crap you see on Lifetime made for TV movies. Patricia didn’t let it get her down, though. She could have taken a turn for drugs, whoring, or worse. Instead, she discovered that with a little bit of acting and quick thinking, you could make an easy buck.

Starting in her teens with small cons, like “needing gas money” or “my little sister is sick and I lost my wallet!”, eventually Patricia’s con got more elaborate. She moved in to a rich town and got a very wealthy man to marry her during a drunken night in Las Vegas. She intended to just steal all the cash she could take, but the man had an accident and died just a few short weeks after their honey moon.

After that, Patricia has been marrying guys and trying -not- to kill them, but in the end they end up dead and she gets their fortune.

This current guy is her last mark.

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