Princess Mariah Rocheveron

18y, 5’3″. Natural hair color is raven black, but she’s given herself a bit of a bleach & color to try and look “different” for her escape. Small, petite, looks her age. Blue eyes. No muscle tone whatsoever. Presently dressing in baggy all black with a heavy oversized coat in an attempt to appear normal and invisible.

As the only heir to the crown of Terramaul, Princess Mariah has been quite sheltered through out most of her life. She’s been schooled in every manner of things, from history to politics in order to prepare her for a rule as future queen. Thus is a bit of a naïve young lady, having strong opinions on what is right and wrong, with little knowledge of how it all applies to the real world. Much to her parents chagrin, Mariah is a bit soft of nature – someone with a gentle touch and a softspoken approach to things. Handling conflict can be difficult for her, which is a huge problem when one is meant to lead an entire planet!

Likewise due to this sheltered upbringing, Mariah had a bit of a willful streak and desire for escape long before she was betrothed against her wishes. There’s always been this sense of being trapped and wanting to get away. Now that she is betrothed, that feeling is one thousand fold and she is prone to reckless, potentially dangerous behaviors in her effort to escape.

The (mostly) human planet of Terramaul features a wide variety of landscapes and environments. The culture has been one of “peace” for some time now, though very much through the iron gripe of it’s Rocheveron royal bloodline. In ancient times this family waged war across the planet to claim it’s lands and unite it’s people. So now in the present date, it’s ironic that another world has done the same and now claimed Terramaul under it’s banner. It’s this awareness of history that current ruling King and Queen decided a marriage was the best way to ensure their world has a position of power. …Including plans that might very well be politically nefarious in the future. Their daughter is an unknowing pawn in this scheme.

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