Princess Ysabelle Jurišić

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Princess Ysabelle Jurišić

20 Years Old

Raven black hair and dark brown eyes. Flawless tanned complexion. 5’5″ and thin, but has never grown out of that young “babyfat” look. When she doesn’t age up her makeup, she’ll come across looking 15 (and it drives her crazy). Ysabelle is fit and strong – she exercises regularly and takes care of her health. She rarely gets sick. Can handle her alcohol like a champ. Her clothing has been custom made since she got her hands on Cristobal. Loves couture fashion and will experiment with all kinds of looks just for fun. Except for orange, she just has a personal hatred for orange. Always dresses with the appropriate style for a venue but amped up to be flashy and attention grabbing.

Received her education through private schools and private tutoring. She’s well versed in History, Politics, and Languages (she is very passionate about language). She finished through her secondary education at the top of her peers. With no plans to attend a college full time, Ysabelle has instead since been squeezing in tutoring and classes in to her schedule when ever she can. Her career is “Future Queen” so her education has been solely focused on the tools that will help her for ruling.

Fluent in: Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, French, English and Latin.
Basics of: Russian, Czech, German, Swedish, Dutch, and Portuguese.
She is beginning to dabble in Japanese and Egyptian Arabic, but has had some trouble switching gears from the Germanic and Romance languages.

She is a well practiced dancer, but never took to playing musical instruments or singing. Her personal interests are focused on language, fashion, and horses. Ysabelle’s favorite horse is a grey dappled Percheron named Latica, and is the only horse she wants for official parades or processions where a horse is required to ride or pull her carriage.

Ysabelle does not have any close friends. Her public persona is the only one the world seems to know: a wild child party girl bimbo. Though she never makes a mockery of important events or places she needs to be respectful, she makes as many public appearances in random places as possible. Nightclubs, hotels, shopping – anywhere she can get a photo op to add to her growing reputation. The truth of the matter is that Ysabelle is actually a very savvy girl. These parties and incidents are hiding the fact she’s making real network connections with more than just royal figureheads, but their children and their staff as well, giving her a little inside information to what’s going on in the world.

A lot of her behavior and choices may be due to family drama. For the past three generations, relations have been strained through a few branches of the family. Social gatherings were awkward at best, violent at worse. Ysabelle distanced herself to avoid confrontation when she was very young, and it eventually just became a habit. Her persona makes sure that the unsavory parts of the family continue to overlook and underestimate her until it is time to take over the throne. Though she often feels trapped by her destiny, she also intends to take it seriously and do the job she was born to do.

She pretends her lack of closeness with people doesn’t bother her, but it’s started to wear her down. Though Ysabelle has had “boyfriends” for public appearances and shallow sexy hookups for personal fun, she has never been in a real relationship nor had feelings for someone. That might be why she’s now obsessed with an old family fairy tale, and the idea of hunting down the perfect man to be her husband and future king in this grand adventure. Not only does she want someone who can handle the responsibility of running a country, she wants to actually fall in love. Be with someone she connects with on a deeper level. Ysabelle has a very VERY detailed description of who this person is and refuses to settle for anything less.

Ysabelle is kind of fearless. It helps that her security detail makes sure nothing dangerous gets within ten feet of her, but even when she was a child she simply wasn’t afraid of anything. She’d slay her own monsters, faced whatever scared her head on, took chances and risks with a little bit of a thrill. Ysabelle hasn’t yet encountered anything that terrifies her. (Though the thought of being alone and never having a chance to have a real romantic love is starting to be a thing that irks her.)

She doesn’t like people in her bubble or her personal space unless they are specifically allowed to be, or if she initiated it first. Currently this list includes Boris (her security), Cristobal (her tailor), and the lovely lady that does her hair and makeup for important public events.

Discovering Autumn in a New York airport was the best thing to happen in her life. She knew the second she saw that girl it was a moment of destiny. Ysabelle managed to follow her in to a bathroom to make contact without her security detail seeing, and from there she convinced the girl to meet her later and join her on an amazing caper. She’s actually very fond of Autumn and absolutely adores how sheltered and sweet she seems to be. Ysabelle believes she is giving Autumn the chance and experience of a lifetime. She is completely confident that things are going to go well and work out flawlessly. She met a girl with her face just when she needed a sign, how could it not?

Brief History of Montcoria

The Isle of Montcoria succeeded from Crotia during a time when there was strife between the ruling noble families and their territories.

Like Croatia, it’s noble hierarchy is heavily inspired by the French, but over the centuries it’s culture has evolved through influences by Italy, Hungary, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey and Russia due to connections made through marriage or political alliances.

Outside of the official royal bloodline of the Jurišić family (ruling Montcoria since the 1600s and residing in Montcoria itself or within Croatia) there are four other branches to the family that make their homes in Hungary, Italy, Turkey and finally the French branch that no one likes to speak of or to because they’re assholes. Extra especially because they like to brag that they have the closest claim to the throne.

There is presently strife within Montcoria. Archaic elders that aren’t keen on a woman being the next Queen despite there being plenty of Queens in the past. The French side of the family getting uppity. Squabbles with a neighboring small country wanting to merge with Montcoria. And rumors of a Noble family’s old vendetta against the family and their fight to make it a “democratic” nation (which is really just them weaseling a way to take control of the government).

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