Rachel Masika


Character Name: Rachel Masika
Name Meaning: ewe born during the rainy season
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Bristol, England.
Current Residence: uptown London
Occupation: Collector of fine arts and historical pieces.
Family: Father & Mother, deceased. Younger sister, Calina


Height: 5' 4″
Hair: Light Violet
Eyes: Green
General Appearance: Rachel is a upperclass born woman, and very much looks the part. She has soft delicate features that are complimented by the rich and colorful clothing she tends to wear. Her hair is very long, well past her waist and hasn't been cut since she was a young child.
Strengths: Rachel is an excellent fencer, and has won many awards in championships when she used to compete.
Weaknesses: Being a passive soul, Rachel holds no like for conflict.


Allies: Rachel is connected with many historians and archeologists whom are more than happy to bring her rare treasures by request. Her best friend is Ana Gordon, someone she met in college and has been close with ever since!
Enemies: Relic Thieves, Art Thieves… thieves in general. Her collection of antiques is priceless to her.
Current Goal/Purpose: Rachel only wishes to further her collection.
Talents: Fencing, sewing, singing, cooking… All the skills any of the high-born ladies of London society would normally have.
Inabilities: Well, she hates to admit it, but she's awful at gardening. She can't keep a plant alive to save her life!
Fears: Rachel fears loosing her sister and her friends.
General Personality: Rachel is a soft-spoken, elegant woman. She is shy with new people, but converses with ease and is generally friendly. Many would consider her the “princess” type, since she rarely speaks unless spoken to, and often assume she is spoiled.
Inner Personality: Living in her own little world, she isn't much different from the outer shell she projects. Rachel is deeply fascinated by history, especially her own family history. Having her parents die when she was 17, she has been on her own raising her younger sister for several years now, and often feels just a little bit lonely. However her shyness towards others keeps her at a distance.
Fondest Memory: Being a young child, her father giving her a very old book of magic. The first in her large collection of antiques and precious items.
Biggest Regret: Not being able to say goodbye to her parents before they died.
Secret: Rachel has been researching her family history for several years, but her history seems to stop around the late 1800's. Unknown to her, she is the descendant of Lucille Grottingsby, the sister of Samael Norse.


General History: Rachel was born to a wealthy London family, and has known nothing but comfort her entire life. He parents were loving and raised her well, breeding her to be a well-rounded and cherished individual! Since a young age, Rachel has been fascinated with her Father's collection of relics and artifacts, always wanting to be a collector herself. When her sister Calina was born at the age of 12, Rachel was pleased to finally no longer be the only child!

At 17, her parents died from a tragic car accident. Rachel raised her then 5 year old sister herself with the aid of servants. She took Calina with her to America so she could attend college! At college she met Ana Gordon, and the two have been best friends ever since. After college Rachel and Calina returned to London where they have been living ever since!

Present Life: Rachel does as she always has and makes her business curating the Museum and collecting rare and valuable relics.

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