Random Character and Plot concepts

Just some quick character thingies on my character’s to play wishlist.

— Mistaken Identity. Plot to kidnap a rich lady goes horribly wrong when they kidnap a Staffer instead. Whoops! Hilarity ensues?

— Exhusband Back in to town! I’d like to try playing a divorced couple who, through a series of frustrating and comic events end up getting back together and getting over their issues. See Character: Chastity

— The “Don’t know he’s a Bodyguard” The socially awkward military ops secret agent guy is a bodyguard for teenager/college girl, who has no idea he’s undercover and there to keep her safe. Thus, thinking he’s a super weirdo. See Character: Skylar

— The Betrothed: Two people have been betrothed since they were children in order to unite two kingdoms. The prince is finally there to claim his future bride and take her back to his kingdom. Only on the way there, everything seems to be going wrong and trying to prevent them to reach their destination. See Character: Elaina

— Manga Come to Life: The girl who secretly draws dirty manga to make money for college finds out the STAR of her manga is a real guy and has just moved in to her apartment building! See Character: Setsuna

— Girl breaks in to a science lab to set free all of the animals. Accidentally sets free a human experiment.

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