Rhiannon Estella Vicario

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Rhiannon Estella Vicario


Stands at 5’5. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. She’s got the hips and the curves and as her grandmother says “the baby fat cheeks”. What she lacks in physical stature and strength, she makes up for with stamina. when you meet Rhiannon off stage, she doesn’t look like she belongs in a band. You’d figure she should be off reading books in a library somewhere. But when it’s go time, she vamps up and goes all out with the makeup and clothes. She’s not shy at all about bringing sex appeal to the band. On her right wrist there is a tattoo of the roman numeral seven. Her grandmother was pissed at first, but simmered down because it’s a holy number.

Rhiannon plays the drums, but she’s savvy with the piano as well. Her guitar skills could use a little work. She is also the lead female voice.

Rhiannon is someone who is easily underestimated. First impressions make her seam like she is quiet and shy. She seems to wait until everyone else is involved in the conversation before she steps in. This is because she’s sizing up the people around her. She’s perceptive and knows how to adjust her behavior to make people comfortable, or if necessary very uncomfortable. Rhiannon is a boss. No one steps on her or over her. Unfortunately, Rhiannon is so focus on taking care of her family and working for the band that she forgets how to have fun. She never seems to take the time to relax or think about herself. She’s joined Evan in being concerned about Kat (and is now concerned about Evan’s sudden behavior changes), is always trying to get Michael to be more responsible, and is always babysitting her sister. When the band is actually performing seems to be the only time Rhiannon lets go and enjoys the moment.

Rhiannon’s mother Valentina was always trouble for Grandma Jimena. The woman had a rebellious streak. She’d sleep around and hookup with guys for favors. Eventually this led her in to drugs and crime. Shortly after Rhiannon’s younger sister Nora was born, Valentina ended up arrested and sent to prison. When Valentina ended up killed in a prison fight, Grandma Jimena packed up her home, and moved the children to Arkansas. Their father was never in the picture and not even Jimena knows who the man was, or if he fathered both children.

On her first day of school Rhiannon didn’t want to go. She didn’t know anybody. Grandma Jimena advised Rhiannon to find her people and make friends as quickly as possible. The girl might’ve taken it a little too literally. When she overheard a few students at lunch talking about a few bands she also loved, Rhiannon plopped herself down at the table and blurted out We’re friends now! After a moment of confused faces all around, Michael rolled with it. Even though Rhiannon was a couple years younger, she seemed to fit in well and her ability to take charge of things and get them all focused became an asset.

Rhiannon ended up the only one in the band who attempted college. Jimena really pushed her to excel and get a higher education. But Rhiannon found it difficult to balance school, work, and the band. Last year she made the call to quit school and focus entirely on the band. She believes they’ve got the talent and that something special to make it big. All they need is someone putting in full time to make it happen.

Currently, Rhiannon still lives with her little sister and Grandmother in their tiny but cozy home.

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