Ruby Antoinette St. James

Ruby Antoinette St. James

5’5″, long ginger red hair, blue eyes, flawless skin. Generally wears matching suit sets, classic with a touch vintage glamour. Owns a couple leather pieces because every woman should (a nice leather jacket and a pair of pants) but she never wears them.

An uptight, control freak perfectionist. Ruby needs to have everything go exactly as she plans it. Everything has to be perfect. She has no room for anything less than what she wants. When things don’t go her way she gets increasingly frustrated and loses her wits.

Growing up Ruby was that dorky “unattractive” girl, with the braces, wild uncontrollable hair, hand-me-down fashion, and all scrawny awkward limbs. She was in the literature club, orchestra, and drama and spent most of her time trying to be the absolute best at everything to make up for the fact that she felt completely inferior to everyone else around her.

It wasn’t until after highschool that Ruby figured herself out, the kind of person she wanted to be and what she wanted to do with her life. That confidence (combined with finally growing out of that awkward phase) turned Ruby into one spicy hot college co-ed. Unfortunately, her lack of experience with recognizing obvious warning signs landed her in a series of terrible relationships. Most were par for the course. but one particularly abusive relationship really messed her up. She tried dating again a few times after, but has since decided men are the enemy.

Ruby presently writes self-help books targeted towards women and helping them get control and joy back into their lives. She’s incredibly successful on the tour circuits.

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