Shower (Unfinished)

[A Lady arrives home late at night?] -09:18 Dec 28
A Lady: Arriving home late late at night. All the Lady could think of was a hot shower and a glass of wine. She dropped her keys and purse by the door and walked on to the kitchen. -09:19 Dec 28
A Lady: Out from a small fridge came the bottle of red wine. Her favorite Cabernet for these frosted winter nights. She poured the glass and took a sip. A faint smile inching across her lips. She headed for the master bath. -09:24 Dec 28
A Lady: Her shoes came off first. Kicked aside on the rug with abandon. She raised a leg to rest on the side of her bed, reaching up under her skirt to begin sliding off one of her sheer stockings. -09:38 Dec 28
A Lady: One stocking dropped to the floor. The other came next. Her left foot rest on the bed as she pushed the slim slip of fabric down her thigh and over her calf. It too was dropped carelessly to the floor. -09:44 Dec 28
A Lady: Her hands moved to her hair as she plucked out each of the clips that had been holding the messy wave of curls on top of her head. Stepping over her discarded shoes she walked in to the bathroom. She blew a kiss to her reflection, before she ignored it and turned to the buttons on her blouse. -09:53 Dec 28
A Lady: One button after another was undone by swift and nimble fingers. With the last open, she shrugged the blouse off her shoulders to reveal creamy skin and a lace brazier. -10:16 Dec 28
A Lady: Stepping over to the shower, she twisted the knob and test the temperature until it was comfortably hot. The room quickly began to fill with steam. Slipping her thumbs under the waistband of her skirt, she shimmied it down over her hips and kicked it out of the way with her foot. The panties she was wearing didn’t match her bra in color, but were also in a simple satin and lace. Her hands rest on her hips as she took a moment to admire her reflection, and frown at those little bits she always nit picked over. -10:34 Dec 28
[A Mister Is woken by the sound of the shower?] -10:37 Dec 28
A Mister: A man rustled at the other end of the bed, roused by the sounds of the lady coming home late at night. He could hear the sounds of the shower in the other room, and spotted the leggings and blouse at the edge of the bed. After a minute, he drug himself out of bed, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, and a black T-shirt. -10:42 Dec 28
A Mister: He made his way over to the bathroom door, and cracked it open just in time to see the woman frowning at herself in the mirror. He smiled at her, and walked into the bathroom, walking behind her, and threw his arms around her midsection in a loose embrace, feeling her soft and tender skin beneath his more rugged texture. -10:45 Dec 28
A Lady: With the steam of the bathroom quickly filling the space, her reflection had now been masked. The sudden embrace was followed by her surprised gasp, and then a soft melodic laugh as she leaned backwards against his solid exterior. She didn’t feel the need to say a word. -10:47 Dec 28
A Mister: The man felt no need for words either. After a moment of embrace, he slowly slid his hands around her body, and up her back. He softly slid he finger tips up her spine to her bra clasp, and slowly undid it, letting the garment hit the floor with a soft thud. He could admire her beauty, the foggy backlight adding to the creamy softness of her supple skin, making her look as though she had dropped from heaven itself. He Smiled softly at her as he spun her around slowly, it was her turn. -10:52 Dec 28
A Lady: There was a slight quirk of her eyebrow. That silent question following the briefest quirk of a smile at the corner of her lips. The steam in the air was giving her bare skin the softest sheen. Having her quiet moment interrupted didn’t seem to bother her, as her hands gripped the bottom of his t-shirt. She slowly pushed it upwards, letting her fingers tease his skin and taking her sweet time. -10:55 Dec 28
A Mister: The man chuckled a bit at her reaction, and helped her pull his shirt off at the end, letting it drop to the floor. It was his turn again, and he was going to take his sweet time alright. he placed his hands on her hips, and slowly slid his right hand around to her ass, resting it there for a moment. His left hand slowly started to move it’s way upward, eventually cupping her right breast. He wasn’t groping or anything…not yet anyway. He then slowly leaned in for a single, soft kiss. -11:03 Dec 28
A Lady: A curve of a wicked smile crossed her face when he touched his mouth to hers. She rose on her toes, the new height allowing her to slip one arm around his neck. Nipples brushed up against his chest as she leaned in closer. The sensation drawing them to supple peaks. But she was more distracted with darting her tongue out to tease his lips. -11:08 Dec 28
A Mister: The man smiled at her reaction, aggressive and wanting. He took his left hand from her breast to wrap it around her waist, drawing her closer to him. his right hand slowly found it’s way around the lace trim of her panties, and slid down between her legs, where his middle finger began to sloooowly began to rub against her clit. He began to kiss her a little more, adding his tongue to hers. -11:14 Dec 28
A Lady: Sighing in delight, a faint moan was grumbled against his mouth. She captured his bottom lip between her teeth for a small nip then sucked gently to ease any pain. Her free hand gripped at his shoulder, moving downwards to graze fingernails ever so lightly over his chest. -11:18 Dec 28
A Mister: A feeling of enjoyment came to the man, he could feel himself begin to get hard, and the harder he got, the harder and more vigorously he pressed into her clit, rubbing faster and with more passion. when he was done, he was hard, easily visible as it started to tug at his waistband, revealing a gap at the top. He slid her panties off in one quick motion, and awaited her move. -11:23 Dec 28
A Lady: Between her legs was throbbing and hot with need. She very nearly mewled a sound of complaint when he stopped. The moment her panties were gone, she cast that slow smirk again. Her finger hooking on to the waistband of his boxers, tugging the band lower until his cock bounced free. She let go of the waistband with a snap, casually brushing her fingers against the tip of his head before curling them around the shaft in a gentle squeeze. -11:28 Dec 28
A Mister: His cock began to throb as she brush against his head. He responded by letting his boxers hit the floor. he then took one finger, and gently hooked in just inside her vagina. he began to gently pull, walking backwards slowly towards the shower. He climbed in, and offered her his other hand to help her climb in. -11:34 Dec 28
A Lady: She was gasping between her teeth, moving forward by his unorthodox beckoning. She released his cocking, taking his hand to follow in to the shower. The hot water pouring over her body didn’t seem to match the heat she had growing between her thighs. Her hands reached out, pushing against his chest until his back hit the cold tile. Her body pressing up against his as she tilted her head to nibble at the curve of his neck. Teeth nipping sharply at sensitive flesh. -11:38 Dec 28
A Mister: The man moaned, letting her bite for a few moments while he went back to slowly rubbing her clit. After a minute, he traded positions with her, and dropped down to his knees. he spread her legs apart, and pressed his mouth to her lips. He buried his nose in her clit, while his tongue began to harshly lick the entire length of her lips. -11:43 Dec 28
A Lady: Sucking in a breath at the sudden mix of cold tile and wet tongue, her vocal exclamation seemed to bounce right off the walls. Her head fell back against the shower wall as her hips moved forward against the nuzzling of his nose. She dropped a hand down on to his head, tangling her fingers in to his now wet hair and tugging in time with every moment her body shuddered in reflex. -11:48 Dec 28
A Mister: The man was focused now, he took great pleasure in this kind of thing. He reached over to a shelve without stopping. He grabbed a bottle of lube that they kept for this sort of thing, and cracked it open. He poured a bit into his hand, and replaced the bottle. He ran his hands together, and slowly worked a hand through her legs. He never stopped licking and rubbing as he slowly plunged his middle and index finger deep into her ass. It was rather slow, letting her stretch and get comfortable with it. But, after he was in, he began to thrust in and out, pressing his fingers roughly into the muscular wall that separated his fingers from her vagina. -11:55 Dec 28
A Lady: Her moan was low, frustrated… but so deeply pleased that she didn’t voice a complaint. Even her toes were starting to curl, while her muscles clenched around his fingers. Her hand suddenly released his hair, both arms raising above her head to brace against the low ceiling. -12:00 Dec 28
A Mister: The man smiled as she moaned in frustration. It was only a minute more before he stopped thrusting, and started to stand before getting her off. He was a huge tease like that. He reached over to grab the body wash, and turned the water down so it wasn’t spraying on them anymore. He put a rather large amount of the soap in his hands, and began to slowly rub her down, starting at her chest, and working his way around her body. He rounded her shoulders, along her neck, fondled her breasts, rubbed her back, smoothed her stomach, coated her inner thighs, and rubbed her legs, and even under her feet and between her toes. He then picked her up and laid her down on the cold, hard tile floor, and began to kiss her vigorously, sliding against her now entirely soapy body as he fondled her breasts, pulling at her tits and groping harshly, getting back into the mood. And, since she was so slick, she would find it hard to go anywhere at all. she would be stuck until he helped her up, or turned the water on her. -12:10 Dec 28
A Lady: Being washed after a long day of work was a lavish experience. Once she had no intentions of taking for granted. After all, she loved the feel of his hands rubbing up and down her body. What she was not so fond of was prolonged torture! Her impatience was starting to show as she writhed beneath him on the shower floor. Returning his kiss with a feverish and eager desire. And though she could not escape, she could still play the game. Her leg slid up, slick with soap and rubbed up against that sensitive area between his thighs. Grinding upwards with sinful promise. -12:16 Dec 28
A Mister: The man smiled down at her, an evil little grin, one that let her know that he was going to have his fun. He took his right hand and slid it down her side, and took his middle, index, and ring fingers, and with extreme slowness and suspense, slid them between her lips, feeling as her walls stretched, quivered and conformed to his fingers. It was only after her insides had calmed that he began to dig into her clit with a renewed passion with his thumb. -12:24 Dec 28
A Lady: Gasping at the sudden invasion, her hips bucked against his hand. Trapped there on the floor, she could only listlessly toss her head from side to side. Revealing in that throbbing penetration. Her hands clenched and unclenched at the sides of her head. Running through her own hair before they slid down over her breasts and stomach. One hand locked around his wrist, tempted to pull him away, but released suddenly when her body gave a delicious shiver. -12:32 Dec 28
A Mister: The man was pleased that she didn’t pull him away. And, with that, he slowly began to curl his fingers inside her, pushing deep into her, and rubbing against her clit with his thumb. He lowered his head, and began sucking harshly at her nipple, while fondling her other breast with his free hand. -12:36 Dec 28
A Lady: She couldn’t take it much longer. The heady sensations were building so strong, it was a struggle to keep her sense. She tangled the fingers of one hand in to his hair, gripping tightly and pulling with no remorse. Her free hand slid back between them. Her thumbnail grazing against the v of his groin until her fingers found his shaft again. She squeezed gently and then hard, tugging his cock downwards in a not so subtle suggestion. -12:44 Dec 28
A Mister: he man smiled, but shook his head. He hadn’t had his fun yet. He slowed down some, and stopped the curling of his fingers, just to add some thrusting, and a really slow twisting action, spinning ever so slowly within her. He would end it soon, but only after she couldn’t take it anymore. It always feels the best after you want it so desperately anyway. Not only did he find personal enjoyment out of prolonging her climax, He knew that she would appreciate it at the end. -12:49 Dec 28
A Lady: Her sudden laughter was a low throaty sound mixed with a growl. She loved it, she loved him. But the need for release had her head swimming. Her bottom lip was drawn in to her mouth between her teeth. Bitten down on with each moan she was trying to suppress. The grip on his cock tightened, stroking him with the intent to delight and distract him as badly as he was doing to her. -12:55 Dec 28
A Mister: He moaned softly, his overly hard cock throbbed with the sensations. He took his cock out of her hand, and grabbed the bottle of gel again. he hit the tip of it, and then went to pick up her lower body. he rested her legs on his knees, putting her ass in the air, and then slowly penetrated her ass, driving in slowly, but deeply. The feeling was amazing, her tight walls squeezing tightly around his cock. after just a moment, he began thrusting in and out of her. He took his fingers in her vagina, and angled them downwards, pushing down into her muscles with the same timing as his thrusts. he began to thrust harder, keeping time with his fingers. He wanted to see how far he could bring her, and maybe even get her off twice. -01:04 Dec 28

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