Siann Acai

Character Name: Siann Acai
Gender: F
Job/Role: Interstellar Florist
Age: 19

General Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes.
Current Goal/Purpose: Run a good business. Not get in trouble.
General Personality:
General History:
Born as the second child to Alderon Acai and Silva Na’dr, Siann had no idea she had any relatives outside of her parents, though occasional conversations would often make her wonder what her Father was talking about. Siann’s childhood was normal and uneventful. Learning all she could about plants she eventually grew in to a nice young lady and took over the shop for her old father.

Siann recently bought a new ship, for which she was going to use for her new side-business of delivering flowers across the galaxy. Only it turned out someone sold her a stolen ship. She was picked up by the Fleet, who at first thought she worked for the badguys… but then decided to use her as a disguise on an undercover mission to catch the criminal. In the process, the Admiral that volunteered to go on the mission along with Siann were captured. The admiral was held for ransom and killed, while Siann was kept as a slave to Gorren Tohrek.

An unexpected rescue came in the form of Eva Starflare sent by Lance.. that mechanic guy across the street she had never even met before. Making things more twisty, Eva was once partners with Adam Longshot… who apparently was her long-lost brother.


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