Siraza and Ruin (Unfinished)

[Siraza tries chilipowder as a color. And a potion ingredient.] -01:50 Oct 10
pbybe pbybe pbybe -01:53 Oct 10
[Ruin is in his first weapon form and refuses to shift to his second form for his current wielder.] -01:55 Oct 10

“Gah! Come on!” No matter how much the Demigod of Clashing Histories tried, he could not get the katana to do … well, anything! “I know you can hear me! Shift! Shift now, damn you!” -Ruin

Siraza: *And here was Siraza. She looked less like a wizard and more like… someone that needed to be escorted to a home for senile hatters. In her hand was a potion bottle and in her other hand was a hat.* …. I hate to interupt your talking to a rusty sword, but you’ve been stomping all over my begonias for two weeks now and I’m tired of it. Are we going to do battle or not? -01:59 Oct 10

The Demigod blinked and looked up! He had been so focused on getting the weapon to obey he hadn’t taken notice of anything else! (And that, Ruin noted, was going to be his downfall one day.) “Battle?” He snorted. “I don’t battle with mortals. They’re not worth my time.” But if the weapon would obey him, he would certainly give her what she was asking for! “Look, I’m busy, little girl. Run along.” -Ruin

Siraza: *Siraza immediately grinned.* Little girl! Thank you! Is it the red silk? I always thought red silk made me look younger. *She bounced the potion in her hand and the grin faded.* I’m serious. God or not, get the hell off my flowers or I’m going to turn that immortal face of yours in to a flock of duck butts. -02:05 Oct 10

She was serious! The Demigod laughed and got into what he assumed was a battle stance! (If he was the Demigod of War, we would all be in trouble, Ruin thought.) His legs were spread, his arms were out on either side of him. God Weapon disobeying him or not, he could take her! “Heh. Take your best shot. There isn’t nothing a mortal can do that I can’t counter.” -Ruin

Siraza: Uh huh! *Siraza let the potion bounce in her palm once more. Then, with all her strength tossed it at him! …Of course, what she was EXPECTING was the bottle to shatter, potion to splatter, and then his body errupt in to boils and frogs legs. Instead… it EXPLODED!* ooo… too much chili power… *Siraza winced!* -02:11 Oct 10

What the Demigod was expecting was for her potion to fizzle! Instead, he got quite the wakeup call when the explosion blew him across the yard and into the fence where it fell on top of him! The katana fell out of his grasp and sank into the earth, blade first! “OooOOoohhh …” he groaned from under the pile. -Ruin

Siraza: Argh! You otherworldly ass! Now you go and smash my fence too? *Stalking across the yard, she stopped near the rusty weapon sticky out of the ground. A slooow smile spread across her face. As terrible looking as it was, it was still a God’s Weapon. Those were valuable trinkets! Siraza pulled it out of the dirt and shook it at the Demigod.* THIS will pay for things nicely. Now get off my property! -02:17 Oct 10

The rubble moved and the Demigod rose to his feet, arms spread. “You’re going to pay for that, witch!” he growled. He wasn’t worried about her having the God Weapon. He couldn’t get it working for him so there was no way she could do it! He sucked in a breath of air and then blew hard! She was going to blow her and her house down! -Ruin

Siraza: Wiii-zaaard! *She replied in a sing-song voice! Blech! This demi-god needed a good teeth brushing. With hat still in her hand, she spun the sword in her other. Finally pointing it at the god while she cast one of her favorite spells! Whether or not it worked the way it was supposed to would remain to be seen!* Curse of Breath Holding! -02:25 Oct 10
Ruin: *It felt nice to be out of that idiot’s hands. But now the idiot was going to blow everything down and if anyone was going to do the destroying around here, it was going to be Ruin. Hmm … He’d never been wielded by a mortal before, especially not a female mortal wizard. Heh. But before he lent his power to her, he decided he’d see if she was going to stand and fight or flee.* -02:25 Oct 10
Ruin: *Ruin felt like snickering … Stand and fight, it was. Good. He liked that in a wielder. The katana began to glow as she spun the sword and changed shape until it was a trident she pointed at the Demigod and not a sword at all! The wind the Demigod blew whipped around the mortal instead, leaving her unharmed and the house untouched! A pulse of energy broke through the wind tunnel and flattened the Demigod to the ground!* -02:31 Oct 10

The Demigod’s eyes widened! Impossible! But it was too late for him to back off now so he blew as hard as he could for as long as he dared in the hopes his plan would work after all! But as soon as he had to catch his breath–it was just for a heartbeat!–that pulse of energy knocked him flat! He flailed but he couldn’t get off the ground! What the hell?!* -Ruin

Siraza: …Oho..! Aren’t you a tricky little deviant! *Once she had stopped eyeballing the new shiny trident, Siraza was very amused! She rest it’s hilt against her shoulder as she sat her hat neatly on top of her head. Her hand dropped to her hip as she stood there looking impatient and ever so slightly smug.* As i was saying. Get lost. Thanks for the weapon, scurry along now. Heh heh. If you pick yourself off the ground to ooze away. …oooh! Or I could use you as fertilizer! That would make fabulous poppy flowers! -02:36 Oct 10

“You can’t–! This is impossible -Ruin

*This is impossible! Impossible!” The Demigod didn’t want to be turned into fertilizer but with the God Weapon in the mortal’s grasp it was likely going to be a painful process! -Ruin

Siraza: Impossible, unlikely, improbable, inconceivable… Yes, I have heard all of these phrases before. Where did I leave that blasted shovel. Here shovel! Mommy needs you! *Making kissy sounds, she was trying to get the damn thing to show itself.* …hmm. Damn. Oh well, I can you can leave. -02:50 Oct 10
Siraza: *I guess you can! -02:51 Oct 10

The pressure that had kept the Demigod in place was gone! He sat up, glaring. “I’ll get you for this! And I’ll get the weapon back!” And then he got on his hands and knees, scurried to his feet, and disappeared! -Ruin

Siraza: Oh, always having to get the last word. Stupid gods… *Now that he was gone, she adjusted the weapon in her hands.* What an interesting piece of work you are. I do believe I’ll take you in to town with me to buy new seeds. -02:58 Oct 10
Ruin: *Being the God Weapon was a tough job–but he wasn’t complaining! For now, he reverted to his first weapon form. No need to be flashy. The town, hm. Maybe he’d wait a bit longer before stretching out.* -03:04 Oct 10
Siraza: *The walk in to town didn’t take long at all. Her property was right on the edge of it, surrounded by a big fence and creepy trees. She liked being close enough to walk, as keeping animals around to feed was such a huge hassle. The weapon had gone back to it’s boring rusty form, which she didn’t mind. It was easier to carry that way. Of course, once she was IN town, every old man alive seemed to be shuffling along in the street, grunting, mumbling and being an overall drain on society.* ….Pull up your pants and MOVE, old man! *She hissed at the one blocking her way on the side of the street!* -03:07 Oct 10

The old man grunted. “Uunn dunhavtaf listen tu uunn witch ubanbut kids huuuhhngh crazy.” Half the things he said was completely garbled. He shook at fist at her. -Siraza

Siraza: Huuurrrnnggh! *She mimicked his old man tone. Why did all old men have their own weird language? She shouldn’t have wasted that potion on the demigod. …Siraza stepped around the old man. But she didn’t farther than a few steps before suddenly SPLASH! She found herself covered in warm pea soup!* What the…! -03:12 Oct 10

One of the elderly women from the tavern stood there looking smug with a big black pot in her hands. “That’ll teach you witches and your evil pea curses! Away with you! Melt vile creature!” -Siraza

Siraza: *The irony of being covered in pea, so shortly after the stew fiasco… Siraza pulled out that rusty old katana and pointed it at the woman.* I’m going to fillet you and stick you in the next pot, you old hag! -03:14 Oct 10
Ruin: *Perhaps this old hag wasn’t a Demigod in need of punishment … Like he ever cared what was the difference between the two. All he knew was … this was a great time to destroy things. The katana glowed and shifted back to the trident!* -03:19 Oct 10

The old lady wasn’t impressed with the rusty sword. But when it shifted shape, she immediately turned around and started hobbling away screaming about the witch! -Siraza

Siraza: Curse of Limitless Pea! *Siraza aimed that trident and cast another curse! This one aimed at the black pot the hag was carrying. Hopefully the thing would overloard with pea soup and DROWN THE WHOLE TOWN! While she was at it, she aimed the trident at the Hag’s tavern too.* Curse of Bed Fleas! -03:23 Oct 10
Ruin: *He really should explain to the wielder about his specifics. Perhaps after the job at hand. For now, she was tapping into the pea soup in the pot and the bed fleas in the tavern. The pea soup blasted upwards into the sky and then came crashing down as torrential pillars of soup that quickly filled the town and was rising! The fleas had burst out of the tavern windows like locusts and were jumping all over the hapless inhabitants!* -03:40 Oct 10
Siraza: …well! That was… a teeny tiny bit larger than what I was going for… Perhaps I should be a little bit more specific… *Siraza eyed the weapon. Her intended spells weren’t quite filled with so much… OOMPH. The thing must amplify power somehow. Which, was an excellent tool, but certainly means she needs to choose her spells more carefully. …After all pea soup was now flowing down the street in streams, and old people were being sucked dry…* I suppose I have to cast my own anti-curses too, hmm? -03:44 Oct 10
Ruin: *Telepathy was not in his repertoire, extensive though it might be, so he could only let her be the judge. He had to admit he liked the destruction he was causing so far. This was a smaller scale than he was used to working with but he was still enjoying it.* -03:50 Oct 10
Siraza: Hmm… *Decisions, decisions… when an old man dropped next to her all but turning to dust from blood loss, she finally rolled her eyes and waved the trident.* Disperse this Curse! …even though we’d all be happier with less old people in the world. -03:52 Oct 10
Ruin: *A pulse of energy that radiated from around the mortal and travelled outward made all the fleas spontaenously combust, leaving their victims covered in dark blood that the fleas had fed on and bits of flea bodies! SQUISH! he thought.* -03:57 Oct 10
Siraza: One down… yuck… *Siraza very quickly hopped away from the blood covered old people and pointed the tridant down the street, where the old hag had dropped her black pot and it was sitting there spewing pea everywhere.* Dispell Flood! -03:58 Oct 10
Ruin: *Nothing left an impression like countless flea bites on old mortal skin. Another pulse of energy spread around the town which stopped the pea soup from flowing and the pot from spewing any more of the vile concoction, leaving people flea bitten and with pea soup in places they never knew existed until now!* -04:07 Oct 10
Siraza: Better! Yet now everything reeks of pea… that puts a damper on my seed acquiring. That’s a good weapon. Goood job, good weapon. *Siraza gave the trident a nice pat. These things like to be encouraged after all, she learned that the hard way with the shovel.* -04:12 Oct 10
Ruin: *The trident glowed but instead of reverting to a katana, she was patting a hand instead! Ruin slipped his hand away and winked.* My thanks, young Mistress. *He stretched and yawned.* But now … I think I’ll go take a nap somewhere. *And then he started walking away!* -04:24 Oct 10
Siraza: ….What. *Her fancy new God Weapon just turned in to a man. And she pet him! Eeewwggaarrgh! Siraza writhed and shivvered and hiiissed all kinds of displeasure about it! Men were worse than Old Men! …and now her shiny new weapon was getting away.* Hey! Get back here. You’re not going to wander off and get stolen. -04:27 Oct 10
Ruin: It comes with the territory. *He said with a shrug, which was true. What kind of God Weapon would he be if people didn’t want to steal him?* -04:34 Oct 10
Siraza: That’s why you don’t go to sleep in pea covered towns. Now turn yourself back in to a weapon so I can take you home where you belong. *Gaw.. he was so… man like! How was she supposed to stick him in her hat and pull him out when she needed him this way? Siraza suddenly paused.* …so you think I look young too? Is it the red silk? -04:36 Oct 10
Ruin: *He put a thumb to his chin as he looked at her.* It could be the red silk. Red is a great color but many have this misconception that’s evil. *He sighed softly.* Believe me, you’re far more beautiful than a majority of my wielders. *He bowed.* I am the God Weapon, Ruin. I just need to stretch my legs. It’s been a millenia since any of my wielders had what it took to get me to shift to my true weapon form. -04:42 Oct 10
Ruin: *that it’s evil -04:42 Oct 10
Siraza: Hmph. I’ll allow it this once simply for the flattery, but don’t think I’ll be so easily manipulated a second time. *Siraza even wagged a finger at him as she spoke, which might have seem cute for other women, but looked a bit more threatening from her.* Walk if you must, but we’ll go back home. There’s groaning old men and bloody pea all over the place and I’d rather not have my appetite for dinner ruined! -04:47 Oct 10
Ruin: *He smiled a bit.* You’re a fascinating mortal. So what do people scream at you as they run in fear? -04:49 Oct 10
Siraza: *At that she smirked, as if she were quite proud! Siraza took off her hat and made a big show of bowing.* They call me Siraza the Terrible. The Plague Wizard. -04:51 Oct 10

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