Sissy Kinsley Kensington

16 Years Old, Highschool Sophomore

A super shy dweeb that has a hard time meeting and talking to new people. She tends to get obsessed with her interests and doesn’t really make an effort to put herself out there.

Really loves puzzles, mostly tabletop puzzles.

Dresses in baggy frumpy clothing because she’s too insecure (and poor) to try dressing in the super cute girly styles she wants to.

LOVES animals and is always feeding and making friends with strays.

Really into dumpster diving, garage sale hunting, and looking for treasures in unexpected places.

Her parents never let her go out and do anything, but not because they’re over protective. They just don’t want to have to keep track of her or do anything themselves.

After being invited to her very first party, she now knows a grand total of 3 people!

This party also came with her being gifted a thousand bucks. Sissy is currently saving it until she can figure out what to do with it.

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