Six (Rhiannon Wade)


Character Name: Six (Rhiannon Wade)
Gender: Female
Alliance: Illegal Homo Eximius
Age: 23
Occupation: Once Bodyguard now… Unwilling Criminal
Themes: Poets of the Fall – Psychosis


General Appearance: Wavy brown hair, brown eyes, average figure, 5’7″, 124lbs.
Powers: Can bend and move air, specifically oxygen particles.


Current Goal/Purpose: Do what Val tells her to do, regrettably.
Fears: Becoming a monster and loosing all sense of conscience or emotion. Rats.
General Personality: At one point, Rhiannon was a friendly optimistic individual, who often always had a kind word to say. Since her previous employer’s death, she’s far more jaded. Seeing more of this “real world” has her questioning everyone’s motives and even her own place.
Inner Personality: Rhiannon never had a part of herself hidden before, now she’s struggling between trying to keep a brave face and feeling like she’s just screwed.


General History:
Rhiannon doesn’t know a lot about herself. As far as she could remember she’s been working for the Mancini family as Miss Emily’s personal assistant and guard. Who or what she was prior to this, she has no idea. Miss Emily was a joy and a good friend, but Rhiannon can’t protect a woman from bad health. The lady died in her 40s from a heart attack. Thus, Rhiannon was “inherited”, so to speak, by Miss Emily’s younger nephew, Mr. Val. He is a bit of a cretin, but Rhiannon does what she’s told be her employers.

Val Mancini is a scoundrel working for the mob, and so far he’s only had “small time” crimes in mind. Val has Rhiannon using her gift to render people unconscious while he “works”. But work is starting to turn more and more dangerous, and Rhiannon is doing things she never wanted to do.

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

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