Blood Bond

They stood at the front of what she assumed was his throne room in front of a table where the orb was now placed on the top of the staff and being displayed. Bianca was worn, exhausted. Her leather armor was taken and she was left with ripped bloodied clothes. There didn’t even seem to be any preparation time, the moment she said ‘I’ll give it all to you – if you let her go.’ Xender had dragged her from the chains to this very room.

Xender sliced a dagger across his hand, drawing a thick line of blood. He snatched her wrist, smirking, as he drug the blade against her palm. Bianca winced. Entwining their hands together their blood mixed, dripping down over the staff.

“My wife. My power.” Xender grasped the back of her head jerking her forward, smashing a kiss against her lips. Bianca’s eyes widened, a sharp piercing pain struck her heart! It felt as if something were being ripped right out of her! Tears slid down her face as the pain grew unbearable.


Fall of a Savior

Bianca ran up the isle, practically on Serena’s heels. “Just grab it, quickly! They’re right behind us!” Stopping at the stairs as Serena dashed up to the alter, Bianca pulled back the string of her bow. The doors suddenly burst open, Xender shoving a man off the end of his sword as he began marching up the isle followed by his beasts. Bianca fired once, twice, threes times, but Xender deflected the arrows using that odd staff he had with him.

“I can’t get it!” Serena had screamed.

“Just GRAB it!”

“It won’t let me…!”

Cursing under her breath Bianca stumbled up the steps to the alter. There, cradled in a stone bowl was a crystal clear round orb. Without thinking, she scooped it up in to her hand. At her touch the orb filled with a cloudy blue, churning with life. Bianca didn’t give it a second thought as she stuffed it in to her pack. Serena had ran down to the bottom of the steps, but screamed as Xender was there drawing down the staff to strike her. In seconds, Bianca was in front of Serena, her sword drawn from the hilt at her back. Steel clashed against wood making a strange unearthly sound.

“Run, now!!” she shouted, as Serena nodded and took off.

“Give me the orb and the savior!” Xender snarled as he shoved against her sword with the staff.

“I think I’ll see you dead first!” she snapped back. Her attention was shattered as Serena suddenly screamed again. Bianca turned sharply to see where she was – a fatal mistake! A sudden harsh blast caught her against the chest, she fell backwards, her back painfully striking against the steps. Xender was over her wrapping his hand around her throat and tightly squeezing.

“Take the survivors alive! We’ll see who this savior is…” Serena’s screaming was the last she heard before falling unconscious.