Blood Bond

They stood at the front of what she assumed was his throne room in front of a table where the orb was now placed on the top of the staff and being displayed. Bianca was worn, exhausted. Her leather armor was taken and she was left with ripped bloodied clothes. There didn’t even seem to be any preparation time, the moment she said ‘I’ll give it all to you – if you let her go.’ Xender had dragged her from the chains to this very room.

Xender sliced a dagger across his hand, drawing a thick line of blood. He snatched her wrist, smirking, as he drug the blade against her palm. Bianca winced. Entwining their hands together their blood mixed, dripping down over the staff.

“My wife. My power.” Xender grasped the back of her head jerking her forward, smashing a kiss against her lips. Bianca’s eyes widened, a sharp piercing pain struck her heart! It felt as if something were being ripped right out of her! Tears slid down her face as the pain grew unbearable.

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